Tears shed.
Lying in bed.
The color red.
Seeping from my head.

I cry blood, trembling with pain.
Living without you, will not be the same.

You said you loved me, I see that was a lie.
Every time I look at you, I just want to die.

You easily replaced me, now it's you and that girl with blond hair.
Every time I'm around you, your love is what you declare.

Yet it's not to me, it's to her.
The girl you now currently put first.

But do you honestly love her, like you say you do?
It's hard to believe that's even true.

The sparks we had, our moments together.
Do you have them with her, but way better?

Was I nothing to you?
Were your feeling for me even true?

Or was it all a lie?
A reason for me to cry?

I hate myself for letting you go,
But you're the one that doesn't know.

The truth behind it all.
The one that leads me to fall.

I'm more isolated and alone than I've ever been.
The world turned against me, because of my grave sin.

My life is no longer in motion,
For I am forever heartbroken.