As James walks towards his locker in the hallway, he spots Elaine, his best friend, sitting near it, eyes closed. She was sleeping with a peaceful look across her face. He tiptoed quietly to his locker with a delighted smile on his. He spun his combination and opened his locker. As the door opened with a click, Elaine slowly stirred and woke up. Her brown eyes traveled to the source of the sound. To her delight, it was James putting his textbooks in his locker.

"Hey, how long have you been here?" asked Elaine in her tender voice.

"A while. Say what kind of person are you?" he asked back with no harshness in his voice. He had put his books in his locker and proceeded to stand up.

"What do you mean?" Elaine wondered, already knowing he held no spite. She stretched and followed James to their first period class that they had together.

"Like flight or fight. Would you rather run away from a situation or fight it?" he continued. Elaine pondered his question for a moment wondering how to answer. However she already knew from her brother who questioned her for his psychology class.

"Neither, I would just stand there," she answered calmly. James's eyes quipped at the discovery of the information. His face had changed to surprise and looked back at his best friend.

"Why?" he pressed.

"Because I'm the type of person who would just stand there wondering what I should do. You know I have the worst decision making skills ever," she said while he nodded but as they walked, his eyebrows burrowed with confusion.

"So if someone, let's just say me, was being attacked, then you wouldn't do anything?" he asked with obvious worry.

"No… of course not. I'll probably be shocked at the event and help you but I don't think i will be able to do anything."

"So you don't run away or fight but stand there."

"Yeah," she replied. After a few seconds, she said, "You're making me sound horrible, you know."

He smiled at her tone and turned to face her.

"It's fine," he said. Then he leaned forward and kissed Elaine on the lips. Her eyes widened at the boy but she was kissing back too. When he leaned back, he could see the smile forming on her lips and he smiled too.