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"You are the worse input giver ever," she giggled, curling her arm around the man she loved.

"No, I'm not," he grumbled, looking at all the colorful flowers before him. He didn't know the difference in them, they all looked the same. Some were red with black, some were yellow with white and some were purple with another color. They all had weird names and all had instructions that baffled him. Why did flowers have instructions? Didn't you just like, water them and put them in the sun?

"Yes you are," she ran her hand over her small belly. "Let's hope you are a better helper then your daddy," she spoke down at her belly before looking back at the man beside her. His blue eyes rolled before slowly he smiled at his wife.

"Well if he or she is like Benji you are in trouble," he joked about their ten year old who was so much his father it was ridiculous. Tenley swore if she got one more, whatever, or I don't care, from her broody child and husband she would completely murder both. She couldn't figure out why making a decision was so difficult.

"Don't I know it," she rolled her eyes, letting go of his hand to walk over and look at an arrangement of colorful daises. Watching her, Colton couldn't help but smile. As freaked out as he was when she got pregnant the first time with Benji, he didn't take the time to enjoy it as he was now. Yet being twenty two and still in college that will do it to you. They weren't even married, at the time he was almost positive she was going to dump him, so that little fact was shocking.

However this time he paid more attention to things. To her smile, to the glow that just came off her and he honestly couldn't wait until that little belly grew large. She was only just a couple months and unless you knew she was pregnant you would never guess that tiny body was carrying a child but with the smile she kept sporting, you could tell something was making her happy. He honestly loved a pregnant Tenley and he really hoped their house was completely finished before the new arrival came.

Glancing up from where he stood, he watched as a man the aisle over smiled as he watched the dark hair beauty move. It was an often thing Colton learned but tried his best to ignore. Walking into a room Tenley drew attention always, it was probably best that she never knew it though. Saved him a lot of trouble. Yet, he wasn't stupid to all the stares and smiles his wife received and he knew if he happened to comment to her on it she would just roll her eyes, tell him he was nuts, or just giggle giving him a kiss announcing not to worry, she was his, no one else's. Nor would she ever be someone else's.

Walking towards her, he slowly slid his arms around her small waist and tugged her in close to him. Her still clueless to the guy who quickly caught the hint and walked away. Running her hand over his arm that rested around her, she squinted in the adorable way he loved as she chewed her bottom lip and studied everything before her.

"Find something you like?" he questioned, resting his chin on her shoulder as she shrugged.

"I can't see myself paying this much for something that will die in a few months," she admitted earning a chuckle.

"You're nuts," he shook his head, kissing her shoulder with a roll of the eyes. "You know you can afford it," he pointed out; he and Max very well off with their businesses. Them actually in the mist of finishing a new bar they have been wanting for years.

"It's the principal of the thing," her tone sharp, making him laugh more.

"You crazy woman," he reached around her, to grab the pot he knew she was wanting. You don't stay married for eight years, know someone for fifteen and not know the things they like and want. "I'll buy you a whole field of these silly flowers if you want. It's your house; you know you can have what you want."

"I know…" she rested back into him. "I just don't like spending money on unnecessary things. Money doesn't make someone happy."

"Don't I know it," he chuckled, knowing for a while when Benji was born money wasn't exactly easy to come by for them. Yeah he had his trust fund but it wasn't at all as much as he had hoped for. Gina stuck to her word for a while out of spite. So after he paid college loans and much of Tenley's, they invested in a small little house. It wasn't much, tiny and only had enough room for them and Benji, but Tenley loved it. Said it reminded her of her home when she was little. But after all that was settled out he was spread pretty thin for a while.

Yes, it was hard going from having everything you wanted at a swipe of a card to nothing, but he almost liked it better. He didn't want people to think he got what he had because of his family. He didn't want to be that little rich boy who didn't work hard and it dropped in his lap, because none of it did. Yes, it made things easier, but not by much.

So after taking some money and investing in his business with Max, who played a few seasons of baseball and had some nice cash in his pocket, they started a small business. Nothing large, just a small gym in a shopping center that soon grew to be so much more. And now, well now he once again got what he wanted with a swipe of a card. Only difference was it was his money.

"Benji!" Tenley called at the little boy who kept jumping and landing in a small pile of water that splashed on a little dark haired girl beside him. His little grey eyes flickering up to meet hers and sparkled with that innocent yet mischievous look his father held. "Stop that."

"I was just playing momma," he jogged over toward her, his dark hair swooping across his face as he moved. "That's Chris's friend. We go to school together," he explained like that made it all ok.

"Doesn't mean you can splash water on her," she grabbed his shoulder and offered and apologetic wave to the young girl's father who started wiping his daughter's face of water. "You look like such a mess."

"Told you not to dress him before dinner so early," Colton told her and she sent him a glare he chuckled at. "Ben, go tell Chris's friend sorry. Then I want you to sit on the bench beside me until we leave," his voice stern and his little boy shoved his lip out into a pout.

"Benjamin," Tenley gave a warning tone and his foot stomped. "I can't handle your mood swings today," she spun away from him and started down the walkway.

"Dude, what the heck," Colton eased to get eye level with him, which wasn't exactly hard being Benji was quickly going through growth spurts. At just ten, Colton was sure in a few months he would be as tall as Tenley. "You're ten, almost eleven. You're too big to pout."

"I'm not pouting…"

"Looks like a pout…" he poked his lip and the little boy popped it out of its original place.

"I'm just mad," he informed him and Colton inhaled a deep breath and lifted a brow.

"Why are you mad?" Colton asked and his pout just kept in place. "Come on little dude. What's up?"

"People keep talking about the baby," he mocked the word and Colton frowned. "When the baby gets here I'm not mommy's favorite anymore…she keeps getting mad at me."

"She isn't mad at you. She is just tired, kiddo. Girls are weird," he told him and his little boy laughed. "They get in weird moods and when they have babies in them, their moods get even weirder. They sleep a lot, their back hurts and they eat a lot of weird things."

"That do, do that."

"They do…but let me tell you this," Colton locked his eyes on his son's. "Your mommy loves you more than anything in this world. Even more than me," he informed him and the little boy grinned some. "Trust me, nothing is going to change that you will forever be her little boy and buddy," he told him and watched his son's mouth twitch to the side as he looked at the mirror of him. Yes, Benji had his father's features and his moods and eyes, but there was no denying that he was his mother. He had her hair color, the same eye shape and little heart lips. They shared high cheek bones and long lashes. "Why don't you go talk to her…she doesn't like you upset," he told him and made a mental note to later discuss making sure their little boy didn't get lost in the shuffle of the new baby.

"Ok," he kept his head down as he slowly moved his way toward her. His posture stiff as he slowly reached her side and hooked his hand in hers.

"Do you like these?" she pointed at the flowers and he shrugged. "You are so your father, you know that?" she dropped on her knee to be level with him. "What am I going to do with you two?"

"I don't know…" he let out a loud giggle as she started to tickle his sides. "Mommy!" he squealed and she let out laugh and stopped as his small soft hands cupped her cheeks.

"Something on your mind, sport?" she tried not to laugh as her face remained squished in his hands.

"I love you," he whispered and pressed a big kiss to her cheek before squeezing his arms tight around her neck.

"I love you too, baby," she hugged him back and pressed a kiss to his head. "Why don't you go play where mommy can see you and in a bit we get some ice cream before dinner?"

"Ok!" he jumped excited and dashed off to a small area with sand.

"You stayed mad long," Colton teased as he walked over and pulled her close.

"He is just a baby. With as big and mature he is, I sometimes forget that," she told him with a frown, cursing herself for letting that happen.

"Find anything you like?" he wondered and she shrugged, again returning to the pot she had been looking at most the time. "You keep coming back to these."

"Yeah," she flipped the price tag and again groaned. "It's just a terrible price."

"I told you, get what you want," he reminded her and watched her bite her bottom lip. "I want you happy," he said, kissing her cheek making her smile. "So you can have whatever you want."

"A little girl," she bit her tongue before turning in his arms to face. "I want a little girl, Colton," she looked down at her belly, taking his hands to lay on it. "Can I have that?"

"Control in that I don't have much," he admitted, knowing she wanted a little girl more than anything. All the time she spent around Raine growing up and being with her little sister Bevin, he was completely aware of the fact she wanted a little girl of her own. She loved Benji and he knew she was thankful their first was a boy because he could protect the little girl she was begging for.

"I know…" she frowned looking down.

"But," he tilted her chin up to face him. "I can promise that if this little one isn't a girl, you will get one someday."

"Promise?" her whole face lite up at the idea of more children.

"The world," he grinned, making her laugh as she leaned up capturing their lips together. Signaling the man behind the register to get the last four remaining pots of flowers.

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