Wow. It's been so long since I've uploaded anything to this site. It's been forever. Well, I've improved drastically over the years and hopefully this will prove it. Project Genesis has been a thought process for a while now. The character himself has been mine for a year, but his story truly began only recently in a role-play with a friend of mine. I do hope you enjoy this.

My name is Adam and I am the outcome of Project Genesis. In more technical terms, I am Adam_0279. You might be asking yourself what exactly is Project Genesis. I will get more into that after I tell you a bit more about myself. I am twenty years old and I am a bit more unique than most people. You see, I have powers. No, not like the ones that five years have. I am a full blown superhuman. I was created by the government in an attempt to create the perfect weapon. Now, you may be asking, what government created me. That does not matter and I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to. I just don't think it really matters.

I think now will be a great time to explain exactly what Project Genesis is. Project Genesis began as an attempt for the government to manifest the perfect weapon that would be used in times of war. Therefore, Project Genesis' top scientists began to brainstorm about what the weapon should do, what it should be, and how they could get the public to approve of it. Should it be a revised war tank? A small gun with the power to kill hundreds?

During the second week of brainstorming a man raised his hand and spoke. "Why not a child?" he suggested. As soon as those words left his mouth, his colleagues had erupted in an uproar of laughter. However, a few days had gone by and the scientists began to grow interested in the idea of a childlike weapon. So, they spoke to the man with the strange idea and that's when they began to plan for me.

Well, technically they planned for the other two-hundred and seventy-eight other Adams before me, but you get the idea. I was carefully thought out with multiple powers and strengths alike to make me an absolutely perfect weapon for the government. They were so proud of their thoughts and ideas.

Although, like many thoughts and ideas, they were not easy to create me in the real world. The scientists knew they would have to create a superhuman instead of experimenting on human life. If the public had gotten wind of that, the government would be in "hot water." It was creating stabile, "human life" that was the tricky part.

The first Adam failed to have fully functional brain activity and died within minutes of his first breath of air. The next few Adams weren't any better, but they slowly began to progress. Adam_0230 was actually the first to speak a full sentence. He had asked, "Where am I?" and when the scientists began to explain the situation to him, the information proved to be too much for boy. Adam_0230 died of a heart attack minutes later.

At Adam_0265, the scientists had started to lose hope. Some found it immoral that they were creating life only to have it die soon after while others thought that it would be impossible to create stabile human life. The only one that encouraged them to keep going was Dr. Abel, the scientist who had first put the idea of a childlike weapon on the table. With Dr. Abel's encouragement, the other scientists were able to keep going.

Finally, they ended up with myself, Adam_0279. Everything was extremely frightening for me. With a human, babies are born from the womb with no idea what is happening around them and they are completely frightened. Well you should try being born with the complete knowledge of your surroundings, but having no idea what is going on. Am I confusing you? Forgive me. It's difficult for me to explain my "birth."

Now, where was I? Ah yes. I was talking about my "happening." Well, the scientists had rejoiced at the sight of my movement and they immediately ran several tests on me. I distinctly remember hearing them say that I was perfectly fine except for one small detail. One scientist explained to his colleagues that there was some part of my brain that had been corrupted. I won't go into detail, but I'll tell you this: I am emotionally unstable. In short, I get more emotionally...well, that's difficult to explain as well.

I basically get angry, upset, overly excited, happy, anything like that over the smallest of things. I remember one time I practically decapitating a young soldier for merely breaking one of my favorite toys. I was a hand full I know, but I was the only one that lived for longer than a month. This meant I was there to stay.

Oh, did I mention I was made to look like a twelve year old child for my entire life? No? I forgot to mention this? Well, forgive me. That must have slipped my mind, but yes. I was made to stay twelve years old physically. However, I do age and I will die of old age someday. Let me explain. You see, the scientists obviously wanted me to stay a child forever, correct? What would be the point in raising me as a child super weapon only to have me age into an adult in a normal human's lifetime? No. That wouldn't work for them. I had to stay a child forever.

It's not all bad, you see. I can understand their reason for this. They explained that enemies might be confused about a child on the battlefield. When moving to confront said chid, who would expect an insane killing machine? Don't even try thinking about who would think about this. Just don't, ok? It's not gonna happen. And hey, I can transform my body into any shape or form of my choosing. It's all good!

Ok, now that you know about my upcoming, let's talk about my life. I've killed hundreds, maybe even thousands of innocent people. Ironic seeing as I was made to be the hope of a new life. Get it? Adam? Project Genesis? Yeah, laugh at your idiocy now because you didn't catch this in the beginning. Anyway, I was the symbol for a new beginning. I was the symbol of a perfect human being. I was even given blonde hair and blue eyes, the symbol for perfection. However, I had difficulty controlling my emotions. Don't misunderstand, I had easy control over my powers. It was just the emotions I had trouble with. I've killed for no reasons at all and I regret it all even now.

It wasn't until two brothers came along that my act began to change. Their names are Ian and James. James was about eighteen and Ian was around twenty-two years old when I met them. I was sixteen at the time. They were new soldiers, though Ian was a general. I know, right? He was so young! But maybe I'll explain that later on. Right now, I would like to tell my story so everyone can understand me.

These two brothers changed my life for the better. I actually fell in love with them both. No, not a family type of love. I loved them. I love them. Yes. I am gay. If you don't like that, you can just walk away. Though, I won't say anything, you know, creepy. It's just a fact I'd like to get out of the way now.

Anyway, these two began to calm me down and treat me like something I've never been treated as before: an actual person. I was always treated as a disease, a monster, even something that was just inhuman. Well, technically I'm not really a human, but you get my point. I was seen as less than a person. But when they came along, oh everything changed.

How about we start from the first day I met these two brothers? Let us start from the beginning.