She's like a star

Every time I gaze into your beautiful eyes,

I feel like I'm on a new kind of high,

Everything you give me an award winning smile,

I tend to get lost in it for a while,

Every time you kiss my lips,

My heart does all kinda flips,

Every time you hold on tight to my hand,

I know in an instant you understand,

Every time you play with my hair,

I can see just how much you care,

Every time you hug me tight,

I know I'll be safe at night,

Every time you say the words 'I love you',

I smile because I know just how much this is true.

You try to deny your feelings for one another, stating that you will never be more than 'just friends'. You try to block everything out, thinking that with time, everything will slowly fade. But that's not the case though. You find yourself, infiltrated with thoughts, this one person consuming you, so much so that you can no longer imagine life without them. You want them, you crave them, you need them. No matter what you tell yourself anymore, you can no longer deny and ignore what your heart is telling you do.

Follow your heart for the first time and the outcome will be the greatest thing you have experienced. All the laughs, tears, adventures, build up on a lifetime of memories, which will one day be the reason behind the millions of smiles you will share.

Blake looked into Sienna's sparkling green eyes, smiling softly, as he gently caressed her face, placing his lips on hers. He could now call her his own; she finally belonged to him. It may have taken something of a struggle to get together but they both knew that losing each other would be too much to bear.

Sienna was the most gorgeous girl that he'd ever laid eyes on. From her sassy attitude, to her caring and loving nature, to her bubbly character had him going totally crazy over her. She was his angel, his princess, his shining bright star.

"Remember when we first met?" Blake smiled, as he ran his finger through her fierce red straight hair, planting small kisses on her head.

"Oh my god, how could I ever forget?" Sienna giggled, shivers going down her spine with each touch.

Half way through year 12, Blake had transferred school, due to his father getting a job in the inner city. To say that he had been feeling somewhat apprehensive and nervous about starting a new 6th form was a massive understatement.

The first day he had stepped foot into Newleans High School, he'd noticed that people were already in the circle of friends, chattering away about what they'd done over the Christmas break. He'd gradually made his way to the 6th form block, where he was to come face to face with two girls.

"Hey, new kid!" the fiery red head had exclaimed, giving a big bright grin. "You're totally cute!"

"Oh god," her friend had sighed, shaking her head, with her black curly locks swishing from side to side. "You can't just say that you know Enna!"

"I can and I just did Eva!" The girl had stuck her tongue out at her friend, before returning her attention back to Blake. "Sorry about that. I'm Sienna!"

The girl had extended her hand out, which Blake carefully shook, taking in her features. He'd always been somewhat of a shy boy and liked to keep himself to himself, though he was feeling far from shy at that moment. Maybe it was the way she had smiled at him, was what had made feel instantly at ease.

"Pretty name," Blake had found himself saying much to his surprise, as he smiled back at her. "I'm Blake."

"Oh wow!" Sienna had exclaimed. "That's such a cool name! Way cool! Wouldn't you agree Eva?"

Sienna hadn't allowed her friend to answer before she'd bombarded Blake with a whole load of questions, starting from why he'd moved schools, to what he wanted to do in the future to how many siblings he had. In that ten minutes of speaking to her, he'd known that she was a bit of rebel but extremely fun and that they'd be very good friends.

Four adventurous years later, his loud crazy best friend was now the love of his life. He couldn't ever imagine life without her anymore and was grateful that he hadn't let her slip away.

Blake and Sienna had been together for almost a month now, though at times it felt like they'd been together for a lifetime. They shared everything, telling their deepest darkest secrets to one another, something that nobody else knew. Two halves of the heart had now joined; they were one.

"You know Eva still thinks I'm crazy for being so upfront with you!" Sienna softly laughed, leaning her head back onto Blake's shoulder.

"It was kinda cute actually," he chuckled, kissing the top of her head.

Sienna tilted her head ever so slightly back, as she gazed into Blake's bright baby blue eyes, which always had her mesmerised. Just as he thought she was the most beautiful woman ever, she too thought he was the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. His sandy blonde hair with his cute fringe, his perfected jaw line, his soft smooth lips, his light coloured skin, had her heart racing with every moment they spent together.

She felt like the luckiest girl on the planet, having a guy who adored her, loving her through all her flaws, accepting her as she was. She knew that he wouldn't ever want to change her; she could just be herself, be his shining bright star for eternity, knowing that he'd be there for her regardless.

"I love you Blake," she whispered softly.

"I love you too Sienna," he replied, once again placing his lips on hers, carefully parting them, both getting lost in that perfect blissful moment.

Blake thought the world of Sienna, knowing that he had found something truly special in her.

The next day, Eva came over, demanding to know every bit of gossip that had been going on in Sienna's life with Blake.

Eva had been away for a while, on a family holiday, thus hadn't had the chance to speak to Sienna properly. They'd swapped a few texts here and there, with brief information and the usual 'hi, how are you doing', both waiting till they were back in the same country to fill each other in.

Sienna spent the next half an hour or, filling her best friend in with everything that had been going on with Blake; how it all just happened so naturally and how everything felt so right and just how happy she was now. How he had come up behind her, hugged her tightly, placing quick kisses on the right side of her neck, asking if she'd be his forever and how she'd instantly said yes, feeling on top of the world to be finally his.

"I knew it you two would get together eventually!" Eva giggled excitedly, hugging Sienna ever so tightly that she almost couldn't breathe.

"Evangeline! Let me goooooooo!" Sienna cried through a fit of giggles, trying to break free.

The girls had been the best of friends for as long as they could remember, so close that they were almost like sisters. Sienna didn't have a sister, only a younger brother, so she made sure she loved Eva like she would if she had a sister. Eva on the other hand, already had two older sisters, yet she was grateful that she had now found a sister in her best friend. They shared everything with each other as best friends should, always up to no good when they were together, adding to the collection of laughs over the last 20 odd years.

"So Eva is totally stoked we're together. She said well done for finally getting your act together!" It was 7pm and Sienna was on the phone to Blake, slightly teasing him in the way she spoke. She twiddled her fingers through her hair, whilst her other hand had her phone pressed closely to her ear.

"Well I'm glad Evangeline is happy!" Blake was the only one that seemed to refer to her by her full name, whilst everyone else would call her 'Eva'. He'd never got into the habit of shortening her name, therefore when he did call her Eva at times, it felt slightly odd to hear.

A good few hours later, Blake finally put his phone down, smiling to himself, as he rested his head on the pillow. If there was one thing, he absolutely loved about Sienna, was the fact that she could hold a conversation, lasting them hours. As well as that, he loved just how comfortably they could switch from jokey conversations, to serious ones and back to being just silly. Everything just felt at ease for him.

As he lay back on his bed, he scrolled through his phone, looking at the collection pictures he and Sienna had built up over the years; they varied from silly poses to serious poses to random shots that had been taken without each of them realising. But his favourite picture was the one that they'd taken on his 18th birthday, whilst they sat under the stars, her head slightly rested on him, with his arm slightly draped around her. It was such a natural, beautiful and peaceful picture that had always managed to bring a bright smile to his face. He absorbed the picture for another few minutes, before putting closing the picture application and then texted saying 'goodnight my precious star, I love you xxx'. He knew that she'd reply almost instantly, with her usual, 'goodnight my shining knight, I love you more xxx'. Once he'd read her message, he smiled, put his phone under his pillow and closed his eyes.

It often takes the right person to come along and make you believe that love does truly exist. You may have been cynical of it all this time, thinking that stuff like this only happens in fairy tales, when your reality can be just as happy too. You just need to allow yourself to believe that you will get your perfect fairy tale ending, which also do happen in reality. When you have accepted this, you feel a new sense of happiness that you've never experienced before. Your emotions escalated on a new kind of high, feeling so happy that you could almost die. You want to climb the highest mountain, screaming from the top, so your voice echoes all around, making sure everyone had heard just how grateful you are feeling now.

When you've found that one special person, treat them right, make them feel special, have eyes only for them. Share your secrets, thoughts, plans with them. Make them feel included in your life, putting in as much as effort as they are, so nothing is going to waste. Ensure that they have found happiness in you, give them the faith, trust and love they require. Be there with them each step of the way, guiding them with what's wrong and what's right, trying to find way to better one another.

When you love someone so deep, you will do anything to keep a smile on their face, ensuring that they are always happy. You put them before your own thoughts, look out for them, making sure not a day goes by without them feeling anything but peace and happiness.

You know you can trust them with your deepest darkest secrets just as they trust you with theirs. You know that you will never find someone quite like them again, thus you know that you will have to hold on tight.

You will love them, without a single question, like you've loved no other...