Author's note: I have no excuse for this. A rabid plot bunny jumped into my head and refused to stop foaming at the mouth until I got this out. It's utter, shameless smut and really doesn't have much of a point. Well, aside from being sexy... x.x

No Reason to Regret

I was trapped. I had been since the moment he entered the room and pinned me with his gaze. Those strange, luminous and iridescent eyes like the depths of the Caribbean. I stood stock still, prey knowing better than to run as the predator will certainly give chase.

He glided towards me, movements as fluid and graceful as water until he stood directly before me. He was so close I could feel the chill his skin seemed to radiate. Goosebumps sprang up all over my flesh as I gazed helplessly into his eyes, unable to move. He leaned down, bringing his face to the crook of my neck, nose just barely touching flesh. I felt him inhale. He was scenting me, seeing if I met his qualifications. He tipped his head up slightly and ran his tongue slowly over the edge of my jaw. Evidently I had passed his inspection.

Perfect, sharp teeth nipped up my jawline until finally he aligned our faces. The air fled from my lungs as his lips met mine. His kiss was slow and sensual, yet it seemed as though he was sucking my very essence, my soul, out of my body. Ensnared, I failed to notice as he lifted me from the ground until my back slammed up against the wall, my legs reflexively going around his waist. He leaned back enough to catch my eyes and tilted his head in curiosity, studying me for a moment before the corner of his lips tugged up in a small, self-satisfied smirk.

I had no warning before he caught my hands, wrenching them up above my head and against the wall. He used his superior strength and the position of his body to hold me up in a one-handed grip. Suddenly, his lips were on mine again and his hips rocked slowly, but surely against mine. Rational thought fled in favor of touch and taste and just him. His head dropped and wicked incisors sank into my neck. My head fell back against the wall, his named hissed out from between kiss-bruised lips. I fought to regain control of my hands, desperately needing to feel more of him, to clutch onto him and never let go. He must of sensed my urgency because he dropped my wrists, now using his free hand to tilt my head to the side so he could lave his tongue up and over the wound on my neck. Breathless, I moaned out his name, reaching up to clench my hands into his long, silken ebony locks.

Just as quickly as it had begun, I was back on my own two feet on solid ground. I stared wildly at him, begging him voicelessly not to go, not to stop. His eyes darkened and a low growl rumbled out of his throat. He shoved my back flush against the wall, hands blurring in his impatience to divest me of my shirt. The second the cloth slid from my arms to fall to the floor, his fingers were already unclasping my bra and pushing it from my shoulders. He sank slowly to his knees, lips trailing icy fire down my body as he went. Gripping my hips tightly in his hands, he set his mouth to work on the button of my jeans. Popping the button free, he caught his teeth on the zipper and tugged it down slowly, the sound of it harsh in my ears.

Jeans now undone, he curled his fingertips into the waistband and dragged the denim down my legs. His eyes flickering back up to mine reminded me to step from the cloth binding my feet. He gave a soft, pleased hum as he dipped to press open-mouth kisses to the inside of both thighs. A stuttered whimper left me as he dragged his nose lightly over the cloth of my panties. His tongue followed in the wake and I could feel the moist warmth of it through the cloth, just a dark hint as to what was to come. Apparently growing tired of teasing, he hooked his fingers into the elastic and yanked it down roughly.

This time I remembered on my own to kick it aside, but almost lost my balance as midway through the motion I felt the tip of his tongue ease between my folds. Moaning softly at the unexpected sensation, I knotted my fingers into his thick, dark hair. He tortured me for a few moments, lightly flicking his tongue against my center with just the barest amount of pressure. Just as I was about to beg him to stop, he changed his angle by a fraction and his tongue slid directly inside me. His name fell from my lips in a strangled gasp as I tightened my hold on his hair.

Despite the fact that my grip had to be uncomfortable, he didn't seem the least bit bothered. If anything, he seemed to enjoy it. Grasping my hips tightly to prevent any movement on my part, he began pistoning his tongue inside me. Whimpers and curses mixed in with his name fell continually from my lips as I felt the muscles of my abdomen begin to tighten. Always keenly attuned to my reactions, he quickly changed tactics, settling his lips instead around my center and sucking. My head snapped back, a long, low moan pouring from my throat as he brought me to the edge and finally, over it.

He continued his ministrations for a moment, drawing out my trembling before finally releasing me and standing quickly to catch me as my shaking legs gave out from under me. Rather than laying me on the bed as I thought he would, he instead snatched me up, carrying me into the bathroom and dropping me unceremoniously onto the counter-top. Spreading my legs open, he situated himself between them, watching me calmly all the while. Lightening quick, he had my lips caught in another of his soul-devouring kisses. I vaguely felt him move through my trance, but was unsure of his actions until I felt hard, silken flesh nudge between my parted thighs.

Without so much as a warning or even a questioning glance to ask permission, he was buried to the hilt inside of me. A choked scream left me as my muscles fought to accommodate his impressive length and girth. Thankfully, he was merciful enough to give me a few seconds to adjust, but just as quickly, that mercy went out the window as he pulled back, only to snap his hips forward again. My scream this time was not one of pain. I wrapped my legs around his hips, hooking my ankles together for added leverage so I could pull him even deeper.

He leaned forward, bracing his palms on the counter on either side of me and his head dropped down onto my shoulder as he locked us into a fast, brutal pace. I wrapped my arms around him, clawing absently at his back for purchase and noticed belatedly that finally his skin was warming so that it no longer felt like ice. His breath came in warm, jagged pants against my neck. The sensation of his body slamming repeatedly into mine was already driving me mad, but the knowledge that his control was becoming more fragile by the minute left me dangerously undone.

Fast approaching my second climax, the sound of my own vocalizations disappeared under the rushing current of blood pounding in my ears and the sound of his heavy breathing. Absently, I felt his flesh giving under my nails and heard him hiss out a breath at the feeling. It served only to spur him on as somehow his rhythm grew quicker, his thrusts even deeper. The world around me came crashing down suddenly as my orgasm ripped through me, tearing scream after scream of his name from my already abused throat. The clench and release of my walls brought him moments later, teeth sinking fiercely into my shoulder to muffle his cries.

A few shuddering breaths later had him scooping my boneless form up from the counter and carrying me back into the bedroom to place me gently on the bed. Distantly, as though through a thick fog, I felt him crawl into the bed beside me. The haze lifted however, as I felt him gently lapping up the blood that spilled from the bite on my shoulder. He carefully tongued the wound until he was satisfied that no drop of blood would go to waste before tilting upward slightly to press a kiss against my neck.

His breath ghosted over my ear as he leaned in and whispered his words, smirk evident in his tone: "Was it worth it, love?" I let out a tired laugh as I moved to lay myself across him and his arms went around my waist to hold me close. "Not once have I ever regretted handing my soul over to you, Lucifer." I sensed his smile without ever seeing it, and my own happiness at having pleased him was the last thing that went through my mind as I fell into slumber, safe and comforted in his embrace.