Hi, this was a spur of the moment poem. I just thought of it and started laughing. I hope it gives you the same effect.

Oh random spot on the wall

You know I'm O.C.D

I try to clean you, jumping up

I'm five foot two

You're eight foot three

If I were a dog

And the wall were my butt

You would be my flee


At last I get my ladder in the mail

Surely now, I will prevail

I climb up the ladder, now on my tip toes

Purple power is the cleaner I chose


If only I'd know it would leave a stain.

Forgot to read its label,

What was going threw my brain

I threw the purple power on the floor,

cursing it as I kicked it out the door.


Forget it; I'll just frame a nice pic.

Me: 1 Wall: 0, the wall can suck my...

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