Sutton was in a meadow that streched for miles around, endless on either side. The flowers were washed out, like in old movies were everything was dull. There were no trees, no hills, nothing else around. The sky was odd, but for some reason she couldn't tell what was wrong.

"Where are we?" said a familuar voice behind her.

Sutton look behind her. "Luke." She ran to him and hugged him. "Oh, God. I was about to panic."

"It'll be alright." He whispered. "Everything will be fine, as long as we're together."

She nodded. He tightned his arm around her.

"At least it's nice... Sutton?" He dropped his arms. She looked up at him, in surprise. His face was of pure horror. "Sutton, I think we're-"

Sutton opened her eyes. She blink trying to get used to the lighting. Maybe there wasn't any light because all she could see was lines of black and white. She groaned, at the sharp pain in her forhead. She blinked trying to get her eyes to focus.

"Sutton...Sutton you're awake! Anna-Marie go get the doctor. Hurry."

Sutton turned to the sound of her mothers voice. "Mom?" She blinked, again frowning. Seeing blurs was of green, blue and peach. The black lines wouldn't move. The peach color was moving toward to her. "Mom?"

"Yes, honey?"

"Mom, I can't see." Panic sufficated her. "Mom, I can't see! I can't see! Mom!"

"Calm down, honey. It'll be okay, everything will be alright."

"I can't see." She whispered, a tears coming out of her eyes.

"It will be okay, Sutton. Let's just wait for the doctor."

"Is Luke okay, mom? Where is he? I want to see him."

Sutton's mom frowned but she couldn't see that.

The door open and the doctor came in. He was young as doctors go, thirty three but he was good at his job. "Good morning, Miss. Page, or should I say good evening. I'm Doctor Rile"

Sutton frowned. "Why can't I see?"

"It was such a bad accident, and glass went everywhere, even into your eyes. We alreadly took the glass out of them. Now all there is left is to wait, it could heal well or could scars badly.. Of course there is the chance; not a huge chance that but still a chance; that it could stay this way but we won't know for some time... There is almost no chance, though, that you'll get your twenty twenty vision back."

"Could." said Sutton with so much dispair it broke her mothers heart. She held her daughters hand. She thought of what happened the accident. It had happened so fast... She remembered screaming, that was probably the reason her throat hurt so bad. She only remembered her scream though.

"Also have very bad scaring on you're face...and you're leg is-"

Panic struck the pit of her stomach, twist into fear. "Where's Luke? I have to see him! Is he alright? Oh Lord please... Mom?"

She didn't speak. You would think no one was in the room with her; no one even breathed. "It was a bad accident, like Doctor Rile said. The others were just visiting town, they didn't know...about the bended road, and it was raining so hard. It wasn't really their fault. He took the hardest of the impact... Luke died with no pain."

Her mind didn't register the news, then her heart felt like it was sqeezed so hard it stopped a second later. Sutton shook her head furiously, as if she could shake the news out. "No." Was all she could say. "No, mom, no. You're lying..."

"I wouldn't lie about that."

Sutton knew she wouldn't lie but it was better then admitting that it was true. That the one and only boy she had ever loved, the one who accepted her with all her...baggage and issues, was gone. Gone. It was a pretty word, gone, but the meaning was so breaking. He couldn't be gone. He- he was the only constant thing she ever had. While her mother was alway traveling he had always been there. When she got big headed he was her ancher. She was his and he was hers. They were going to make it offical. He proposed how could this happen after he proposed? How could this happen to him? He was young, and smart... Luke was everything good in the world; in her world, at least.

She felt as if someone had just opened up her chest and took her heart out. If not that, then as if her insides were slowly crumbling. She felt hollow and wounded. She felt tears coming down her face. "Nooo! NOOOO!" She screamed. "Not him. Oh, please God. Not him."

Sutton had forgotten completely about the fact that she had lost her sight because it didn't matter. It didn't matter because it would be okay as long as Luke was there. Everything will be fine, as long as they're together. She would have been fine. She deal with not seeing. But Luke... Sutton's dear Luke.

"I'm so sorry." Her mother whispered.

"Please just go away."When she heard no movement. She screamed. "Go! Now!" She cried herself to sleep.