One week later...

Griffin look in awe at the really big house, not a mansion but still really big. "Dang." He said, getting off his bike. He rang the gate the button on the side.

"Hi, I'm Griffin. The babysitter?" He said, not really sure if he was doing it right. Was he suppose to keep his finger on the botton? Or just on touch and done?

"You're suppose to keep you're finger on the botton." said a girl.

"Oh, well I'm Griffin. The, uh, babysitter?"

"Oh, ha." said a man. "Lucky you."

Griffin frowned at the guy's sarcasm.

The gates opened, to a long drive way lined with trees.

Great. Griffin thought sarcasticly. At least its flat.

Griffin started to think this might not have been the smartest choice for a job. He hoped the hour bike ride was worth it. He was getting paid pretty well; but still, maybe he should have found a place where he didn't have to pettel for so long. His legs was were sore. He was hot and sweaty. Griffin really wished he had a car, or a motorcycle but that's what he was working for right?

Finally, he made it to the house. It was circular; with a fountain in the middle. The fountain was a giant angel crying, hands held up to the sky. The house was made out of gray stone. The colmnes were marble and the door was just beautiful, with silver roses and leaves.

He just put the bike on it peg.

He went to up to the entrance and knocked on the door.

A woman opened the door. "Hello? Are you the care taker?" She had a slight accent he couldn't place.

"Ugh, yeah. I'm Griffin." He held out his hand.

The woman looked at it, pursing her lips. "You sure are sweaty."

He smiled. "Yeah... Uh, I have no car." He dropped his hand.

She looked at him, smiling. "I'm Anna-Marie. Welcome. I'll give you a tour."

Griffin nodded. "Is it okay that I have my bike there?"

"Uh, yes no one really comes though this way unless they're guest. Well, no one comes through there."

"Oh, okay."

Anna-Marie turned.

"Wow." Griffin said following her.

"Yes, that what I said my first day." She said looking back at him.

There was a grandstair case comeing from both sides and meeting in the middle, and going down all the way. " This side-" She said, waving to the right side. "-is the kitchen. This side is the family room." We went to the kitchen. "People will come to fill the frig. The owner comes from old money. She's a Book Publicist so she's not here often. That's why she not here enough to take care of her daughter. I'm actually going to have to go away for a while and that is why she got you. People will come once a week to clean so all you have to do is take care of Miss. Sutton. All she does is stay in her room. Mrs. Page highered you in hope that maybe you can help her get out more. Only one person visits her and Mrs. Page doesn't want her to get attached so he only comes on the weekends." She showed him the rest of the botton floor telling him all he would need to do for the next two weeks and anyother time he would be here. "The home thearter, bowling room, inside pool."

"This house is alot bigger then I thought..." Griffin said frowning, sure he was going to get lost.

They ended up back in the front of the house where the grandstair case is, they went up the stairs, and she showed him the nine guest bedrooms.

"Am I ever going to see who I'm taking care of?" He asked.

"Yes. This way. So this first door is a bathroom. To the right will be your room... You are staying here right?"

"I wasn't really planning to." He said, frowning.

Anna- Marie sighed. "Mrs. always forgets things... Well, can you?"

"Stay? Yeah. But I'm going to have to get some of my clothes."

"That's fine. I'll go call on Thomas to take you home, later."

Griffin nodded.

"Well... This room is Sutton's." She knocked once and opened the door. "Miss. Sutton?"

"Anna-Marie I told you don't come into my room unless it was an emrgancy or if Beck comes and today isn't the day Beck comes. If it were an emergancy you would have just left. So go away."

"But Miss-"

"I said get out." She yelled, throwing a bottle in our direction, but missing by an inch or two. For a blind girl she had good aim. "I don't want to anyone to here! Okay? Get out!"

"But Miss-"

"Anna you're going to get fired if you don't get the hell out!"

Anna- Marie closed the door, sighing. "It's a bad day." She said. "She not always like that. Something must have made her...angry. It happens if so just leave her be."

He nodded. He didn't want to make her mad anytime soon.

"Please don't quit... I really have to go and I can't go unless you're here. I'll get fired and I really can't get fired right now. You don't even have to deal with her much." She looked up at him with wide, teary blue eyes. "Please, Sir."

"I won't quit." Griffin said, smiling.

"Thank you." She looked like she wanted to say something else but kept it inside.

"Well I'll go make that call. Feel welcome to explore." She smiled and went down the hall disappearing as she turned to the right.

He turned not knowing what to do. He turned back to the door of Sutton's. He knocked on the door softly.

"Anna- Marie leave me alone don't you understand english? Do I have to look up it up in German?"

He opened the door, eyebrows raised. "That's kind of rude even for a rich girl." He said, knowing he really shouldn't say that to him charge but not caring, he could find another job. Then again he didn't say he could get himself fired.

"Who are you?" She said, voice slightly trembling, she turned her face.

"I'm Griffin. You're babysitter." He said, not coming in. Just looking around, the place was a mess.

"Gah, she really did it." She shook her head. "She actually got me a sitter."


"I don't care who you are. Go away. Now!"

Griffin frowned, leaving and closed the door behind him. "I guess rich people can afford to be rude." He shrugged, and kept roaming.