Chapter Two

Ice Cream and Coffee

I left the order with Colin before I headed back out onto the floor to check on my other, more likeable, customers. My first stop was a middle-aged man named Jack Pierson. He was at the diner pretty much every day probably because the food was good and fairly cheap, perfect for a bachelor. I actually felt the smile on my face lose it's tense edges as I came up to the man's table. He must have come in while I was talking to Colin.

"Evening Jack," I greeted him. "How are you today?"

Jack looked up a little anxious at first, but then he relaxed when he saw me. A smile pulling at his lips. "Well hello to you too Emma," he replied. "I'm just a little tired. Work and all that. How's my favorite server today?"

I grimaced a little as I shrugged. "Soldiering on as always I guess," I granted shaking my head. "You wanting the usual?"

"With black coffee," he confirmed with a nod.

I jotted the notes down quickly on the pad before looking back up at Jack and smiling again. "Alright, I'll be right back with that coffee," I promised him. Of course I would actually have to give Juliet and her table their drinks first, but if it meant that I could get back to helping Jack, I would endure it for a few moments. There were worse things in life.

Like spending an hour in detention with Juliet. I never wanted to repeat that moment of my life again.

I quickly moved back to the back. "Jack's here, he's taking the usual," I called back to Colin as I placed the order up on the rotating rack. "I'm taking the drinks out to Juliet and her flirt fest and then I'll back back for the coffee."

"Duly noted," Colin said with a derisive snort. I stuck my tongue out at his back before bouncing away from the counter and to the drink area. I considered adding something to Juliet's water but decided against it as I prepared the four drinks and forced a fake smile back on my face. I moved back out onto the floor and to the dreaded table. "Alright so we have a root beer, a lemonade, an unsweetened tea with no lemon and water." I placed each drink to each face. "And your order is being made right now," I assured them before turning away.

I prayed as I moved away from the table and was glad that God answer that prayer for once.

Juliet didn't call me back to the table to complain about something, anything really. The coffee had been made ten minutes before, but I still checked the temperature before I actually grabbed the pot and cup. For some reason I never understood, Jack preferred to watch the coffee be poured. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing of course. I had two or three other customers who had ordered coffee that might like a refill as well.


I turned back at Colin's call and arched an eyebrow. "Yeah?" I asked.

"Take this out to Mrs. Rothbone and her kids?" he asked putting two bowls of ice cream out on the counter. "Lily got her tonsils taken out last week and you know how Will gets when his sister has something he doesn't."

I couldn't help but smile as I nodded. "Alright, I agreed." I put the coffee down long enough to slip the two bowls and the empty cup for Jack onto the tray before I picked the coffee pot back up and moved back onto the floor again.

Mrs. Rothbone and her two children were near done with their dinner though little Lily looked miserable. The girl was the same age as my sister Carrie which made me like her that much more. "Colin wanted you guys to have these, on the house," I assured their mother as brought the tray down to the table. I worked carefully placing the two bowls of ice cream on the table while removing the dishes that had clearly already been finished.

"Thank you," Mrs. Rohbone mouthed as I picked the tray up again. The children had already gladly started to dig into their ice cream. I mouthed a reply to her before I turned to go to the opposite end of the dinner and deliver Jack his coffee. Hopefully one of the orders would be done by then.

I moved across the room looking full of purpose hoping Juliet would see that as a deterrent to bothering me. I was already workingo n my apology to Jack for all the dirty dishes around his cup when I felt something hook around my ankle. The tray flew forward, projected outward by the palm of my hand. The coffee pot was another matter.

Without thinking, I had thrown one hand out to brace myself.

A part of me was able to watch it all in fine detail as the coffee pot shattered on the floor still held tightly in my grip. I was going to be next. I realized it rather absently even as my wrist started to bend leaving the remaining glass of the coffee pot pointing up towards me.

Something hooked around my waist and pulled me back until I was sitting in a lap, I was dazed for several seconds, just kind of dumbly holding the broken coffee pot in my hand before I managed to turn and put it on the table.

By that time Colin had run out and was looking between me, the floor, and the table I was at. "I-I'm sorry," I managed as I stumbled to my feet.

Colin rushed forward to help me work my way through the glass before he glared back at the table. I looked back over my shoulder a little absent and confused. That was until I saw the innocent look on Juliet's face. I would have lunged at her then and there if Colin hadn't tightened his arm around my shoulder. "I'm going to have to ask you all to leave."

"Just because she's clumsy?" Juliet snapped. She stood up and threw down the napkin she had unfolded in her lap. "Fine! I don't know why I come here anyway!"

Juliet stormed past me and Colin and out of the diner. The three brothers were a little slower to stand up. They were all watching me carefully, especially the mixture, the one who had caught me. "We're sorry for what she did," he apologized. "My name is Kayne Volkov. These are my brothers Xavier and Adam. If there is anything that we can do to make up for this all, please just ask." With that the three brothers bowed, actually bowed before they left the diner.

Colin was trying to say something to me, but I couldn't actually hear it. Instead, I was focused on the table that had just been vacated and the money that had somehow been left next to the broken coffee pot.

Author's Note: For those of you who read Slaves of the Moon, yes Fang is now called Adam. I was looking back over the story and I felt that his name was just a little too cliche with them being what they are. And given Kayne's is bad enough, two was just too much for anyone's health.

And a special thanks to Brimo94 whose recent review prodded me into updating this story as I should have. Though, that being said, I should also thank SweateredSHatchets as well for being the first person to review this story at all.