Everywhere you go, you see people. Mostly everywhere, anyway, but if you're someplace where you can't see people, like the Sahara or solitary confinement, you are likely to imagine people. Maybe people you know, or people you don't. Doesn't matter much.

We sure see a lot of ourselves, don't we? I can't think of a single commercial that doesn't have people in it. Even cartoons based on, say, talking space-toasters - they're quite humanoid.

We think we're the only animal with a proper language, don't we?

At least it seems that way; but let's concentrate on that for now. We talk, we write, we communicate. We can say virtually anything in any way, anything we can imagine; through words, through sounds, through music or art. Through expressions of the face, even; isn't that cool?

Now forget everything I just said, because it has nothing to do with the following:

It's in our nature to copy each other, it really is. It's also in our nature to group things together.

This is why you might look at a bunch of girls wearing tank tops and skinny jeans

and assume they care about little more than their own identity.

There are countless more examples that I don't feel like listing here. That one's obvious, considering the fact that I'm a teenage, middle-school girl.

A lot of people are terrified of being a bit less like others and a bit more like themselves.

We value the truth so much in our society, or at least we'd like to think so.

We might as well be true to ourselves.

So I could be the way you probably imagine a teenage girl, wearing a tank top and skinny jeans, gossiping or whatever. That would be fine if that was really me; but not everyone is truly like that. So why do I see these huge clusters of them every day?

I really don't know. But I do know that you're not supposed to fit into a mold. You're not Jell-o. You have a skeleton and all that, so in any case it would be well-nigh impossible to EVER fit into a mold.

You're not a jellyfish either. And not even jellyfish all look the same! Isn't that weird?

So here comes the saying that, if you haven't heard of, proves that you live under a bigger rock than I:

Be yourself.

But how can you be yourself if you don't know who you are?

Just try, okay? I'm sure you'll figure it out somehow. I'm not your therapist, after all.