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The Baker and the Accountant

The Beginning

What would you do when the person you love is dating your best friend? Would you forget and move on? Find a new love? How do you fall out of love?

Someone please tell me.

When I first met him, I was a freshman back in high school. He was the class vice president and everybody knew him. He was like the person to go to when you needed something. He was as popular as a person can be in my school. I remember when I needed a taste-tester for my baking creations and none of my friends dared to continue eating them. However before turning me away, they recommended me to him. I was walking around the school trying to find the student council room when I bumped into a tall student. I think my head came up to his chest.

"Sorry! Um, I was wondering if you could help me find the student council room." I asked as I slightly backed away to face the guy. He had short chocolate brown hair and wore wide glasses covering his apple green eyes. My eyes widen as I took in his features. He looked really solid and actually towered over me.

"Oh, I am going there too, do you want to come with me?" He offered firmly but without a smile. While we walked all I could think was that he could really look a lot nicer if he smiled. As we approached a door, I could hear a chatter of voices behind it. The guy politely opened the door and I recognized the president from his election campaign, talking to somebody. When the door clicked shut, I had a feeling that I was trapped in something sticky.

"Oh! Hello!" he said with a wide smile laced with honey.

"So why did you want to go to the student council's room?" the tall guy said standing behind me blocking the doorway. The ceramic bowl in my hands slipped a little. Were my hands shaking?

"Now, now, no need to be so gruff. Are you a freshman?" he asked still as sweet as the beginning of this conversation. I nodded nervously as the bowl continued slipping out of my hands. My fingers edge their way to the cold bottom of the pan as the tall guy walked in front of the president's table.

"Oh! Are you cooking club? Elizabeth?" the president continued. The ceramic bowl completely slipped out of my hands as I stood shocked at his guess. But the confectionery was not ruined. The tall guy saved it! I should stop calling him the tall guy huh? I guess the president saw my delighted smile as he reached over to my dessert and set it on his table. The room held silence as he waited for my explanation.

"Um, I was wondering if the vice-president could arrange for someone to taste my pastries. The club president won't let me cook anymore unless I find somebody to eat them," I exclaimed snatching the bowl back. The president looked shocked for a minor second but smiled that Splenda sweet smile.

"Are they really that bad?" he dramatically said looking at the tall guy, I mean, my savior.

"No! No, it's just a lot," I assured not as confidently as I hoped. His eyes traced back to me before looking away.

"So Mr. Vice-president, you have a request from a fair lady," he continued looking at my savior. HE was the vice-president? He held out his hand and motioned for me to hand over the dessert. I paused.

I really needed to know who the creation was going to though.

"I'll eat it," he said lacing his words with irritation. My eyes widen but I dropped the bowl onto his hands. The president clapped his hands once to break the tension and motioned me away. As I head out of the door, I hear the clinking of dishes and a smile came upon my face.

After the next school day, I made a fruit pie and consequently went to the student council room to the confusion of my club members.

"He really is going to eat them? All of them?" they asked. I only nodded as I exited the room. When I once again arrived at the student council room, shock is certainly an understatement to describe the look of the members. The president, Daniel, looked the least shocked to my disappointment. However what made my day was the pure happiness that the vice-president had when I gave him the pie.

"The ice cream was fantastic! Are you going to come every day?" asked Daniel. I nodded and instantly smiled when he complimented my ice cream.

"See Jackson, you need to tell her how much you appreciated it," Daniel continued nudging the vice-president.

"Thank you! See you tomorrow!" I exclaimed as I headed out the door. They were happy to eat it! Jackson liked the confectionaries and thus this was the beginning of our relationship.

Little did I know that I was going to see him again as I stayed in our quaint little town. I eventually did become an owner of a store and I made it into a bakery called Sweet Delights. It wasn't until months after its establishment that Jackson stopped by.

I was having a promotion on my house-blend coffee that day when the small bell on top of the door chimed and my eyes quickly darted to the door to greet the customer. He had apple green eyes and I knew only one person who sported apple green eyes. Jackson.

"Can I have two croissants and two coffees?" he asked in that deep yet clear voice. His teeth were still as perfect as when we first met. He even held himself in that same reserved stance. I smiled back and quickly punched in the order but paused when he ordered coffee.

"Would you like to try some of our house-blend?" I asked hoping he would notice one of his former classmates. Here's to homemade coffee.

"Sure, wait…do I know you from somewhere?" he asked so cutely in his confused state.

"Maybe," I answered neutrally but I couldn't hold back the smile. In that moment you could see the look of surprise as he connected the dots in his head and uttered my name, Elizabeth. Holy Ernest Illy, he remembered my name! I can't believe I was important enough for him to remember. As I smile even more widely, he chuckled and smiled that same smile I saw all those years ago.

"I knew it was you! Glad we can finally greet again," he replied.

"Come back, okay?" I offered as I handed him his order. He took the bag and left the shop with a chuckle and waved his hand to dismiss the question. I wanted to frown, I genuinely did but I knew he would come back.

Sure enough he came back the next day and we became friends. Months pass when it finally dawned on me that I was in love with him. That small crush really did develop into a love as I spent more time with him; talking to him. The sturdiness I felt when we first met, that amazing smile he makes looking at me baking when he thinks I don't see, the stomach to handle the new creations of the crazy and weird for the bakery, and so on. I love the way I go on this erratic high whenever he looks me and smile. I love the way lights shine just a little brighter, sweets smell just a little sweeter, and even bitter chocolate taste cannot break that smile I make when he visits. Feeling this way is actually a first for me. A first love, a first friendship I'm afraid of losing. We were friends and I think I was determined to remain that way; I enjoyed his company too much. I don't have enough confidence to trust that he feels the same way. Was I enough?

But I didn't have the time to wonder, everything changed as soon as he met Jane. She was everything I was not.

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