Silence. Nothing but the sound of a heartbeat. Nothing for a distraction and nothing to think of. Silence. Her skin was cold, colder than ice and even worse she didn't have a heartbeat. She was of the undead. She had piercing red eyes that matched her pale skin and medium brown hair perfectly. She was quick and Alex was alone. In the woods, Alex was turned. Her heartbeat faded, covered by the overwhelming screams of pain and agony. Until finally her heartbeat came to a stop and Alex looked and was completely different.

No longer was she tan with hazel eyes, now she too was pale with red eyes, just a shade darker than her attacker. No longer did she have highlights in her hair, now her hair was perfectly black. No longer did she see her attacker. Alex didn't move nor talk. Fear took over and she was paralyzed. Her throat was dry and thirst began to arise. Suddenly, she heard a crack; a deer miles away was trotting with its young in search for food. Soon her fear was gone and she was off. Supernatural speed allowed her to capture the deer, and strength unlike any other allowed her to tear through it's skin with razor sharp teeth.

Blood seeped down Alex's throat. The taste was intriguing, unlike any other. As a human, Alex couldn't stand to see blood. Once she got a paper cut and licked the blood away. It was bitter and she never wanted to taste it again. But this time, the taste was sweet. Sweeter than anything she'd ever tasted before, and as she swallowed the last drop, she was tempted to get more. Her throat grew drier and then she saw a disturbing sight. Alex looked down; she had viciously killed an incident deer. Why? All because of thirst- the thirst for blood. Alex had became a killer. She closed her eyes for the first time and begged, "Please, please, please let this be a dream. Just a bad, bad dream."

When Alex opened her eyes, she was home in her comfy, cozy bed. She felt heat flow through her body and she even blushed. She took a deep breath, smiled, and sat up. The morning sky glittered into her room and the sun shone upon her skin. "It was just a dream," she said slowly, not trusting the sound of her own voice. It wasn't long before she jumped up and was ready for the day.

"Alex! Breakfast is ready," Mrs. Johnson called from the kitchen. Charlotte Johnson was Alex's adoptive mother, and Mr. Cole Johnson was her adoptive father.

She ran downstairs and instantly smelled the bacon still sizzling from the pan. Next, she fixed her plate and sat down at the table with her parents. As her parents ate, Alex realized she wasn't hungry. Why? Alex was always hungry, in fact, she was a bottomless pit. "Alex did you eat when you snuck out last night?"


"Well, you aren't eating."

"Um… yea Mom sorry." There was a long awkward silence. Finally Alex spoke, "May I be excused?"

"Fine, but you're still grounded," Mr. Johnson said.

"O.K.," and she left, running upstairs. She closed her bedroom door quickly and looked outside. She heard the birds chirping and a breeze blew through the window. Everything seemed normal. Then, unexpectedly, she heard a child's laughter. Where was it coming from? Over the trees and pass a field there was a daycare, but it was 5 miles away. Was she hearing the toddlers at daycare from miles away? "It wasn't a dream… but I couldn't be," she whispered slowly. But she wasn't a vampire.

She was human.

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