Chapter Three:

Date Night

I was just brainstorming when this chapter came about. Sorry if it's not my best I've been busy lately.

It was already dark when she got home. She went straight upstairs, ignoring her parents completely. In her closet, Alex kept a mirror on her door. She stared at the image in the mirror. What was going on? Her skin wasn't pale, and her eyes weren't red. Everything about her was normal…again. What in the world was going on?

"Alex, we need to talk to you!" Mrs. Johnson yelled from the living room downstairs.

'Uh-oh,' Alex thought, 'did they notice me?' She trotted downstairs and met her parents. "Yes?"

"Someone's at the door for you."

"Um, sure…" then Alex headed towards the doors. Hesitating, she opened the door and gasped.

"Did you forget about the movies?" In the doorway, stood a young man about sixteen, with dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.

"Of course not." Alex said, snapping back into reality. Minutes laters the two were off headed to the movies.

"How was your day," asked the young man. The young man's name was Luke. Luke and Alex had been friends since forever. Literally. Luke was a year older than Alex and had known her ever since she was adopted. (Alex was one year old when she had been adopted.) Neither of the two ever thought about dating. For the longest time they were just friends. But a year ago Luke started to get a crush on his long time friend. And a few months later he finally brought up the nerve to ask her out.



"I can't explain really."

"Sure you can. What happened?"

"Nothing. Really. But honestly I don't feel like going to the movies anymore. Can we do something else instead?" This surprised Luke. Alex was always up for everything and anything. If it was possible she would do it.

"Are you sure? You've been wanting to go see Part One of Breaking Dawn for a year now. We don't have to go but I don't want you to be disappointed."

"Definitely not today," she said stressing her words. Alex was in no means ready to go see a vampire/werewolf movie.

"O.K., so where to?"

"Surprise me… in a good way." She smiled knowing she could trust Luke.

"O.K., you got it."

Alex continued to look at Luke. Not in the dreamy 'I love you' kind of way, but the 'I still care for you a lot' kind of way. He reminded her of her childhood. When the two would ran and play in the yard all day, or play hide-and-go seek if it was cold outside. Even when they got older they were still there for each other. Once, she climbed up a tree when she was angry at her parents. Luke was the one who carried her in the car when she fell and broke her leg. One time she rode four wheeler with Luke. She was the one to take the handle bars when Luke blacked out. They were there for each other when they needed each other the most. Always.

When the car parked Alex knew exactly where they were at. Of course she knew, she'd only been there a thousand times as a kid. The park. There was only one problem. It was night time. Maybe nothing… "weird" would happened. Besides, she had Luke.

"Did I do good picking a spot?"

"You did amazing."

"Great. Now, swings or marry go round?"

"You pick."

"Nope, I picked the park."

"Fair enough, swings."

Like the gentleman he was, Luke got out first and opened Alex's door. He paused when she didn't get out. "Is there a problem?"

So I'd like some more constructive critism for this chapter, because even I know it sucked. Also if you'd like to see this story go a certain way, I'm all for ideas. That's it for the day! -Creativity101