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One cloudy, though somewhat cheery day on the planet science so scientifically refers to as Terra, a small town consisting of one hundred and sixty-two persons was holding a funeral for their newly dead mayor that passed away only a few days before. Since the town, as small as it is, knows everyone so well the funeral was attended by all the able bodied persons of the town. Upon arriving, the step-in mayor walked up to a pedestal and asked everyone to "please be seated". Everyone sat down quickly and quietly. Not a single mouse could be heard making the smallest movement or sound.

"Hello everyone," the semi-mayor said sadly, "I know how loved was by all of us, I will do my best to be that good as well."

The crowd looked disgracefully at the semi-mayor, Mr. Ragglebun, at the statement he just stated at the old mayor's funeral.

He continued ruefully, "As I was saying," he said, "I will be as great. This guy sucked. Enjoy the food," he stepped down from the pedestal as people began to walk forward to pay their respects.

"That guy's mentally challenged, betcha!" one boy said to his friend.

"I agree, how are we just finding out about this?" the friend said back.

All of a sudden two unidentifiable spacecrafts literally zoomed over the ongoing funeral shooting lasers and beams of light in every which direction. People scattered in fright as they were shot down by these UFOs.

"Shnizzel! My wife and daughters have been slaughtered by these indestructible mother front doorers!" a balding man cried as the massacre surrounding him began to cease.

After the lights stopped flashing out of the sky and the evildoers flown away, survivors looked around to see that they were surrounded by corpses.

People everywhere started running frantically; screaming like little girls would if their favorite dolls head just popped off the body. Everyone, everywhere, was running in little worrisome zig-zags. Men were running over people in cars- which were also zig-zagging- and women were pulling their children (those left) into shelter, then running back out into the street with guns, shooting the men in the cars.

After a while the massacre slowed; the cars, all driven by no one, slowed to stops.

The men were all dead… The world was just women and children now.

Nothing really interesting happened other than the fact that the remaining people had to clean up the mass of bodies left considering that the town mostly consisted of males before the massacre.

The women eventually slaughtered the remaining males (their sons) so that they could have total feminine society. Even though the women leaders made sure that every remaining male was killed, one sister helped her brother, Promethaz, escape.

He would one day become the "new leader" of the "new world".

As he escaped without his sister (Luna), he promised her "Luna! One day I will come back for you! We will rebuild this world together."

"I will see you then, Promethaz! RUN!" She returned to her mother.

10 years later:

Promethaz is twenty-two, Luna is twenty.

He had been living underground with the other (few) boys that had survived from random countries all around the globe. They had made it to Madagascar, where there are minimum amounts of women, and gone underground.

During his years under the surface of Earth, Promethaz created a rebel force to overthrow the evil women leaders of the newly formed single continent Womanise and save the few girls that resent the absence of male company. If he and his rebel force succeeds they surviving boys can use the rebellious girls to recreate the human race.

His first goal was to find his sister. Luna was not- or expected to not be- in the same area as he had when he was twelve. They had moved to the previous country of Brazil, by the coast. He and a friend, Georgethius (Georg), started off to Brazil the morning after they heard word of Luna's whereabouts.

He had known Georg well as children, and it had been him who had saved Georg on his way out. Georg had also known Luna well, he's twenty-two.

Once they arrived in Brazil, they were ambushed by a group of fem-huntresses. Fem-huntresses are royal hunters sent by the high queen Alabran Welques who originated from a warring tribe in southern Brazil. Although her unusual name isn't Brazilian or South American she believes it to be.

They quickly fought their way through the fem-huntresses. Who were, obviously, not fighting their best on the account of their previous belief that all men were dead. Because these boys were no longer, they were men. They proved it through their ability to fight; they quickly moved through the rainforests, to the edge of the land, they found a small village by the sea.

They saw the women, all war-torn and sullen looking. Perhaps they would be man-friendly? Probably not, better to be cautious. The men quietly skirted the village, until they saw what they had come for. Luna. Sitting by the fire, a tear (after all these years) still floating down her cheek. Is she thinking of me? He thought sadly. He had to save her.

He had Georg distract most of the women while he then stole a dress off a clothesline so he could walk through the camp semi-unnoticed. Once he heard the guards sound the alarm, he snuck into the camp next to Luna.


She turned but… crap, it wasn't Luna. The Luna-look-alike pulled a fish gutting knife from her blouse and lunged. He ducked, knocking her off her feet, unbalancing her long enough to scramble away; but, a new set of feet appeared in front of him. He lifted his eyes to her face; it appeared to be a beautiful dirty blond haired, blue eyed girl. If he stood she would probably only stand a couple inches shorter.

He quietly whispered her name, "Luna?"



"What are…"

"We have to leave now!" pronounced Promethaz as he grabbed Luna's arm, but Luna pulled away.

"No," Luna said, "we aren't leaving until the whole damned evil continent of Womanise is burned to the ground!"

Georg ran up at that moment to hear her, "but, if we don't go, we'll be killed and that will never happen!"

She looked at her feet for a moment, "Alright, we'd better hurry!" She turned and ran into the forest, Promethaz and Georg ran after her.

They heard the first shots, the initial alarm, for their chase. The fem-huntresses weren't letting them get away too easily.

"RUN!" screamed Georg as they saw the bullets whizzing past them.

They ran past trees and trees until they reached the foot of a large cliff that seemed to purposely trap them until Luna ran sharply to the right barely skimming the cliff wall. Confused and out of breath, Promethaz and Georg follow her.

They continue running until they come across a guarded entrance to a cave blocked off by a large metal door.

"Follow me," Luna whispers, "and stay quiet."

"Okay," they said in sync, and followed carefully, and quietly, behind her.

Upon entering, they could see gold and velvet furnishings, and a golden staircase that looked like it lead to a higher level carved into what must have been the cliff-wall outside.

"This is her layer… Welcome to Queen Alabran Welques' castle. Carved out of the cliff-wall we almost ran into on the way in here."

As they snuck deeper into the secret cave, past many of guards, they fell right into the High Queen's arms. Almost literally.