Jemma Pearson isn't like everyone else. She may have changed her name, she may have changed the color of her hair, but she's still the same person. She's still that little girl every single person in her hometown remembers (at least her name or her baby face). Why? She wouldn't tell. These memories marked her forever and keep haunting her so much that it has almost become an obsession. It's worse when Thomas arrives to town and almost makes her fall for him. His presence may have just awakened the most terrible memories ever and maybe worse. How will she get through this without hurting anyone else?

Okay, I know it looks like every other story, but I'm kind of good at making twists (and there will be one) and, I don't know, just felt like trying "normal stuff" for once, usually, I go with supernatural stuff (that's kind of my thing). Anyway, I hope you will like it, I will try to update as fast as I can (it will be easier since it's summer!)

Thanks for reading, if you do :)

By the way, I want to apologize right now for my English, it's not my first language and I know it's quite obvious sometimes, but if you find any mistake, I would be really grateful if you could just tell me.