Chapter 1: prologue

"Hmmmm... I hope I don't get lost again" Honoka said with a small sigh as she continued to walk up the long street her suit case behind her.

"I know I asked the driver to let me walk there but maybe my confidence was a little high." she said aloud to herself.

She stopped looking towards the sky the sun was blazing and the sound of cicadas in the trees. She took a moment to look around the area she was in. Something move in the corner of her eye. She turned and that's when she first saw her, a girl in the shadow of a branch. Her face was peaceful under the shadow of the leaves. She looked closely, the girl was had a slightly small frame but looked lean and tall. the girl was around her age and had a deep colored purple hair almost black. Then the girl opened her eyes two dark voids and locked them with Honoka's. For a heart beat the girls eyes met hers, they were deep pools that seemed to pull anything into its dark shadows. The moment lasted for a heartbeat but staring into those cold eyes made it feel like an eternity. Honoka stopped and the world seemed to stop too. Still Honoka could not look away there was pain in those eyes and it brang a small tear to roll softly down her own cheek. Everything started then. Her first meeting with the strange girl in the trees.