Chapter 2: Gentle White & Silent Black

I could smell my mom's cooking from behind my door; I gotta admit it would be a better day if it wasn't for the fact that I have to go to school this morning, it's only the second day of January and after that huge party I'm just totally pooped. I couldn't help dreaming about that black fox, the fox that was able to make real flames with magic that wasn't illusions, and more importantly… he's the bastard that lit my tail on fire, I'm gonna freaking kill him! "Shoukichi, it's time to wake up."

I opened my eyes to see Gonta in front of me; we were sleeping together after that party, before you say anything let me make this clear. Gonta lives upstairs in the guestroom, but sometimes he gets lonely at night and asks if he can sleep with me; it's not like we do anything anyway… I mean we do cuddle sometimes, he's actually really cute when he's sleeping-wait that's not the point it's time for school. "Fine… why do we have to go to school?"

"Well um, it's for education and to get our diplomas when we graduate." Gonta's answer was something to laugh at, he sometimes take what people say too seriously.

"I was kidding Gonta, let's just go and get ready for school." I smiled taking a good whiff of the breakfast in the kitchen. "Besides, mom made pancakes and bacon. No way I'm gonna stay in bed for that."

Out of the five people in this house, Mom and Shuu make the best food and their breakfast is the absolute best. Getting ready for school wasn't really a big deal, my clothes are either too big for me or get stretched out by my new more rotund body so I just make illusions of sets of clothes I wear in my human form. Making our human forms, Gonta and I headed out to the spot where the bus comes and saw Nina already waiting for us. "Took you guys long enough, was the breakfast that good?"

"Jealous cause all you get is waffles out of the toaster, hehe-omph!" She gave me a good punch in the ribs. "C-Can't you take a joke, freaking shemale."

"Say that again and I'll break your neck." Violent and strong, that's what I like about Nina. "Hey, did you hear the rumor about a new student coming to school?"

"Why would I know, I'm not very into school rumors."

"I've heard about it, though I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl student." Gonta said. "Though still it is a bit strange to have them come near the end of sophomore year."

"They do it all the time in anime." I said.

"This isn't anime idiot." Nina teased.

"And yet you're talking to a half and full-bred tanuki." It was always easy to retort against her insults.

"Shut up."

Shoukichi and Nina always argue playfully with each other, there are often times I think they were made for each other. I know I shouldn't be so pessimistic but when I think about how long those two have known each other I can't help thinking that I don't stand a chance; I could always try meeting a girl for myself, but besides with Shoukichi by my side no girl really wants to go out with me. They always think I'm looking angry because that's how my face always looks, they hardly ever try to look through that and see the real me. Shoukichi is the only one, who really likes me just for me and really cares about me. It makes me happy just to be friends with him; Nina is a great friend too but um… I don't really like her that way. "Alright class, before we start the lesson I'd like to introduce our newest student."

I could hear the other students talking about who the new student could be too. "So the new student is in our class."

"What do you think, boy or girl?" One boy asked.

"Oh, if it's a boy I hope he's cute." A girl answered.

"I bet it's a hot girl."

"Actually class, we actually have two students joining us." The teacher opened the class door for whoever was outside. "Please come in."

It was the first time ever when I actually saw something so beautiful that I was completely stunned in awe, the new student was a girl already in the school uniform. She had long hair and skin as white as snow, beautiful blue eyes and when she smiled I felt like I was being held in a warm hug. "Class, this is one of our new students that just moved from overseas. Introduce yourself."

"It's nice to meet you all." She bowed to the class smiling even more. "My name is Shiro, Shiro Fumihiko."

"Why is every new student from Japan?" I heard a student mutter.

"Hey where's the other new student?" Mindy, she was the mean girl … actually still is the mean girl of sophomore year. She liked Shoukichi, but after embarrassing her at the Halloween party she began to hate him.

"You mean my brother." Shiro answered. "I'm actually a twin, my brother was going to be here today but he got sick."

"Hey, tell us about yourself." Someone asked.

"Sure, I like going to the beach on nice days, I love to paint, and I also love playing rhythm games like elite beat agents." She answered. "My brother and I live with our father, our mother died when we were babies but we always had each other for comfort. My brother has always been my best friend, I never really had a chance to make any back home but I'm hoping to make really good ones here."

"You know, I don't think I ever seen an albino person before." Nina whispered.

"I've never seen one in real life at least." Sho included.

I couldn't say anything about it; I just couldn't help staring at Shiro. She's just so pretty and cute; it's almost hard to believe this isn't a dream. Looking around the classroom she made eye contact with me. 'S-She's staring at me? Oh no, what'll she say? Will she freak out from the look on my face?"

But that didn't happen, she actually smiled at me and I nervously smiled back. "Well then, Shiro why don't you pick where you want to sit."

"Ok then."

Everyone in class kept calling at Shiro to get her to sit with them, but she gently said no thanks and walked closer to where we were sitting; she was almost there until Mindy cut her off. "Hey there, Shiro why don't you sit with me, I know this school like the back of my hand and I know some great places we can shop after school."

"There she goes again." Nina muttered.

"That sounds nice, but I think I'll just sit with them over there." Shiro was pointing to Shoukichi, Nina, and I.

"Trust me; you don't want to hang out with those freaks and losers." Mindy said in range of our hearing, just to annoy us.

"That sounds great; sometimes freaks make the most interesting of friends." I couldn't believe she said that, neither did Mindy when she walked pass her to us. "Do you three mind if I sit here?"

"Anyone who can make Mindy look like a fool can sit with us for sure." Nina smiled pointing to the desk next to her; Shiro smiled back and took that very seat. "I'm Nina Williams, nice to meet you."

"Hehe, what a nice name." Shiro's giggle was so soft and cute, I could tell she was thinking of the Tekken character Nina when hearing the name but didn't want to be rude. She looked to Shoukichi and me and said, "What are your names?"

"I'm Shoukichi Tsurugame, welcome to the states." He said.

"And you?"

She was talking to me, actually talking to me now. I-I was so nervous I jumped out of my seat and shouted. "Gonta Matsumoto, n-nice to meet you Fumihiko-san!" Shiro looked so confused by my outburst; I could hear some of the class laughing at me too, I was so embarrassed that I fell back in my seat with my head on the desk. But during all the laughs I heard a small giggle coming from Shiro herself.

"You're very kind Gonta, but you don't have to be so formal to me." She said smiling. "You can call me Shiro."

"O-Okay, S-S-Shi-um." I can't even say her name, how embarrassing.

"Gonta looks a little embarrassed." Shoukichi chuckled.

"N-No I'm not really, I'm just thinking about other things."

"Then why are you turning red?" Nina teased along with him.

"Hehe its ok, you can practice on my name if you like." Shiro said happily


She's really so nice and kind, besides Shoukichi no one has been so sweet to me. I've never met a girl like Shiro before, I don't know why but there's something special about her. Maybe one day I can practice saying her first name. Shiro… Shiro… Shiro…

School was boring even with the New Year; in Shoukichi's opinion Shiro was an interesting girl though. She was very intelligent during class; in math she beat the most intelligent students and during English she read the story of the day eloquently and left the class at all. Sho noticed how Gonta was the most entranced by her; he could hear her mutter her name over and over through the whole day. 'He's definitely out of it; I don't think I've seen Gonta like this before.'

During gym class the students were in shock by Shiro's gym attire, it was a white shirt with her name on it in Japanese kanji and a pair of very short pants that showed her slender legs. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't know what to wear for gym so I had to pick something like this. Will it be alright for today?"

"T-That'll be quite fine for today, we're only going to be inside the gym for today anyway." Even the gym teacher couldn't help but be in awe of her outfit. "Get ready for a game of soccer everyone."

"Japan's idea of school outfits is always perverted." Nina muttered to herself as she noticed Shiro going back to the women's locker room. "Huh, I guess she has to use the bathroom."

"Nina, you take the lead while I play goalie." Shoukichi instructed from the goal.

"Edward, I need you to take the garbage outside." The gym teacher held out the garbage bag out for him to take.

"Okay, I got it." Grabbing the bag, Sho walked to the back of the school where the large garbage disposal was and threw the bag inside. "Why am I always doing the garbage duty during gym? Oh whatever, not like anything will happen." As he started to walk back, Shoukichi saw a strange shadow above him, looking up he saw the same black fox from last night. It's attire strangely similar to a regular teenager, as it sported a white shirt with a gold skull in the middle with a pair of khaki shorts. "You again, what are you doing here?" The fox jumped off the roof landing right in front of Shoukichi. "You know what, it doesn't matter. Cause I wanted to see you again, it's payback time for my tail you bastard!"

The fox held out his paw, Sho knew he was about to create his fire and charged to cut it off. It dodged his punch stopping its spell, Shoukichi kicked at it but the fox countered with its own canceling out both attacks; Sho noticed the fox was pretty adept in martial arts just like he was; it kneed him in the stomach jumping up into the air to kick him in the head. He blocked the blow grabbing his leg and threw him into the trash compactor. The fox grunted in pain, when Sho attacked again with a flying kick he ducked and countered with his own kicking him out of the way. They both recovered quickly from their blows and circled around each other ready for the next attack. "You're not bad, but it'll take a lot more than that to beat me."

"Heheh." The fox smirked

"Did you just chuckle at me?" Sho growled as the black fox held his paw in front of his face, with a swing of his arms a light shinned and a medieval broadsword appeared in his grip. 'He summoned a sword? Is it real like his flames, or is it just an illusion?' The fox appeared in front of him at blinding speed. Sho quickly turned dodging the blade that swung at his face which managed to cut a few strands of fur. "Real sword, definitely real sword!"

"I wonder what's taking Sho so long." Nina wondered as she looked at the gym's clock. "Shiro's not back yet either, and it's almost time for the last period too."

"I'm worried; you don't think they got into trouble do you?" Gonta asked.

"Don't play dumb Gonta; you're mostly worried about Shiro aren't you?" She smirked watching the tanuki blush.

"T-That's not true I'm worried about both of them, I'm worried more about Shoukichi anyway." Gonta grew flustered just thinking about it until the sound of banging caught his ears. "Huh? Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Nina asked, she could tell Gonta could hear something through his heightened animal hearing. "Is something going on?"

"Yeah, it's coming from outside." The two looked out to window where the garbage compactor was and saw Sho jump into the air in front of them with a sword just missing his tail. "Shoukichi!"

Sho dodged another attack; the black fox kept swinging its sword without end, lucky for Shoukichi he managed to dodge every one of its attacks. He knew if he didn't do something he'd be in serious trouble, looking at his surroundings he noticed a bronze pipe behind the fox. "Alright, grabbing a pipe!" Sho dashed forward, when the fox swung his sword he slid under the attack and quickly grabbed the pipe, he got back to his feet and quickly got into a sword stance. "Oh yeah, come at me bro." The fox came sooner than he expected, with a swing of his blade the bronze pipe was cut into tiny pieces. "Ah crap."

"Heh." The fox chuckled at his foolish attempt and went back to the attack.

Sho continued evading its attacks, he dodged left and right, ducking and dodging over his attacks but never getting the chance to counterattack; Shoukichi dodged another attack, spinning to give the element of surprise that gave him the chance to attack. He kneed the fox's stomach, continuing with a sucker punch and a kick that threw its sword into the air. Sho ran behind him reaching out to a pile of plumbing pipes, the fox catched its sword and turned to swing at him again but was surprised when his blade clashed with a black steel pipe. "Oh yeah, how do you like my long hard rod? Now it's on!"

Now having the upper hand, Shoukichi went on the offensive and attacked with the steel pipe. The fox was getting to get pushed back, blocking each attack but never having the chance the counter. With a mighty swing Sho managed to throw the fox's sword out of its hand again, he dashed behind the fox and grabbed it by the tail; he spun the fox around and around and finally threw it into the fence that led to the schools track field. Sho panted feeling the weight of exhaustion finally get to him. "There… got ya now…. Huh?" The fox got back on its feet, it grunted in pain glaring at Shoukichi before it enveloped itself in green flames and disappeared along with its sword that fell to the ground. "Gone again huh? Guess it's a tie now." Sho turned back into his human form, he didn't notice it but now that his skin showed he could see a few cuts on his arms from the fox's sword. 'Real fire, a real sword, this is real magic. No use ignoring it now, I'll tell the others about it.'

Ever since the situation in Gym, Sho told Gonta and I about what happened last night on New Year's and today outside. I didn't think real magic could be real, but after being around tanuki's for a year I started to become a strong believer; we went into art for the last period before dismissal to talk about it more, but it looked like Gonta was a bit out of it. "Gonta, are you feeling ok?"

"Huh, o-oh I'm fine." He is such a bad liar. "I'm just worried about Shiro that's all."

"Well they said Shiro left early because she was sick, I guess it was a bad idea to start her first day today." I turned back to Sho so we could continue the discussion. "Alright so where do you think this fox guy came from?"

"No clue he just came out of nowhere… wait what makes you think it was a he?" Sho asked.

"You said he was aggressive, sounds like a guy to me." When I answered his question the two stared at me like there was something on my face. "What? What's wrong?"

"You say that guys are aggressive."

"Doesn't that mean the same thing about you?" Those two snickered right in front of my face, but I shut them up with a fist to their heads. "Ouch!"

"That hurt Nina!"

"Assholes… hey, where's Shuu right now?" Oh right I never told you it before, since Shuu came to stay with Sho's family he got a job here as one of the school's art teachers.

"Maybe he ate something bad for lunch, he's been in the bathroom for a while now." Sho suggested.

"Um… guys?" Gonta pointed to the class door as we looked at the most horrible of sights. Shuu came in looking half dazed, but while in the bathroom he forgot to put his pants back up from his ankles. Everyone in class could see his um… dammit I don't wanna say it but I have to, he was wearing leopard printed underwear!

"Hmm, sooo tired." Shuu yawned.

"Wake up you idiot!" Sho ran right at him and whacked the panda in the head which woke him right up.

"Ow, Shouki you don't have to be so rough." The panda pouted before Sho grabbed him by his plaid shirt and shook him like crazy.

"What the hell is wrong with you, what have I told you about being an idiot in school?" He chopped Shuu's dead center watching him fall on his butt. "Get up and put your pants on already, hurry up will ya!"

"I'm still too tired to do anything, all that partying really got to me." More like that alcohol got to him; he must be experiencing a hangover in his own way. "Shouki, can you help me put them on?"

"DO IT DO IT!" The girls kept yelling.

"Geez, talk about starting a new year at school right Gonta?"

"Hehe, yeah but it is kind of fun." We both chuckled waiting for Sho to blow a gasket.


Ugh, I swear Shuu can be so annoying sometimes. After yesterday, when we went to our homeroom we didn't see Shiro sitting at her desk. "Huh, I guess she's still sick."

"Oh…" Gonta sighed before Nina patted him on the back.

"Cheer up; we'll probably see her tomorrow." Just as she said that the teacher came into class.

"Alright students, I already told you that we have two new students joining us so today I'd like you to meet the second student." He gestured at the door and the new student came inside, it was a boy with long black hair and dark red eyes that could pierce through a steel door. He had his hands sticking in his pockets as he walked to the front of the class; I saw that he was sporting a bracelet with a Ying Yang emblem on it, so this was Shiro's twin brother. "Introduce yourself to the class ok?"

"My name is Kuro Fumihiko; I'm Shiro's twin brother." He sounded pretty tired; he must have just woken up. "I'm kind of tired right now, so if you wouldn't mind I'd like it if you save the questions for later."

'Well that was the shortest introduction ever.' He walked over to where we were sitting, as he made his way to Shiro's seat he looked at me with what felt like a cold glare.

"Ok… well let's just start the class then shall we?" The teacher said.

When we started getting into forensic science I couldn't help but feel a little weirded out by Kuro's glare from a moment ago, weird enough it felt kind of… familiar.