Samantha woke up and sat up in bed.

She did the first thing that she usually did, looking up at the small TV across from her bed which was on her dresser.

It was still on.

Had she stayed up last night playing video games again?

She thought back to last night, but she couldn't remember.

She moved the blanket and got up to turn it off.

When she pressed the power button it shocked her and she jumped back.

She cursed and sucked on her finger trying to take the pain on the shock away.

She walked out into the living room and towards the kitchen.

She walked into the kitchen.

Samantha groaned as her sister picked up a fresh, ripe banana and peeled it, cut it up, and tossed each piece into her cereal one by one.

It was as if she was doing it to annoy her on perpose.

She smiled slightly at her little sister Bella, but every little part of her was screaming at herself to take the bowl and throw it away or scream at her sister just for eating that fruit.

She sighed and reached over her sister for her regular cereal, Crunch Puffs, and poured herself a bowl.

Without bananas, of corse!

She sat down in the living room on her couch and turned on the TV taking a huge bite of her favorite cereal and staring at the screen.

Her cell rang and she picked it up.

2 missed calls. From Mary and Amanda.

She sighed and decided to call them back later.

She ate the rest of her cereal and shut the TV off, nothing was on so she went back to her bedroom.

She laid down on the bed and suddenly her head turned over to look at her calender.

"Shit!" she cursed realizing that today was one of the days that she'd planned for her friends to come over.

That was why they'd called her so early in the morning.

She looked for her cell and realized that she'd left it in the living room and went back in there.

Her sister sat in the same spot she had a few hours earlier and she flinched when she saw that she was eating a banana.

Seriously? Bananas in cereal and now a plain banana for lunch?

What was next? A banana taco?

Bella giggled as if she was reading her mind and Samantha sighed as she walked around her sister with that dreadful fruit and looked for her cell phone.

"Found it!" she said aloud and her sister stared at her awkwardly.

She rolled her eyes and went back into her bedroom.

No messages... Missed calls, but no messages.

She stared at her phone and wondered why her friends didn't leave any messages.

There was a knock on the door and she walked towards it slowly.

No one said they were coming home; they always usually called.

She gulped as she placed her hand on the door knob and turned it slowly.