Samantha found herself in her bed.

She had somehow went to bed and not remembered that she did so.

She looked up and just as she thought, the TV was on.

She sighed and got up to turn it on.

She went back on her bed and peered out the window.

It was morning.

When had she gone to sleep?

She didn't remember a thing.

She obviously remembered the scare she had yesterday with her friend in the banana suit.

Why did he do that?

She sighed and made herself get up since it was morning and she was already up.

She was one of those people who didn't try to go back to sleep after getting up once because it never worked.

It just never worked... no matter how hard she tried.

She went to the kitchen and grabbed a bagel and skipped off into the living room where she turned on the TV.

She stopped on the first interesting show that she saw and would nibble on the bagel during the commercials.

One commercial came on that was really funny and she laughed so hard she didn't hear the knocking on the door until she stopped laughing.

She looked at the kitchen like it was a dark alley that she's never been in before.

She slowly got up and walked over to her front door.

This slowly walking toward the door was getting scary and pretty annoying.

Samanatha froze about a foot in front of the door.

Her body wouldn't move.

Finally when she was just about to run back to the couch and pretend that no one was home so whoever was at the door would just give up and run, her mind did what it was told before and reached for the door knob.

She groaned as she opened up the door.

She looked at the two familiar people standing in front of her.

"Mary! Amanda!" she cried. "What are you two doing here?"

Samantha smiled at her friends.

Mary seemed to be scared and Amanda was just frowning.

"What?" she asked them, still looking at their faces.

Mary looked down at the portch floor guiltily.

"Mary?" she asked.

Mary looked up at Samantha and sighed. "We need to tell you something..."

Samantha stopped smiling. "Huh?"

"We kind of made Brad-" Amanda started her sentence but Samantha stopped her.

"Wait!" she screamed at them. "You guys did that?"

Mary nodded and looked down sadly as did Amanda.

Samantha looked at them and sighed. "Why?"

"I- We- ..." Mary stuttered.

"We wanted to try to help you again, but Brad ruined it by chasing you." Amanda told her.

Mary nodded. "Yeah, he wasn't supposed to do that. That's not what we paid him to do."

"You guys paid him?" Samantha yelled.

Mary nodded.

"Great..." Samantha looked around. "He's not here right?"

Amanda shook her head.

"Come in, I guess..." Samantha told her.

They walked in slowly.

"Do you want to go down to his-" Mary suggested, but Samantha cut her off.

"Sure!" she spat out. "He's going to wish he hadn't agreed to your little deal by the time I'm done with him..." she added and walked out her front door.

Mary looked at Amanda shocked and they both decided to follow her.

They walked through the field and stopped a few yards behind Sam and watched her as she knocked on Brad's door.

Luckily for Samantha he answered the door, but that was unlucky for Brad.

"Hello?" he asked and then he saw her.

He wanted to go back inside.

You could just see the look on his face.

'Oh crap,' he thought.

Samantha glared at him. "How could you?"

He shook his head and shrugged.

She grabbed his shirt and he yelped.

"Don't do it!" Mary shrieked.

Samantha sighed. "He dressed up as a banana and scared me...why not?"

Mary shook her head and looked down.

Mandy pulled her back and shook her head.

"Why did you do that?" she asked.

Mary didn't say anything.

Samantha finally let go of Brad and he fell.

He scrambled back up to his feet again and she smiled.

"This're not getting hurt, but if you ever do that ever again-" she threatened.

He nodded and got up as fast as he could and quickly ran to his door and into his house.

The door slammed behind him and Sam looked back at Mary and Mandy.

"What?" she asked them.

Mandy shook her head.

Sam rolled her eyes and started walking past them back to her house.

They stood there for a while and then slowly followed.

When they got to the house, Sam was waiting for them on the porch in a rocking chair.

"Why do you guys keep doing this to me?" she asked them.

Mary shrugged and looked at Mandy.

"We just want our old friend back. The one who wasn't afraid of bananas." Mandy told her.

Samantha rocked in the chair slowly now and then just stopped.

She sighed. "Okay... I'll try."

Mary and Mandy smiled.

"But don't you ever make Brad wear that costume and chase me around ever again! Deal?" she asked them.

"Deal!" they both exclaimed.

Samantha got up and looked around.

"Want to go inside and have some soda?" she asked.

Her two best friends nodded and they went inside and had their drinks.

They watched TV afterward and tried to remember what things were like when Sam wasn't afraid of bananas.