I opened my eyes. My lips tingled and I felt an unexplainable surge of happiness flow over my body, but my head hurt. I feel like I have forgotten something very important. Or maybe it was someone. But I can't remember what or who it was. I remember having a dream before I woke up. There was someone familiar in the dream, but I can't recall the face or name of that person. It must've been a figment of my imagination…but it felt so real…and that person felt very important to me. I can still feel the tingle on my lips and the overwhelming sensation of embracing that person, which sent another warm wave of happiness through me. However, when I tried to recall more details, my memories only got hazier. My heart ached for some reason, and I feel empty, like something was missing. I looked around. Hm, hospital room. I tried to think back to the last thing I remembered before I lost consciousness and ended up in a hospital. Ah, right. I was in a car accident…but I don't remember whose car I was in…the lesson learned here is never ride in a stranger's car. I wonder if that person is alright though. Suddenly, the door opened, and I heard a squeal. "Mommy, Daddy, she's finally awake!" the voice squealed. Dorothea…

My parents called the doctor in to examine me, and she reported that I have no serious damage both physically and mentally. I asked her if there was something wrong with my heart, because it won't stop aching. "Well, your EKG and heart sounds were normal, so the pain might be related to the position you were in while you were bedridden for a long period, therefore causing constant strain on your chest muscle. Or the pain could originate from your back muscles and radiate towards the front," the doctor explained. I nodded, not thinking much about it. Then she left me with my family. As the doctor was closing the door, I heard a nurse rush to tell her that another comatose patient had awoken. Wow, today must be the day for comatose patients.

My family gushed on about how worried they were but I was distracted, so their voices just droned on in the background. "How long was I unconscious for?" I asked. "You were in a coma for about a week, dear!" my mom exclaimed. Wow, it definitely felt longer than a week, even though there was no way I could tell time during a coma. Maybe comas just have that weird 'I've been through years and now I'm missing something' effect on people. "Where's the person who drove me? Is he alright?" I asked. I don't know why I assumed the driver is a guy. It just slipped out. My family stared at each other in surprise. "Honey, we don't know who drove you. We rushed back from our world tour once we heard about your accident. The man who hit your car turned himself in, but the driver of the car you were in was never found. We know you do not know how to drive and that car definitely didn't belong to you, but there were no traces of the driver at all, and they couldn't find the owner of that car either. We were hoping that you can tell us who the driver is," my father said. This is weird…the more I try to remember the person, the further that piece of memory eludes me.

"Was there anyone else that we're forgetting about? Someone close? Another family member?" I couldn't help asking. My family stared at each other, confused. "No, our relatives and friends are spread all around the world, and most of them are busy, so they could not come visit you. Sorry, dear," my mom said. I shook my head. "Was there anyone else involved in the accident with me? Another family member or just someone who might be really important?" I asked, feeling unsatisfied. "We've always only been a family of four, and you're the only one in our family who got hurt. Daddy and mommy and your sister Dorothea are right here. There isn't anyone else. Are you okay, sweetheart?" my dad asked, concerned. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and smiled halfheartedly to reassure my dad that I was fine.

Besides my parents, Dorothea is acting abnormally nice, which bothers me, but it feels like déjà vu for some reason. Impossible, she's never been nice to me. Not even when I fell off my bike and managed to break several bones back in elementary school. My parents said they will stay for the week to make sure I was fine before resuming their world tour.

My family left after a while to prepare for my discharge tomorrow. As they were closing the door to my room, I saw a familiar figure standing outside my room, but I couldn't see his face because only a portion of his side portrait was in view. He was also wearing a hospital gown. I slowly walked over to the door but once he noticed my presence, the figure started and looked up in my direction briefly before he turned swiftly to leave.

I didn't get a good look at his face. I only had a glimpse of his eyes, but they were striking and I couldn't help feeling pulled in by them. "Wait!" I blurted out. The figure stopped. I don't know why I called out to him…he just feels so familiar and his eyes work like magnets. "Do…we know each other?" I asked through the small crack of my door. His back was facing me, and my curiosity is killing me, but I'm too scared to get any closer because he might run away. "I know you…but you don't know me," he said quietly. His voice was so soothing…but yet so melancholic. My heart ached again. "Who…are you?" I asked as I held onto my chest. "Presently…I'm just another patient who had just woken up from a coma," he said in the same solemn tone. Oh, we suffered the same fate. "Why don't I know you if you know me?" I asked, feeling like I just told a tongue-twister. "We will meet again, and I guarantee you will know me then…once again. Trust me…," he whispered before disappearing down the hall, gone like the wind. I thought I said a tongue-twister, but he basically just recited a riddle. Wait, what did he mean "once again?" Did I used to know him? I swear I don't remember ever meeting him before…that was odd…

My eyes widened as a realization hit me. He suffered the same fate as me…and we most likely used to know each other…could he possibly be the driver of the car I was in…the person who I cannot recall? My head hurt and my heart joined in the pain. I took a deep breath and tried to clear my thoughts.

That night, I had the same dream, but it was still kind of a blur once I woke up. The next day, I was discharged. Good thing it was a weekend, so I didn't have to go to school until the day after next. However, my parents told me to relax…and relax…when will this end? I was tired of being bed-bound, I felt fine.

When I got home and went to my room, the first thing I looked at was the space above my bed. For some reason, I felt like there was supposed to be something hanging on the wall above my bed, but there was nothing there. The wall looked so empty…like my heart.

I wandered out of my room and suddenly, I felt like I was being drawn to something down the hall. I walked down the hall and reached the room at the end of the hall. Something about that room gave me a weird sensation. I couldn't help but reach out towards the doorknob. I opened the door.

The room is neat and tidy, but it looked like it has never been occupied. Weird, for a second, I was expecting to see someone here. "Why are you going to the guest room?" Dorothea asked behind me. I jumped. I turned around to face her and shook my head. She rolled her eyes and ushered me back to my room. I threw myself on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I didn't like doing nothing except lying in bed, but I also dreaded the thought of going back to school. I don't even have friends in school. And the guy I like probably doesn't even know I exist. Oh wait, he does, since I managed to involve him in two of my misfortunes already. And he played a prank-gone-wrong on me. And I beat him up. What happened after that? Somehow I feel like there was a major event involving him…him and a girl? But he's not dating anyone as far as I can remember. A lake flashed in my mind, but it was only a split second, so I couldn't focus on it. He suddenly started treating me really nice and even gave me a hanker chief. I remember thinking his positive attitude change was because of Dorothea…but why? I don't remember much connections between them except he does seem interested in her. Well he's the most popular guy in school and she's the most popular girl. While…my life is a disaster. I sighed and closed my eyes.

His long lashes framing his magnetic eyes…his perfect sculpture-like body…his adoring smile…the humorous twitch at the side of his mouth when he's suppressing a laugh. The lake glimmered. "Screw reason and order" he said, and pulled me into a kiss. "You have become my earth, my world, my everything. Without you, my existence has no meaning, and I will be lost…" he said in his soothing gentle voice before leaning in to kiss me.

I opened my eyes. It was the same dream again. I had this dream before I woke up from my coma, and I've been having this same dream every night since then, and it's becoming clearer, but I still can't see the guy's full face or recall his name. I'm no dream expert, but I know that having the same dream consecutively every night has to mean something. After some hard researching, I found that having the same dream consistently means that you are dreaming about something you are missing in life and the contents of your dream represent your deepest desires. If your dream is related to love, then if your dream stopped for more than a month, it means you have met your true love. Wow, I must really want a man.