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The next day, we did some more explorations of the island, played some water sports, went kayaking, and even explored a mysterious cave after a canopy tour. In short, anything that does not require swimming. Then we walked far out into the sea with Aaron holding on tightly to my hand, but the water was so shallow that it was only up to my knees. Small fishes of all colors and patterns swam around us. There was even a sea turtle swimming in the distance. This is so non-swimmer friendly! I tried to let go of Aaron's hand so I can do more exploring and play with the fishes, but Aaron was reluctant. "Even though the water is shallow, we don't know when the strong waves will come. If you slip during a strong wave, then the waves can easily carry you further out into the ocean. It's more dangerous than it looks for non-swimmers," Aaron explained. Darn it…

In the evening, Aaron took me to the spa center. Oh, he really thinks I wanted to relax…I sighed as I realized that it was going to be another hopeless night as he tucked me into bed. No, if he won't do something then I guess it's up to me again. I circled my arms around his neck as he was kissing me goodnight. "Can you stay with me at least until I fall asleep?" I asked with a pout. Aaron hesitated. "I'm too tired to attack you tonight," I reassured. Aaron laughed. "I'm not afraid of you, I'm afraid of myself," Aaron whispered. "Well I'm not, you never do anything," I muttered.

"That's because I don't know what will happen if I do. I'll stay with you, but only until you fall asleep," Aaron said. I sighed and nodded. I didn't have enough energy to have a battle of words and will with him tonight.

The next day, Aaron woke me up early for a hot air balloon ride so we get to see the full view of the beautiful island and then we went into a submarine boat. This reminds me of our fake date! This submarine boat was bigger though, since it was meant for tourists rather than for private use like the one Aaron prepared. I squealed as I saw some dolphins swimming around. There was a small one that seemed to have something on its nose. It reminded me of Buddy. When I tried to get a better look, it was already gone at the speed of light. Why do dolphins have to be such fast swimmers?! I shook my head as I realized that it must've just been my imagination. There's no way Buddy would be here. Buddy might not even exist in reality. That thought made me sad. I couldn't help missing Buddy.

On our way back to our cottage, we passed by some locals selling random goods.

"Young man, would you like to buy a pair of couple rings for you and your beautiful girlfriend?" one of them asked. It was a simple pair of rings, each with a teardrop-shaped crystal the color of the ocean embedded in it. It looked even more mesmerizing as I held it up against the sparkling crystalline ocean in the background. I stared at it in awe. Aaron looked at me and realized I was already in love, so he bought the rings. He turned towards me and helped me put it on my ring finger while I put his on his ring finger for him. It felt like we just got married.

"What a lovely couple! I have a gift for you two. These represent my well wishes for you. Remember to come back here for your honeymoon!" the local said as she put her hand-made floral wreaths on our head. I felt too choked up to say anything so all I can do is smile gratefully at the local who smiled warmly back and nodded with understanding while Aaron thanked her for us.

Tonight was also our last night here before we have to go back home tomorrow. It had been so much fun and the locals were so warm and welcoming. I didn't want to leave. If I could, I would move here. As we sat down for dinner that night, I couldn't help picking at my food. "Is something the matter? You seem a little down since this afternoon," Aaron said with concern. "It's nothing to worry about, I'm just sad about leaving. I think I'm already missing this place before we even leave," I said. "The director actually offered to give me this island if I promise to continue my contract as a model for his company, but I rejected. However, he said we can still visit as often as we like since I was able to help him in his dire moment of need. We'll definitely come back to visit," Aaron consoled. It made me feel better, but I still felt a little melancholic. I wanted to take a little walk alone, but I didn't want Aaron to worry, so I told him to go take a shower first.

I decided to walk along the shore and enjoy the view when I saw a silhouette of some familiar figures jumping from the ocean in the distance. I looked closer and realized there were dolphins in the far distance. A small one jumped particularly high and there was something on its nose. Buddy? I walked closer and deeper into the water without looking at where I was stepping. I felt something hard and slippery under my feet, but by the time I realized I had stepped on a slippery reef, the water was already up past my thighs. I slipped just as a giant wave came crashing over my head. Oh, great, what perfect timing. I thought Aaron was just worrying too much when he told me to be careful even though the water was so shallow. He just had to be right about the strong waves.

As I struggled in the water, I wondered if Aaron will be able to find me in time. He doesn't even know that I'm taking a walk by myself. Just as I was losing hope, I felt something push me, so I grabbed at it as it pulled me towards shore. I realized that I was holding on to a dolphin. I quickly let go when the water was shallow and calm enough for me to stand back on my own feet, and the dolphin swam back to deeper water. When it resurfaced, I realized that it had a heart-shaped mark on its snout."BUDDY!" I shouted. The dolphin tilted its head. Right, it doesn't know me right now. I waded deeper into the water, but made sure to hold on to a giant rock. Buddy swam a little closer. I slowly held my hand out. Buddy looked at my hand…and bit it. I laughed. It's definitely Buddy! "Thanks for saving me, Buddy. Yes, that's my name for you," I said. Buddy let go of my hand and made a noise that resembles giggles.

"Is that a dolphin?" one of the locals asked another local. "That's odd, they don't usually come this close to shore," another one commented. Buddy swam further away and flapped its tail at me, as if waving goodbye. As it swam further into the distance, it jumped and did a magnificent turn in the air like the awesome dolphin that it is. "I'm definitely coming back to visit you, Buddy! Please remember me!" I called after Buddy, who jumped high into the air in response before swimming off into the horizon with the other dolphins.

"Pandora!" I heard Aaron shout as he ran towards me and pulled me into a tight embrace. "Why did you leave without a word? Do you have any idea how deathly worried I was? Please don't ever do that again!" he said. "I'm sorry…" I said apologetically. Aaron pulled away and looked at me in alarm. "Why are you all wet? What happened?" he asked anxiously. "I slipped and fell in the water…" I admitted sheepishly. Aaron's eyes widened. "You could've drowned! Why are you so reckless? I wasn't even there to save you, I might've lost you forever!" he said, agitated. Whoa, I think it's the first time I've ever seen him so mad. "Aaron…" I started as I reached for his arm, but he turned his back towards me. "Let's go back," he said in a distant tone and walked away. This time the arrow shot my heart. I've really done it now. I made him seriously mad.

I took a long bubble bath to soothe my nerves. I wanted to cry, but what right do I have? I knew it was my fault. As I was rinsing the tub, some leftover bubbles got in my eye. I stood up to try to rinse it out of my eye, but accidentally sprayed the water over myself and the floor as I fumbled clumsily with the shower head. I screamed as I slipped in the process.

"Pandora!" Aaron called as he rushed into the bathroom. I looked up at him and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, I just slipped, but I'm okay…" I said awkwardly. I think he's still mad…and yet I've caused trouble once again…

Aaron looked at me, his eyes widened for a second before he quickly looked away. Then he silently walked over and turned the water off without looking at me. This is really serious. No, I can't let our vacation end on such bad note. What if he decides that I'm an idiot after all and dumps me?

"Aaron, I'm really sorry for being an idiot and doing stupid things, please forgive me. Don't ignore me-" I tried. "I'm not mad at you," Aaron said coldly. "Then why are you so distant? I know it was my fault for being reckless and always having to depend on you to save me in the end-" I tried again, but he interrupted me as he turned around, kneeled down and held me by my shoulders. "Don't you understand? I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at myself for always letting you get into dangerous situations. I promised to always protect you, but I haven't been doing a good job at all," he said as he rested his forehead on my shoulder. He seemed both mentally and physically drained.

"I would've died so many times without you. Besides, I'm safe and sound right now. Please just don't ignore me again. I'm so scared of losing you," I pleaded as tears threatened to fall from my eyes. "I'm the one who's scared of losing you," Aaron whispered and kissed me gently. I wrapped my arms around his neck, but he suddenly halted like he just realized he made a big mistake. He pulled away and pulled me up. "Goodnight," he said simply and turned to walk back to his own room hastily.

What? He's not even going to tuck me into bed tonight? It must really be serious.

I ran after him and grabbed his arm. "You're still mad aren't you?" I asked sadly. "No," he said as he tried to pull his arm away. "Then why are you so avoidant? What did I do wrong?" I asked in distress. "Please let go of me, I can't be near you right now," he said. He won't even look at me.

I couldn't hold it back anymore. I burst into tears. "You really hate me now!" I cried. He turned around in surprise. "Pandora, please. I would never hate you. I still love you as much as humanly possible," he said as he wiped my tears away. "Lies!" I sniffled. He suddenly pulled me dangerously close to him and kissed me as I stumbled back in surprise. "Then I'll prove it to you. Please forgive me for whatever happens later…" he whispered against my ear before he swiftly picked me up and put me on his bed. I blinked in confusion, then my eyes widened in shock as realization hit me. This is what I've been waiting for this whole vacation!

Aaron climbed on top of me so that I was straddled between his legs. It's not the first time we've made out, but this somehow makes me very nervous. I wonder why he's so uninhibited tonight. Aaron leaned down and kissed me so impatiently that I had trouble keeping up. I felt him press my body even closer to him as his hands explored my back. My hands automatically slipped under his shirt and started exploring his well-defined muscles. He did not stop me. Hm…he doesn't have a fever…and I didn't sneak in any use of aphrodisiacs tonight…what's going on? I didn't have time to think because my heart rate tripled and all the blood in my body seemed to rush to my head as I felt Aaron's hand slide up my thigh.

What? What? What is he doing? It's the first time he ever touched my thigh. He just had to do it when I'm not wearing pants! Well I guess that's the whole point…

My dress is long enough to go past my knees, but still. If he continues, my panties will be exposed. I'm not exactly sure I'm ready to let him see my Panda-print panties. But at the same time, I didn't really want him to stop. I'm even indecisive when it comes to this?! Well at least I know that no matter how far he goes, he won't go all the way since we're not married yet.

Just as I was thinking that, Aaron removed his hand from my thigh. See?

However, he placed one knee between my legs as his hand found its way to my thigh again. Huh?

His hand slid down my thigh towards my knee. Well, I don't have to worry about exposing my panties after all. Aaron's hand lifted my knee slightly and wrapped that leg around him. My heart skipped a beat and I forgot how to breathe for a second. It's not the first time I had my legs around him. Last time I ran to his home, I had jumped on him and wrapped both legs around him. But for some reason, even though it's only one leg this time, it feels like an even more compromising position than last time.

As his kisses trailed down my neck, I felt a sweet aftertaste in my mouth…and a little bitterness. My eyes widened as I realized what it was. I looked over at his nightstand and as I thought, there were liquor-filled chocolates which he must've eaten when I was taking a bath. He had also lighted the jasmine-scented candle thinking it promotes relaxation without knowing its real purpose.

"A-Aaron.." I whispered nervously. He didn't even pause. "Aaron, stop…" I said shakily as I gently tried to push him away. Aaron froze, then he blinked and stared at me, looking a little disoriented. "Aaron…those chocolates have liquor in them…so is this really you or is it the alcohol right now…?" I asked uneasily. There was definitely something different about his eyes. They weren't tranquil like usual. Aaron pulled away and lay down beside me with a sigh, exhausted. I breathed deeply as I relaxed. "I'm sorry. I did realize too late that chocolate was an aphrodisiac...and alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, which explains why I wasn't thinking clearly, but the cause of my lost of inhibition was more complicated than that. Besides, the low alcohol content in the chocolates weren't enough to make anyone drunk or impair their judgment. It was my fear of losing you coupled with your irresistible allure as you sat there staring at me with tear-filled eyes while your appealing semitransparent white dress clung enticingly to your skin...that triggered this burst of overwhelming desire… And I can't believe I just said that. I'm sorry," Aaron said as he put his arm over his forehead.

I sat up and looked down at my dress. It was indeed semitransparent from the water. No wonder he avoided looking at me once he saw it. And he was trying to hurry back to his room so he can get away before he lost control! I'm just glad he doesn't hate me.

"You already asked for forgiveness in advance, remember? I don't dislike it, and you never lost the ability to stop at will after all," I said as I smiled at him. He looked at me and sighed as he put his arm over his eyes. "Can I ask you a favor?" he asked quietly. "Of course!" I said. Is he going to ask to continue? Oh the excitement! "Can you please go change into dry clothes and then go back to your own bed? I can't be near you or even look at you anymore tonight," Aaron mumbled weakly. He must be really drained. I felt so bad, this time not because our little make out was halted once again, but because I put him through this. "And it's not because I'm mad or don't want to be near you..." Aaron said softly as he got up on one elbow and looked gently at me. "...It's because...I want you too much right now..." he whispered against my ear as he leaned towards me. I felt a shiver shoot up my spine, but it wasn't because I was scared. I felt like all the cells in my body received a little shock. Aaron placed a soft kiss on my cheek as I sat there frozen in place, then he fell back on his bed and closed his eyes in exhaustion as he breathed deeply.

I shakily climbed off his bed, then stumbled over to blow out the candle and obediently did as he said. I don't think I should tell him that the jasmine might've also contributed to this whole thing…

Ellie demanded a sleepover once I got back and made me tell her everything that happened. Ellie and Yuki listened intently and occasionally gripped their blankets anxiously. Once I got to the make out part, Ellie squealed while Yuki blushed madly. "Are you kidding me? What do you mean he doesn't want you? He totally does! You're the one who chickens out whenever you get to the crucial part, and he probably feels it, that's why he doesn't continue!" Ellie exclaimed. Now that I think about it, she's right. Maybe I'm subconsciously against premarital sex, too! Or just not completely ready… Well as Aaron said, we'll be together from now on, so what's the rush?

Soon, we will all be heading to New York. To a new journey...and a new life. I don't know what it will be like or what will be waiting for us. But wherever we go, whatever we do, I know me and Aaron will always be together from now on...because he is my prince!

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