- Dead as a Doornail Desi



.BLACK - part I.




"Oh! Ohh! Desi, listen to this!"

Desirae glared into the bathroom mirror as her younger cousin stopped quizzing her on her upcoming test that would be taking place during her third hour class. She peeked out of her bathroom while brushing her teeth, her younger sandy blonde cousin, Suzie, sitting on her bed with the schoolbook completely forgotten and tossed aside. She texted away rapidly on her pink phone before smiling and looking at her brunette cousin.

"Do I have your attention?"

"You're shupposhed to be quizshing me," she mumbled, disappearing into the bathroom to spit out her mouthful of toothpaste. "Keep going."

Her hazel eyes returned to her vibrating phone. "With my piece of information I just received?"

"No, with the quizzing, Suz. Focus, please. I'm freaking out."

"You'll be fine. You've been ditching me to study for this stupid thing."

Desirae returned to the doorway to point her toothbrush at her. "This stupid thing is worth half my grade."

"Okay, so listen! Jacob just broke up with Liz last night after a huge fight and there's no signs of them getting back together this time. Done—for good. This is my chance!"

Rolling her eyes after failing completely to gain her cousin's attention back, Desirae placed her tooth brush in its holder and tossed her straight black hair into a high ponytail before walking out and grabbing her book from her bed. "They're on and off all the time though so I wouldn't get too excited…"

Suzi stood up and grabbed her back pack, following Desirae downstairs. "I've been working my way into his heart, Desi. We've been texting and talking more—of course, appropriately. I'm not some slutty home wrecker. That's how it works. You wait in silence and you pounce when an opportunity presents itself. We were meant to be and he'll realize it by the end of next week. I can see it now! We'd be so cute together and I've known this for eight months now. I've already named two of our children…"

"If that's not creepy, then I don't know what is…"

"I'm kidding."

"I'm sure," Desirae mumbled doubtfully.

"Just you wait and see. I'm usually always right. You should be rooting for me! I root for you and Felix!"

Desirae spun around to shush Suzie with her finger against her own lips, her parents several feet away in the kitchen. Suzie grinned impishly, amused that she was the only person that knew of Desirae's secret affections for her own sisters boyfriend of two years and could hold it over her head at any time. Desirae shot a nasty look before she continued her way to the front door, her cheeks warm. "Alright, alright. I'm rooting for you. If it doesn't work out in your favor, I think you'll be okay. Look at you—you're adorable."

Tossing her back pack in the back of the jeep as well, Suzie rolled her eyes as she climbed into the passenger seat. "Desi, you're too hard on yourself. You act like you look like a troll that belongs under a bridge. Are you sure you're looking at the same person as I am?"

Driving off to school, Desirae shot her a skeptical look. "You're my cousin. You have to say that." Her sixteen year old cousin was popular with under and upper classmen and creepily enough, even male teachers. She wasn't drop dead gorgeous like some sex on legs model out of a magazine, but she was naturally pretty and her kind personality added to her looks. With her larger eyes and naturally tan round cute face, Suzie always knew how to use her doll-like looks to get anything she wanted from any man, whether it be a classmate or her own father. Desirae momentarily thought about her push over uncle and how sad it was how easily he broke under Suzie's evil, but useful puppy eyed act.

"You know you only feel that way because your sister is a huge, obnoxious bitch and always called you ugly. Blood relation aside, I think you're a beautiful girl and you need to build up that self confidence because hearing you complain about your looks all the time is super annoying and makes me want to just punch you in the face."

"Nice," she replied with a grin, turning up the volume on the radio as one of their favorite songs began to play. They screamed and sang along to the punk rock song on the way to school, the two of them busting out their own dance moves while driving and at stop lights. Suzie laughed loudly as Desirae tried to match the high pitched screaming section of the song, the both of them head banging at the next red light. Suzie was an only child and a life without Desirae, who she saw as a sister and vice versa, she couldn't see it any other way.



Desirae rolled her neck from side to side as she reached her locker, the stress from her test long gone after the hour finished. She felt like she did alright and nothing really stumped her so she could only hope that she achieved the A that she was striving for so her next report card would be perfect. She placed three thin folders in her locker once it was open, quietly debating where she wanted to go during her lunch period. Sighing, she looked at herself in the medium sized mirror hanging in her locker, tucking loose strands behind her ears as she eyed the pictures covering up most of her locker door.

Many of them consisted of her with her friends acting like complete fools at different events. A photo booth strip ran alongside her mirror of Suzie and herself from a month ago and next to that, a picture of her and her sisters boyfriend.

Her cheeks instantly warmed as her brown eyes landed on Felix who had a large smile with his arm around her shoulders and then her looking like a deer caught in headlights.

She was pathetic.

She shut her locker, depressing herself as she headed towards the doors that led to the parking lot. How sad was it that she couldn't get over a crush that she's had for years over a taken man? A twenty-three year old man that was in a relationship with her only sister. Granted, she didn't care much about her sister and they never had much of a relationship, but she still felt weird having something for the woman's boyfriend. Desirae couldn't understand it. Well, she could. Felix was handsome, funny, kind, talented, easy-going…what was there not to love about the older man?


The brunette gasped and spun around, placing a hand over her heart as she came face to face with her blonde classmate. He smiled down at her, "Dude, I've been running after you and calling for you."

"I…I was thinking. I'm sorry. What's up, Chris?"

His smile instantly vanished, a worried look painting his cute face. "The test—how was it? And be honest—you can be totally honest with me and if you say it was stupid hard for you, then I'll just go find a corner to cry in and be completely fine with that. He's such a hard ass. I think he gets off to making us absolutely miserable…"

Amused, Desirae smiled at him and held in the laughter that she wanted to express due to his panicked state. "Did you even study for it?"

"I did, but it was that shit where I read over it and didn't even understand what I just read so I had to read it again!"

"Calm down," she said with a pat to his chest, passing him to return to her locker. "I was once like you this morning young grasshopper, but surprisingly, it went pretty smooth." She handed him her purple folder, "There's my notes and you have him sixth hour so you have plenty of time to look over them."

He looked touched as if she just handed him the most precious item in the entire world. "You do take the best notes and pay attention really well…" He smiled briefly, "I thought senior year would be a breeze with not much work, but they totally lied…"

"You just like being lazy…"

"Whatever," he mumbled, "but thank you so much." His lopsided smile returned again, "Let me do something in return…l-like…lunch? Or something? Or that new scary movie came out and we can see it tomorrow night…in a group—or whatever. Megan said you wanted to see it, so…"

Oblivious, Desirae cheerfully nodded. "Ah! I do! Tomorrow—Friday? Oh, I can't." She groaned, smacking her forehead. "I forgot all about it. My sister is coming into town and my mom freaked out and said I had to have dinner with the family like I actually care to sit there or something."


"But Saturday!" A hopeful look glided onto his face. "I'm free and I think a few other people that wanted to see it are free too."

The hopeful look was kicked out of place to have disappointment replace it. "Other people?"

"Chris, they're called our friends," she teased lightly. "Call or text me Saturday and we'll figure everything out. Good luck later." They parted ways after several more words were shared, Desirae searching through her striped purse for her car keys as she exited the school. Finding them after a few seconds, she looked towards all of the parked cars, slowing down as she saw a man leaning against a car near hers. Her brows wrinkled at his odd appearance and the fact that a bunch of girls climbed into a car right next to where he was, not paying him any attention.

Nearing him, Desirae took in his appearance with his flawless black suit and black tie perfectly around his neck, his hands casually resting in his pockets. She remembered that it was a little warm out to be dressed in such a way and once again, a male student passed him and didn't even spare him a glance. The man in the suit clearly was no student or teacher that attended the school and she would've remembered seeing him any other time. His black hair was neatly slicked back, not one hair out of place. He removed one hand from his pocket to reveal a silver watch on his wrist that he was looking at.

He turned his head to look in her direction, causing her to stop in her tracks as their eyes met. His face was solidly emotionless, his hand returning back to his pocket as he simply returned her stare without hesitation. A chill came over her body and the only feelings she could feel as his eyes focused on her was…uncomfortable? Scared? Worried?

"Des! I forgot my lunch money. Lunch is on you!"

Suzie jumped as well when Desirae flinched and looked at her in shock and something that looked a lot like fear.

"…Hi? Sorry…guess I shouldn't have just popped up like that. Uh, are you alright?"

Desirae didn't respond, but looked back over in the direction where the man was standing and her brown eyes darted around when he was no where in sight. No car pulled out, he certainly didn't run off that fast. She continued to look around confused, continuing her walk to her car. "Did…did you see him?"

"…Him? Um…"

"That guy wearing that suit."

"…" Suzie looked around as well, raising a brow as she followed. "I never saw anyone in a suit when I came out here. Are you sure you're okay? Oh my god, are you high?"

"Shut up…I haven't smoked ever since that one time."




Desirae sat at the island in the kitchen quietly as her father, Joseph, starting draining the noodles for dinner. She glanced at the clock as she unwrapped another fudge bar, swinging her feet back and forth. "What time is Olivia supposed to get here anyway?"

"In another hour or so," he told her. "That's what your mother said anyway. By the way, if your sister starts to act like she has a stick up her ass towards you, just ignore her. I know she gets to you."

"I know, I know."

"You're not going to be in the mood if you keep eating those, Desirae."

"But they're so good…"

"Isn't that your fifth one?"

Their eyes met and while his identical brown eyes held amusement, he received a dirty look from his youngest daughter. "Is that a fat joke?"

"I'm teasing."

"Not amused…and it's my third, actually. You're always buying junk food!"

He shrugged, "You're always asking."

"I'm surprised I'm not morbidly obese because of you."

"Me too. Must've inherited my amazing genes…" Desirae smiled as Joseph continued to move around the kitchen, her mother somewhere in their house cleaning more than what was needed. Desirae was daddy's little girl and everyone knew it. While everyone that knew the family would agree that Joseph and Olivia's relationship was strained, everyone could also agree that Joseph and Desirae have always been inseparable.

The doorbell rang and the eighteen year old glanced towards the living room, biting a chunk of the fudge bar off as she heard footsteps from her mother. She hummed quietly, hearing the front door opening and the squealing of two females. Not budging, Desirae faintly heard her sister speak excitedly with their mother, almost choking on the ice cream when a deeper voice emerged from under all the female excitement.

"Oh," Joseph began, "guess they're a little early."

Her eyes widened as she whispered to him. "They?"

"Felix came too, of course."

"…You didn't tell me this!" She hissed, frantically taking in her appearance.

"I…didn't think I had to," he confusedly replied.

She touched her black hair that was thrown into a sloppy bun with strands sticking out here and there. Her face was next that was presently not covered in the usual light make up she enjoyed putting on. Her volleyball shirt was old and had several stains on it from her clumsy eating she tended to have. Her sweatpants were over-sized and had a hole or two and while these clothes were comfortable and just her, looking like a homeless person was not acceptable at that very moment.

Joseph glanced over his shoulder as his youngest daughter flew out of the kitchen and used a different route to her upstairs bedroom, her fudge bar abandoned on the island counter top for him to clean up.

Desirae swung her bedroom door open and kicked it shut, ripping her shirt off and tripping over her sweatpants as she attempted to take them off. She landed on the carpeted floor with a soft thump, hurriedly kicking off her sweats and smiling in success when she spotted a blank lacy tank top lying next to her head. She pulled it on as she came to a stand, opening her dresser with one hand and letting her hair down with the other. She winced as some hair went with her rubber band, making a triumphant sound after when she found her favorite pair of ripped jeans. Already breaking a sweat, she frantically ran her fingers through her hair and placed a white head band on to tame it when it wouldn't cooperate and fall into place like many movies depicted in her life. She eyed her face and gave herself a thumbs off, deciding to leave her face make up free when she saw that her face was currently blemish free and she looked decent.

Joseph raised a brow as he heard her footsteps above them running around along with something hitting the ground once again. Desirae soon made her appearance, breathing a little heavier than before and putting a large smile on her face when she saw her sister and her boyfriend. Joseph did a double take at her swift change in appearance, but kept his mouth shut.

"Hey!" She breathed out, giving a little smile to her older sister back. "Long time no see."

"Hey," she replied from the couch, her curled brown hair thrown into a simple high ponytail. Olivia didn't budge from her spot on the couch or give a glance over her shoulder as she continued to go through pictures on her phone with their mother.

"Okay then," Desirae murmured to herself, nervously smiling at Felix as he came to a stand. He held out his arm to the smaller girl as he neared her, making her sweat once again when her body was finally beginning to recover from all the sprinting she did upstairs. She swallowed, her mouth gone dry as she stared at the gorgeous specimen that her sister somehow managed to sink her sharp claws into. His black hair was still slightly curled at the tips, but a bit longer than it was when she saw him last. It looked good and if she was his, she knew she would love running her fingers through it.

'God, get it together you freak!' "H-hey, Felix."

He wrapped his arm around her in a half hug, squeezing tightly. "Hey, Desi. Haven't seen you in what? Four months? Still short…"

"Actually, I grew a whole two inches, believe it or not."

"Well, look at you go then. Oh—and I brought dessert. I made it myself. Your favorite," he said, softly smiling at her as the others spoke amongst themselves.

"My favorite?"

"Apple pie."

'He remembered?' "I love your cooking," she blurted, tugging at the hem of her tank top.

"When I open my restaurant, you should be my first customer. You're always up for my new recipes and all, so it only makes sense."

Her smile widened as they continued to share a small private moment together, but it faltered when she felt the atmosphere in the room shift. Felix responded to a question Joseph slid in, missing Desirae look around the room to see what suddenly made her feel out of place and bring that feeling back to the pit of her stomach that she felt in the parking lot. While she didn't like the feeling that came over her, it was momentarily forgotten as her father continued to speak. "What was that?"

"I was asking Felix if he was sleeping in the guest room while he's here."

Her mouth fell open. While the crazy under the surface version of her loved this opportunity to have him in her house and so nearby and the possibility of walking in on him naked while getting out of the shower was now there, it was all torture.

"I can," Felix replied before entering the kitchen to put his dessert in the fridge.

'…Why me?' Everyone headed for the kitchen, Desirae stopping only for a second when a chill lightly tickled down her spine.



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