So every time I listen to a song, I make my own music video to it(well sorta). And one day I decided to write them down. Basically I take the lyrics I liked most and then write my story. These are all oneshots and deal with a variety of situations and genres (though I seem to be on a sci-fi streak, what gives?) But I hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment. Tell me if you like, dislike or even have a song you would like me to do (i'd have to listen to it first and see if I'd be willing to, aka if anything comes to me by listening to it) But yea, enjoy :)

The Sun goes down, the Stars come out

And all that counts, Is here and now

My Universe, will never be the same

She was a pilot this round. Her mission simple: infiltrate, find, receive, deploy. A task simple in outline and only slightly difficult to plan. But she was an expert. Reality was clay and plans laid in a careful manner left as many loopholes as needed. When Devon first heard of a job with the infamous spaceship, she dropped previous notions of a break. It called for one man, or woman, and knowledge to pilot a spaceship with promises of heavy rewards. The danger was not one to be discussed. To even offer a job in this area equaled an eminent death to an unskilled taker. Devon easily dispatched the scum the man in black whispered to before settling next to him, slinging an arm over his should and stating, "When do I leave?"

Devon stared at the planet with concealed awe. While she had piloted numerous spaceships before, the view never ceased to amaze her. They rounded the planet at a slow speed allowing the gravitational pull to lead rather than engine. When they needed to fire into deeper space, she would start the engine. For now, Devon simply directed the path of the craft while focusing on the sunset of sorts. The more they swung around the planet, the more the beam of light hid from the craft. It slowly sank forming a luminescent outline around the curve of the planet before disappearing completely leaving nothing but the distant stars lighting their view. She slipped off the shades she had been wearing and took a long look at the gas clouds and dazzling far off galaxies. While darkness surrounded, millions of sparkling stars gave a bright color to the cold universe.

"Charlie, you got the next hour? I'm gonna take a quick break." Charlie curtly nodded in response but kept his gaze fixed out the glass pane. "Righto" she did a two fingered salute before turning, stretching and noisily making her way out of the pilot room.

Nodding to the odd passerby's Devon leisurely walked deeper into the craft. Her employer had staged four cargo crafts to leave in an hour with the expectation of the specific baggage to be passengers. Sighing she kicked her boots in a bored sentiment against the shining metal halls. While the reward was good, great even, Devon wished for some form of trouble to create a dent in her plans. It wouldn't be worth her missing a break if it wasn't any fun. Well at least it was a good sum of money. The scampering of attendants filling the hall marked her coming close to the center of the craft. She had to walk through the ballroom to get to the storage. Sighing, Devon put her hands in her pockets and shuffled in. S heglared at the look of distain cast in her direction.

"While the jumper isn't clean, my tanktop is so stop your glaring" She stated to the standing attendant before mumbling under her breath, "it's a lot better than your frilly getup." Devon grinned when his affronted look indicated he heard her back comment. It was true, there wasn't even a stain on her white tank top. Her jumper lay up to her waist where she wriggled out the top part earlier because of the heat. The oil streaks blended in the black of the outfit. She continued her merry way whistling and wolfishly grinning at any who dared to catch her eye.

"I will never understand the rich and famous." Devon sighed as she carried one of the marked crates to the cargo hold. Slipping into the luggage room had been a nifty trick of fast fingers and computer hacking that posed little challenge. Designing a hologram that walked back to her room had been slightly challenging but nothing to fret about. While this was a luxury cruise, Devon still didn't expect the items found. She had heard about the infamous ship where only the elite of the elite boarded but not much else was known other than it was a cruise that took a week around an unknown track of the universe. Jumping at the chance was in part because of the reward and in part to satiate her curiosity. Now she was shifting through rare items, legal and illegal the same. Judging by large range she had no doubts this was an elite black market cruise. Probably an auction with all the number tags on each item. "It's no wonder the mission called for a one team person" she muttered. "Less likely to be caught."

Devon maneuvered through the most gaudy pieces, picking only those sealed in boxes matching a number code on the list she had been given. Though she was curious as to the contents it was not her role to speculate. Just ship the items and find her way back solo. The remainder of the sum would find its way to her account after the customer had safely received all items. Grunting, she heaved a particularly heavy box into the cargo craft before pausing for a break. She had five number codes left and twenty minutes to have them loaded. Grinning, Devon wiped the sweat from her brow before slipping the leather gloves back on. "Almost done." She hadn't put her foot down when she felt the jarring slam of another ship into the craft. Being on one foot Devon toppled over before swearing. "What the hell was that!"

"Greetings, you are an unauthorized craft in a restricted section. We have you surrounded. Repeat, you are an unauthorized craft in a restricted section. We have you surrounded. Preparing to board." The intercom shut off leaving a clammy silence in the dark room. Cursing, Devon connected the pieces. Her employer knew they would get caught. It was why he asked her to get the items at that time. The crafts would leave in the confusion and the space patrol wouldn't be ready to follow crafts just leaving as they came. It would take the aircraft control about five minutes to set up passageway. Another three to cross. Even the pilots would be arrested in this part of the galaxy. There went her plans for leaving as a pilot still. If the police saw her face, "Don't think, just act. Thinking has never gotten you anywhere when plans fall." Devon located and carried the last five items at breakneck speed before sealing the crafts. If they didn't make it out it was not her fault. She completed the mission. Now to get the fuck out.

The ballrooms were in utter chaos. It would make sense for the previous masquerade ball to be the battle room. Guards for those attending sprang to defend the multicolored masks. The officers flooded in trying to defend against the onslaught of bodyguards. The motion sent the bodyguards into swift action. The glass window that spanned the breath of the room spoke of their futile attempts. A little less than a dozen crafts drifted in the starry sky, blocking out most light from the universe. The ship was surrounded, its occupants doomed. "So much for taking a peak at how it was going" Devon mumbled before turning to find an escape. There was no way she could leave in a craft. After she seeing the cargo ships disappear at light-speed pace, she knew they would be ready for any runaway crafts now. Her thoughts blackened when she saw the two approaching officers. "I don't have time for this" she growled before reaching for the bracelet on her wrist. With a deft flick it hardened into a sharp blade. Her left hand pulled out the handgun hidden in her jumper pockets. An efficient stab in the heart and blow to the head later and Devon was closer to leaving. When she saw a flash from the corner of her eye she pushed her back to the wall as cover before watching through the fighting bodies as a control craft on the edge of the ring surrounding them exploded. There was no sound to indicate an explosion, just brief flames engulfing the area of the craft leaving nothing but dust. Fascinated, she deftly dodged the grab of one officer before shooting him in the foot and slicing his neck. Another ship exploded in the same fashion, leaving about nine remaining. The morbid sight of falling bodies brought her back to thinking. She had dispatched another three men without realizing. Devon focused on the fading life on her battleground instead of the life vanishing without a sound outside.

"If this was your idea of a break I seriously think something is wrong with your brain" A voice said in her ear. She grinned wryly while ducking beneath a table to avoid being shot.

"I thought I told you not to contact me through the earpiece. I said I was"

"on a break, yes, but evidently you're not. Your argument is invalid." The voice paused and she took out another officer. "We latched on to the back of the craft in the east wing. You have five minutes." Laughing Devon lunged for the throat of the man, killing him with a quick shot. She used the body as a shield as she made her way to the east exit. A glance at the window only revealed six ships remaining. Devon made a break for the door about 15 feet away and hissed when she felt a burning sensation in her left shoulder. She kept running.

Not many police filled the halls as most were fighting in the ballrooms. Still, Devon had to deal with three more officers before his voice spoke. "We're in. Hall 53 near the elevator."

"I'm two minutes away. I'll be right fuck!" She turned and shot the main on the floor dead between his eyes. He still managed to send a bullet to graze her leg and it burned. "Knew I stabbed too far to the left to kill." She muttered. A laugh filed her ear.

"Someone's getting sloppy." The voice teased.

"Shut it" she grit out before barreling into him. His eyes were bright as he took in Devon's bloody state.

"I always thought you looked good in red." He said grinning cheekily. Devon glared before pointing out most wasn't hers and wondering sweetly if his would like to join the blood of others.

"That's not much of a thank you for getting you outta this mess" He said while leading her to a room.

"How did you know where I was. I didn't even know where I would be."

"You left your mouth piece on as well as I'm sure you noticed. Then it was a matter of course tracking." His eyes became a deep green as he frowned and she sighed. Here came the lecture.

"Didn't I tell you to search everything first."

"That's your job. I thought it was planned out well." Devon said petulantly as he boarded the passageway connecting their craft to the overrun one.

"It is if you tell me we have a new job. Which you didn't" He looked pointedly at her and continued. "It was planned well. You just didn't have all the information."

"I would have thought of some way to get out" she said while grabbing the handle to pull herself into the corridor as well. Devon flinched in pain when she realized she used the arm someone shot her in. He smiled and she felt the ship rumble beneath her. He held out his hand, "That's what partners are for. Especially when said partner doesn't think." Devon glared but didn't hesitate to take his hand. Her eyes softened and he pulled her in.

"I hope you know you're splitting the loot."

"What! NO it's mine. I'm gonna go on vacation and"

"I had to call in some old favors that we never picked up on."

She moaned, "Please don't tell me you called Re"

"I did. Did you not notice the way the ships exploded. Only he would go overboard like that. Oh and the crew is expecting you to cook for them in thanks for coming." He grinned at her miserable expression.

Running a hand through her hair Devon muttered, "I hate you."

"Love you too darling." He said slinging an arm around her, careful to not touch the injured shoulder.

I'm glad you came

I'm glad you came

-The Watchers

Well yupp, the song was I'm glad you came by The Watchers. Images of exploding space ships and stars came to mind when listening to the song for the first time. Hope you enjoyed :)