Well I'm back and tanner than I've ever been. But this is an idea I've had for a bit and then I realized that one of my favorite songs (so you should check it out) fit with it. But I had this idea for quite some time, or at least the dancing part. My friend says I have a habit of writing angsty, I admit I do. But I think this is a bit happy, I mean yea it's got some sad parts but I think it draws towards happy and ends somewhere in the middle. Anyway read and review but most importantly, enjoy.

Tomorrow we will sweat and toil,
Our hands will quiver, caked with soil,
Tomorrow we'll give it one last chance,
But tonight we dance,

"Come on, we're almost there!" Scarla called out to the group trailing behind. She had patiently waited for weeks to have schedules cleared. It had been difficult, but the group of friends managed to find a weekend where no plans were preordained and no emergencies arose. Twirling, she took count of the people behind her. Simon was breathing slightly heavy with a sweaty sheen on his face reflected in the fading sunlight. To his right Leah smiled brightly though there was some strain from the hike showing in her eyes. John led the group next to his newly acquired girlfriend who had not spoken much. Scarla forgot her name, but figured as the trip went on she would remember. In the back Ryan lazily strolled looking at the sky.

"Is she always this hyper?" The unknown girlfriend muttered to John. He laughed.

"She hasn't even gotten started. You'll see when we get there how hyper she can really be." He looked on in amusement as Scarla deftly jumped up the rocks, seeming to levitate for a moment in the air before gently landing. His girlfriend looked on with muted shock but he simply shook her head.

"I'll explain it all later. Just trust me Shay. You'll like her after you get past her overabundance of energy and other facts."

"Hey, I heard that" Scarla called down indignant. "I'm not that hyper-" She paused when five pairs of eyes looked at her in disbelief. "You should have seen me in my teen years. I raised hell then" Leah rolled her eyes.

"We did. And you did. And you don't now?" John said.

"I'm a well-respected working woman"

"Remind me again how you became a medical researcher?"

"Cause I'm Smart" Scarla grinned proudly.

"Right" Ryan said loudly.

"At least I'm not lazy"

"It's not called lazy, it's called taking my time. You know, enjoying the hike instead of dashing ahead." Ryan replied.

"I don't dash ahead. And besides I've done this walk. Yes, walk it's barely a hike-"

"What do you mean walk? Getting my mail is a walk. Going around the neighborhood is a walk. Tackling five miles of wilderness to get to a hidden beach is not a walk. It's a freaking climb. Especially at how we need to go up a mountain to get down. That doesn't even make sense." Scarla laughed at Simon before turning around. Leah soothingly patted him on the back while he glared at the offending woman skipping up the rock path. He hoped she fell.

"No you don't. You love the beach almost as much as I do so don't even pretend you don't by complaining." Her eyes twinkled in her glance back as she raced around the bend.

"She has a point honey." Leah's eyes shone with laughter. "You wouldn't do any hike like this if you didn't love the beach so much. Or Scarla." He glared at her for a moment before hefting himself up a rock.

"That doesn't mean she has to know about it." Leah kissed him on the cheek before laughing and walking ahead.

"I'm pretty sure there's not a thing you could get by her without her knowing."

Scarla laughed when after an hour of idle bantering with her closest friends, they finally arrived at the beach. The normal path had eroded years ago when she was not even breaking double digits. She had made her own path at the age of eleven. The call of the sea was too strong to be ignored and at a young age she realized her abilities should be her most treasured secret. When she was fourteen she met Ryan. His easy personality and her rambunctious one filled each other quite nicely enabling the two to become fast friends. Simon and Leah joined their two man group freshman year with John following sophomore. Their group complete, not even the daunting separation of college could tear the binding Scarla cast on all. Soon, her lack of true family became a distant memory filled with the laughter of her new one. Shay was a new addition.

"But if John brought her here" Scarla muttered to herself, "it means she's a permanent one."

Unsurprisingly Simon was the next to emerge from the bend to behold the beach. He stood next to Scarla in silence. Leah approached and placed her hand in his as they gazed at the hidden sands.

"We made good timing." Ryan said when coming to stand on the other side of Scarla.

"What do you mean? The sun is going down." Shay asked aloud.

John kissed her temple, "Darling, don't you know no fun starts when the sun is still up." He said while being the first to breach the sacred beach. Huffing, he settled his heavy backpack while Simon and Leah followed suit.

Ryan turned back to the wilderness before giving a half wave to the party. "I'll go get the wood"

"We're here. We're here. Do you know how stuffy it is to be a researcher? Don't get me wrong, it's loads of fun and I can dance all I want provided what I'm handling but still. It's too far from the ocean. I haven't been to the water in over a week."

"A week isn't gonna kill you. There's this crazy world where people will only visit the beach once a couple months. It's called reality." Leah said playfully jostling Scarla's shoulder.

She snorted, "It's not mine. I'd go crazy. Then I truly would raise hell."

Ryan returned with wood while Simon and John set up camp. Leah started to work the fire and Scarla wondered off to dip her feet in the ocean. Under the moonlight, her figure never dimmed. She whipped her head around piercing the group with her stare.

"I'm gonna head out. You guys need any more help?" Leah asked.

"No, we'll join in a few." Ryan answered to her retreating figure. Simon followed after Leah. They became silhouettes in the darkness until they reached Scarla. Soon the three were alight so all could see.

"That's not possible. The moonlight is bright, but not that bright. Yet I can see them clearly. I can't even see you clearly. And you're in firelight." Shay whispered to John nervously. The small inexplicable guestures of Scarla had been raising the hairs on her arms and neck. Seeing the figures as if the sun were shining on only the area around Scarla intensified her wonder and growing fear.

"I guess now would be the best time to explain." He motioned to Ryan who took the cue. "I'll fix the food while I explain. Join in a few." Ryan ambled on to the shore with only a slight nod to indicate he heard.

"Scarla is different from us. She's like us but she's not." He said setting up the rods across from each other with the fire in the middle. Quickly he attached the tray to both hooks and let it hang over the fire.

"Well I got that. She's got more energy than anyone I've met." Shay said wryly but her eyes shifted to the woman's figure in a nervous gesture.

"She does. That's what makes her different. I don't know how to clearly explain it but she's got too much energy. So much so she can harness it. I think she's not from earth but that's just me. She was found at the dead end of a street, abandoned, as a child. From then she's gone from orphanage to orphanage. No one could deal with her so they used-" John paused as if looking for the right word. "some forceful methods. Orphanages are not known for a good reputation, especially in the downtown area of her city. During these... lessons, something life changing, as she puts it, happened. She retaliated unintentionally."

Shay nodded in understanding, a flash of sympathy in her eyes. Her nerves slightly calmed with the truth John held in his eyes. Sympathy for the woman began ebbing her unexplainable fears. Earlier mentions of not being from earth forgotten, she glanced at the girl through new eyes. "I can't imagine. I mean I knew it happened but you never know anyone who it happens to. Usually that's just TV crime show stories. It must have been hard." She paused, eyes downcast in sympathy. "What happened when she retaliated?" she whispered back.

"Well, she snapped and caused the lights to explode. The man stumbled back in shock and she ran. She knew she caused the lights to explode-"

"You can't mean that. No one can do that." she voiced in a flat tone.

"As I said, I think she's an alien but that's just me."

"Don't lie to me John." Shay glared.

"I'm not. Before you make any accusations just listen to the story. They know why I brought you here. It's why she doesn't mind showing her true self. I just need you to understand."

"That she's an alien who can make lights explode and light up area's she stands in. She probably just has a flashlight."

"We didn't pack any flashlights." John answered. Shay began but he leaned over and placed a finger on her lips. "Let me finish. Then I can take questions and then she'll prove the validity of my words."

"She ran and found a new home. She was eleven."

"You mean she experienced all that when she wasn't even eleven?" Her eyes widened with shock but John shook his head.

"She found a new home but was placed back in foster care as a runaway. After three more years of hell a decent family picked her up and she met Ryan. By then she figured out if she kept moving then her energy wouldn't be too bad. Nothing had happened before because they kept her exhausted is her guess but in her new home she would do things unintentionally. Turn on the TV from another room without realizing when no one was home. Jump from the landing of the second floor and gently float to the ground forgetting that wasn't normal. Run through the forests faster than any person. Be able to tell when it would rain. A multitude of things. Yes, sounds crazy, believe me I was freaked as well. She kept a distance from her new parents to help hide her odditites. It's why we're her family more so than they will ever be. But then she proved it. Right in front of me she calmly danced over to the wall and began walking up it like she was strolling down the street. When she was staring at me upside down I admit, I fainted." He chuckled at Shay's disbelieving eyes.

"Yea, she was real sorry for the shock. But after a bit more freaky actions I got used to it. Then when we were seniors in high school she showed us the path to her beach. We've been coming here ever since. That'd make what, nine years now? We come whenever we have the off chance."

He noticed they had begun and set the chickens on the makeshift grill. Smiling gently at his disbelieving girlfriend he flickered his gaze to the scene behind her. Shay turned around and stood in muted shock. Blinking she rubbed her eyes before whipping around to stare into his eyes. His eyes were amused at her antics but seriously watching her face. Watching for her reaction, Shay realized. She whipped back to the figures. Lit by moonlight and an ethereal glow, four figures danced in playful fashion on the waves. They were not standing in the water, Shay realized, when she watched as Scarla ran atop a cresting wave. Another scooped his hand in the water and splashed Leah. She felt dizzy.

"They're… that can't be possible." Shay said in a quiet voice. Scared eyes turned to John, "How are they on top of the water?" Her voice wavered and he wrapped her in a hug.

"Trust me, don't try to understand her. We gave up ages ago. The ocean acts like a draw for her she said. It helps her calm down. It also amplifies her somehow. So she lends us a bit of energy as she calls it and basically she makes it so where you walk the surface tension magnifies so to hold your weight but it harder to understand when you try. We just except it as her and love to come out and join in a world only she seems to get." He paused as Shay stilled in his arms.

After a minute of deliberation, she looked up at John before stating, "I don't get it. It's freaky as hell. But-" she said while stepping out of his embrace, "I've always wanted to walk on water."

Shay smiled shyly when John grinned and pulled her toward the playing figures. "You can't tell anyone about her." He laughed when he felt her smack his arm.

"I would never."

"I know. I just had to say it. You're cute when you're angry." He could feel her glare on the back of his head. They approached the figures and stopped at the shore line.

Scarla came dancing up to meet the couple, "He fill you in on everything?"

Shay nodded, dazed slightly to see the water rolling beneath Scarla's feet without Scarla actually being in the water.

"Took him long enough. My life story isn't that interesting." She teased before gently smiling. "So, you want to try, Shay?" Scarla said while holding out her hand. "I know it's hard to take in but trust me, after experiencing it, it becomes easier. That's why I gave these dorks the experience first before explaining." She huffed indignantly when Ryan splashed her from behind.

"We're not dorks, you're just crazy. And have the attention span of a fly." He said.

"I second that"

"I third."

"I fourth."

Timidly, Shay joined the chorus of voices, "I fifth" she said while placing her hand in Scarla's.

"Now jump on the water. Not like you're gonna jump in, but like you mean to jump on. You gotta mean it. Don't worry I have your hand. It'll be cool."

Closing her eyes, she hesitated for a moment before jumping and landing next to Scarla. Slowly, she cracked one eye open before her other flew open to look at her feet. She could clearly see the water moving beneath and let go of Scarla's hand to lean down to touch. Another hand grabbed hers after a few seconds and led her out further into the water. Smiling, she followed John, "This is really insanely cool. Beyond cool, this is amazing. You know I don't even know what to say it is. It just is. Tomorrow I'm probably going to freak when it all hits me. But tonight, tonight I'm gonna have a blast. It's just, well it just is...something." He smiled.

"It's Scarla."

Three figures stood beside the mountain looking down at the group on the water. After observing for a bit, all but one left the water to the fire where the smell of chicken floated up. The one continued to dance on the water but moved no longer as part of a group, but as a single entity.

"So she's the one?"

"No it's the one eating chicken." He said sarcastically. "Of course she's the one. It's not particularly normal for humans to be dancing on water."

"Well then why don't we go down and get her?"

"Because, she's a person and we don't just kidnap people. It's her choice to come with us. We just came to see her tonight. It was hard enough to find her. I didn't even know she existed till Silvin said so. But it makes sense, if she does this a lot or is near the ocean a lot, her energy is masked and protected by it. It's remarkable, really. I've never seen some one so in tuned to an element like her. Not counting Silvin of course. The ocean's energy swallows hers because they are almost one in the same which enabled her to go unnoticed for so long."

"But we need her. That much raw energy will be helpful for our side in the coming war."

"But we won't force her. We are not like them. We're just here to warn her because if they find her, they will steal her and give her no choice." He sighed, war always complicated the innocents lives.

"Hey, where is Silvin? He was here just a minute ago."

Glancing around, he noticed their companion's absence. "Figures" He muttered.


"His energy is the only other I've seen on par with hers. Especially in its wildness. Figures he wouldn't just wait. Wind is almost always more impatient than water."

Scarla danced alone now. Her friends were eating but knew she wouldn't be in for a while. They would probably be cozy in their sleeping tents when she left the ocean. Tonight the call was fierce and calming to her wild energy. Undaunted, she felt the water form a partner for her dance. It had happened before; she simply took it as a symbol from the ocean to continue dancing. Her wild range of flips and turns were easily matched by the ocean's ghost partner. She didn't recognize when the water hands that guided her on the occasion they met blew away in the wind to form a cool but equally ghostly touch. It wasn't until she noticed the moon becoming not so distant that Scarla realized she was the one who rose to meet it. She, and her companion. Stumbling, he caught her in a graceful dip.

"I think I'm going to enjoy getting to know you." Moonlight outlined his white hair as blue eyes laughed into her shocked sea-green.

Above, the man sighed, "A war is harsh, wind and water will only generate a greater storm to top it all off."

"At least it will be in our favor."

He barked a laugh, "A storm is only in favor of wind and water. All else become puppets in their dance. With the amount of energy of those two combined, the war will suffer the same fate." He turned and disappeared into the night sky. The other man looked at the two figures frozen in dance before following the knowing retreat.

But tonight we dance

-Rise against

Well like I said an idea that kept bugging me then in the airplane this song came on random and I almost jumped in my seat. This song would fit nicely with the short story I kept rewriting different ways in my head. This was the product I ended up writing down, but the other ways the story went in my edits in my head were equally as fun, and all had slightly different endings. Hope you enjoyed :) R&R as they say (though tech you should have already read if you're reading this author's rambling haha