Resist vs. Condone

I ain't gonna file my taxes...
So genocides can poison more kids.
Ain't gonna pay so the sick and twisted!
Can purchase some more bombs, and AK bullets.
I ain't gonna look the other...
Way while our world is smothered!
I wanna see our planet recover!
See those isolated standin' together.

I am gonna endure torture!
For twenty years or forever!
Make me forget but I still remember,
What they took and who they dismembered.
I was just a harmless stoner!
Bringing others smiles and laughter!
'Till my self was so callously severed!
And medicated into a stupor.

So stand idly by!
Let the artists die!
Behind enemy lines!
I serve my time for anothers crime.

So call yourself human while your creatures,
Every doctor, psychiatrist and teacher.
Pompous officials and officers!
Letting those above you stomp all over,
Your kids and your truth-speakers!
Condoning murdurers and deceivers.
Destroy the non-believers!
Who disbelieve your elected liars.

So bathe I your riches!
Ya stupid sons of bitches,
While their trigger finger itches!
On the kids that pass for witches.
The economy outweighs the truth.
Justifies artistic abuse.
Sick technology and knowledge used,
To shatter not improve.

So turn virtues into vices!
All the while feelin' so self-righteous!
While your nothing more than employed rapists!
In an orgy of symbiosis.
I excersize my right to opinion!
Corrupt government justifies rebellion.
So utilize counter-revolution!
And shit on your own constitution!
Fuck you and your condonance.
Of genocidal youth suppression.
Spend your lives mentally molestin',
Those who've more courage.
Than you will ever possess!
Those who dare resist,
You and your Hitleresque system,
And your Auschwitz simulation.

Fuck your fucking system!