The Timekeeper's Vow

Every soul is indifferent,

Every life is the same.

So know when to kill,

But still play a fair game.

Do not be faltered

By regret and remorse

Your job calls for duty,

Not emotional force.

They may hate you for all

You've done to their kin,

But remember that Timekeeping

Is not a sin.

Prologue ~ Kamin Austas

I'm a murderer, but I don't run bullets through your brains or twist knives in your chest. When your time has come, I press a button, and you go to wherever people go afterward. It's not my decision from that point on.

It's become a habit for citizens to assume that "Timekeeper" is invisibly tied to "death". In some cases it is, I can't deny that, but I only condemn the criminals. It is our job to protect the innocent by ridding of the evil. And in 3023, that is as easy as pressing Enter on a keyboard.

You see, every baby that is born is implanted with a microchip, small enough to fit in the end of a needle. Along with all the other shots for diseases, the chip is injected and sits quietly inside the person's chest until the day they die. However, if activated, the chip will send a forceful burst of electricity that evokes a sudden heart attack; immediate death.

The process of implanting began a century or two ago, at the peak of what now is known as the Crim Days. Criminals were a dime a dozen, from children to elders, and no one was safe from the hand of the Crims who roamed so freely. The police force was a long lost dream, and soon cities and towns were falling apart due to the unstableness of the society. When the microchip was first invented, it took a few generations before it began the have effect. The oldest Crims died out, and any criminal of the day would be wiped out by the chip anonymously implanted in them when they were not a day old. There were very few who could last a year or two without being discovered by the authorities.

It was around this time that Timekeepers were invented.

The government was happy with the new power the held over the people, but they didn't have men they could spare to hold a job as high as one needed to control the chips. So, after years of sifting through every city or town, they had a crew of around fifty men and women to take the responsibility. Therefore, the Timekeepers were born.

Timekeeper is very high position. Together, we are like another government, that controls the people, not the entire country. It became a custom that the eldest of the Timekeeper's offspring would become a Timekeeper, so there would always be a supply of trustworthy citizens for the job.

I was just as so. My mother was a Timekeeper who met a street performer and fell in love. I was the eldest of three. When my mother unexpectedly died in a car crash when I was fifteen, I took her place immediately. I was young, but there were others like me, with parents that had perished. Soon, I entered the routine that had such a strong hold on my mother for her lifetime, and Timekeeping became an art that I had mastered. I was wonderful at my job of killing, and I thought I always would be.

Until the day I met a girl by the name of Trow, and my life took a drastic turn.