Zargon and Katelyn

Zargon and Katelyn


Written by: Hedwig Twelve & Bumblebee Bucy

Illustrated by: Hedwig Twelve

Prologue :

"I'm going, I'm going! " said Katelyn as she started walking to her spacecraft, Sirius. "I swear, they don't like me at all." Katelyn remarked. "I don't even know why I bother visiting them anymore."

A little voice in her head said, 'You visit them because the rest of your family has disowned you, and you're looking for your cousin. You need people and they're the only people you got. So, ADMIT IT.' The voice wasn't very small anymore. It went on yelling at her as she got into her spaceship, Sirius, and blasted off, flying far away from Mars.

Katelyn looked in the mirror she had in her cockpit. She had never really stopped to admire herself before, but now she realized that she wasn't the most terrible looking person in the universe. Her hair was long, and tied up in a partial-ponytail in the back of her head, but towards the top. Her hair was very strange, because it was a shimmering shade of lilac. People from different planets tended to have different colored hair, but lilac was odd even on Saturn, which was where Katelyn was from.

The color of her hair brought out her eyes, which were also a shimmering purple and silver color. She always wore her favorite knee-high boots that were silver. Her favorite Saturn-symbol-shaped earrings were in her bottom hole and she had amethyst studs above them. Her staff was attached to a small belt on her pant-leg.

As Katelyn was flying through space in the sleek black, silver, and lilac colored ship, she started to record information about the interplanetary war in Sirius's memory banks. "Well, Sirius old buddy, It looks like my home planet, Saturn, and their Allies from the planet Pluto, are fighting an interplanetary war against the citizens from Venus, and Jupiter. From the things I've been hearing, Venus and Jupiter started it. I think it had something to do with the trading ships or something like that. I also think that you soon will need a power-up. Now where did my staff get to?" Katelyn had a staff that was very potent. Not only was it her weapon, but it also served as the power of her ship. That meant hat she never had to worry about fuel. The staff, which was also named Sirius, was also intensely beautiful. He was silver and black, and was basically a straight staff, except for the handle, and both ends, which were pointed and very deadly. It also provided Sirius with a personality. That way Katelyn could talk to Sirius like he was another person. At the top of him there was a swirled purple ball surrounded by four very sharp prongs. Normally he was about two meters long, but if Katelyn wanted to store him, Sirius would become about twenty-five centimeters long and she could hook him to her belt.

As she found her staff Katelyn began to look out the window at the empty recesses of space. There seemed to be a small speck in the distance. And even though it was moving very fast Katelyn didn't worry about it. She just went back to thinking about how empty space is.

Then, just as she started talking about how lonely the ship was without anyone else there, an enormous spaceship at least twice the size of her own came crashing into her. "Surrender, We have you surrounded!" The strange ship said. Katelyn was very scared by this time, but there was nothing she could do. Before long she, and her ship had been sucked into it through the ship's tractor beam.