(Fairy Feet)


the key word is Hidden

Hidden from sight

with the women leaning over

looking for the


out of the white and bright light

i used to be a


remember when i had

wings on my feet?

but the moves began to weigh

and a Man in


i had to meet

i used to be


and i would mumble

all the time

(all the damn time)

and my mother would tell me

"baby your voice is fine"

she never says it anymore

because no matter

how the Old woman implores

i Refuse to Sing


i became silent and shady

no longer with Childish Wings on my feet

but i still Dreamed of time

when a man in White i would

not have to Meet

this year i've studied Latin

with fancy words and phrases

they speak of religion

and political races

i learned the name of What i had

at last

and i know i'm still going through the


Spina means Spine

which is part of my bodies kit

and Bifida means Split

see? my Spine (my soul) is Split

and Occulta means Hidden

so that you cannot See

that it makes me wish

that once Again i had Wings

(perfectly formed)

on my

Fairy Feet

He's an imbecile. I pray to God he's an imbecile.

The Elephant Man