His breath in my ear, whispering words of beauty,

Always positive and sure,

For even when our love was put to the test,

I knew everything would endure.

His hand in mine, tracing patterns,

An inscribed promise to always stay,

I know that with him, this love is pure,

Opening the gateways of a new day.

Overwhelming my heart,

What is this feeling?

Surely it can't come from me?

For I've been hurt in the past, torn and broken,

A tattered heart no one else could see.

"Keep your chin up," he says. "It will be alright,"

And I can see now that his words are true,

For as long as he is here, my heart will stay pure,

Because I know that he loves me too.

I love you forever,

Forever and always,

As long as you promise to stay.

You and I is all that matters to me,

Our love is forever and destined to be,

Breathing the silent vow for all eternity.