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Beep beep beep!

Sam groaned and slammed his hand down on the persistant alarm. He wasn't ready to wake up. He was enjoying to peacefulness of his dreamless sleep. He wasn't ready for his busy day to begin. He stretched his stiff muscles and turned the alarm off before moving to his dresser. He pulled out a pair of jeans and a simple white T-shirt. Before stepping into the shower he glanced in the mirror and scowled. He was never impressed with his appearance. His skin was pale no matter how much sun he got. He was pretty much skin and bone no matter how he ate and his face wasn't much to see either. He turned the shower on, enjoying the warmth for a moment. His brown hair stuck to his face, in his eyes as the water ran down his face.

After a few minutes, he sighed and finished his shower before stepping out and dressing. He toweled his hair with one hand, which wasn't as easy as it looked, and grabbed his keys. He tossed his towel into the hamper before walking out his door. The crisp morning air bit into his damp skin as he strode off to work. He flipped his damp hair back casually, thinking he needed to get it cut soon. He let his mind wander as he found a rythem in his steps. His life had been lonely ever since he came out. His parents had kicked him out and all of his friends were terrified of him. He groaned at the memory. All of his male friends acted like he was going to mollest them and his female friends called him disgusting. He had no one in the world. He moved to the other side of the city, found a nice apartment and a temporary job waiting at a crummy cafe. It wasn't an exciting life, and he often wanted something to happen that would make him feel less empty.

The sky reflected his mood. The clouds were a deep grey and threatened rain. The smog was thick and suffocating. Sam laughed at the irony. He felt like he was suffocating even if there was no smog to choke him. He was lifeless and empty. The old spark in his personality was gone. He despereately wanted back. He tried a gay bar once, hoping to find some fun and flirted with a couple of guys, but it didn't help. In fact, it had made it worse for him. Flirting didn't satisfy the need in his heart. He needed love.

A loud sigh escaped him at the thought/


The word was so foreign to him. it had been for over a year now. He had absolutely no one. If he died today, no one would notice. Not even his boss. The depressing thought weighed him down greatly. His shoulders slumped and his heart was heavy.

He was so deep in his misery that he didn't notice the figure following him. In fact, he had been following him for a while now. When Sam neared the building to where he worked, the figure moved closer to him. He was skilled in his movements and made no mistake. He waited for his prey to walk near a building before stepping slightly to the left and bumping into him, knocking him into the alley between the buildings.

Sam grumbled an apology even though it was clearly the stranger's fault. He wasn't paying much attention, so he didn't notice strong arms were about to take a hold of him until he felt a damp cloth on his face. In about two seconds, he was unconcious.


"Darrel! Open this door!"

Darrel grumbled and made his way to the door. He wasn't sure he wanted to open it. The voice was Stan, who was a 'coworker' of his. They both worked for Black Lion, a secret organization ran by a powerful, frightening man named Antonio. He was wanted for theft, murder and prostitution. This was not someone you wanted to cross. Darrel and Stan were his revenge workers. If someone stepped over line with Antonio, then it was their job to do something about it. He knew that was the reason Stan was here now. He was about to dump the newest job on him.

"What is it Stan?" He called out annoyed.

"The boss wants you to hold onto this captive for a month! He's got a score to settle with the kid's father!"

Darrel sighed, no getting out of this one, "Fine!" He opened the door and Stan stumbled in, carrying a hooded person in his arms. He knew where he was going without Darrel's help. This wasn't the first time this had happened. Stan walked down the hall and waited for Darrel to open up the hidden basement. This was done by pressing a switch behing the sink pipe in the bathroom. It was such a random place that no one would think of.

Darrel followed Stan down the steps to the dark, empty room. It was made entirely out of thick concrete, so no one would hear if the hostage tried screaming. Not even Darrel. There were chains attached to the wall in case the hostage caused any trouble, and a mattress with a thick blanket on the other side. Stan tossed the boy onto the mattress and stomped back up the steps without another word. Darrel sighed. He really hated his job. especially when Stan dumped the whole thing off on him. He settled the boy so that he would be more comfortable and pulled the blanket up to his chin. He slid the hood off without looking at him and walked up the steps to the main floor, hitting the switch that closed the door on the way. This switch wasn't at all hidden, because it was on the inside and only closed the door. He stepped out just before the wall in tthe hallway closed back up. The hallway was made to look like the walls were made of boards, and the gap between the doors was right on the line between the 'boards'.

Darrel sat down and stretched out. Stan usually drugs his captives with some strong stuff so the boy won't be awaye for a while. He glanced at his watch, estimating that he would be awake in two hours, and will probably freak out for another hour, so he'll visit him at three o'clock.

In the meantime, he decided to call Antonio and see what this was all about.

It rang three times, as expected, and then a gruffy voice answered, "Devil's Inn."

"Yea, I'd like a three night stay with a single bed for two."

"What room?"


"That room is taken,"

"Then let me talk to your manager."

This was all code of course. Devil's Inn didn't even exist, the amount of nights staying and how many beds explained that I knew this and the number was my personal 'employee' code. The manager is Antonio.

"What is it Darrel? I've got the hottest chick alive waiting for me."

Darrel rolled his eyes, Antonio always said that, "What's this new hostage Stan's dumped on me?"

"So he got the job done eh? His deep voice was thick with an Italian accent, "This guy named John Sullen owes me some money, so i sent Stan to ransome his son while I reason with him. It's only about a month I assure you."

That means about six weeks. Darrel groaned inwardly, "Got it. I'll take care of him while you reason with his father," It took every ounce of his strength not to allow sarcasm to drip into the word 'reason'.

"I knew I could count on you. Now if that's all, I'm going to return to my girl."

WIthout another word, he hung up.

Darrel tossed the phone to the other side of the couch and sighed loudly. Why must he be so good at his job? He doesn't even like it. The only reason he stays is because he knows what happens to anyone who tries to quit-

Darrel shook the thought away and picked up the book he was reading before Stan's little visit. He still has two and a half hours to kill, might as well finish the book.

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