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If she had known what was going to happen years later, I doubt my mother would have encouraged me to play with the Radcliffe children when I was little. She wouldn't have become friends with Mr. and Mrs. Radcliffe. She wouldn't have even brought over a present each time one of the seven kids was born. We would have had no contact with the Radcliffe's at all.

But my mother, being from the South, was always friendly to anyone and everyone. It was in her nature to be friends with everyone on the street, even the family with the seven crazy kids. But it wasn't like we could complain too much about them, considering there was four of us.

The day the Radcliffe's had moved into the neighborhood, my mom had dragged us over there with introductions and lasagna. At the time though, there was only 3 Radcliffe's and 2 Bradley's, me and my older brother.

The day I met the Radcliffe's, I still remember clearly although I was only five. Mrs. Radcliffe answered the door holding a baby and her other two children huddled behind her. Six year old Cyan and five year old Grayson regarded me coldly, in the typical little boy attitude they all had toward girls. At that age, all girls still had cooties and no girl could be trusted. I was a trespasser in their own home.

"Aurora, why don't you and Phillip go play with Cyan and Grayson?" Mom said after introductions and we were in the kitchen.

"Oh, yes, we have a playroom set up right down the hall." Mrs. Radcliffe said as she poured coffee.

Phillip started wandering that way, I didn't really want to go play with them but I knew Mom's suggestion was more of a demand and I didn't have much choice. So I followed my brother and found Cyan and Grayson playing with race cars in a room full of games and toys. It was like child heaven but I remember not being very happy because nothing was for girls. No dolls or stuffed animals, nothing pink.

My brother fit in really well with the Radcliffe boys; I did not. He played race cars and dinosaurs and super heroes but I refused. Although it wasn't like any of them offered. I was the enemy.

It stayed like that for about a year until I started playing with Scarlett who was four years younger than me but still nicer and more fun than Cyan, Phillip, and Grayson. As the years went on, though, the boys started to realize that I wasn't that bad and actually started to be nicer. And as we became better friends, more children were born.

By the time I was seventeen, Cyan, Grayson, Scarlett, Oliver, Tawny, Indigo, and Violet Radcliffe were a part of my everyday life.

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