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Chapter One

Mom is pregnant again. It has been five years since Ariel was born and I'm pretty sure this baby was an accident.

"Looks like the Bradley's are catching up to us, Radcliffe's." Cyan jokes as we walk down the quiet street toward the heart of town.

I scoff because his joke isn't much of a joke. "No kidding." There are already four of us and with another on the way; we are only two off from them.

Cyan chuckles. "Trust me; I was bitter when they announced Tawny. And Indigo. And Violet. It's hard getting used to a new baby."

I roll my eyes. "Please. Like I don't know that. Am I or am I not the one who sat in your front yard with you every time you got the new baby announcement and let you whine for hours about how unfair another baby is going to be?"

"And don't forget that I'm the one who let you echo everything that I said when they announced Belle and Ariel. Speaking of which, what is she planning on naming this one, Mulan?"

It was my turn to laugh. It hasn't escaped anybody that Mom named us after Disney Princess' and Phillip after a prince. She says it was an accident that I ended up as Aurora and he as Phillip and the theme just stuck with my sisters but I think she planned the whole thing. It was just too coincidental.

"Actually, I think they are going with Jasmine."

Cyan nodded thoughtfully. "I guess that's better."

"Yeah hopefully you don't get another sibling. I think your running out of colors." I smirk at him.

Before he responds, we cross the street quickly. When Mom is pregnant, she always has a craving for coconut truffles from The Candy Shoppe. So naturally, Cyan and I are on a chocolate run. Our houses are at the top of one of the large hills that lead to Downtown Port Orchard which means it doesn't take long to walk to the middle of town.

"For your information, I think Indigo and Violet were almost Coral and Amber."


"So what happens if it's a boy?" Cyan asks, dodging an old couple walking the opposite direction.

"Eric." I say, as if its completely obvious and he is an idiot for asking.

"Well, sorry, I haven't brushed up in my Disney trivia lately." Cyan says sarcastically.

By this time, we have arrived at The Candy Shoppe. This is one of the best stores in town, considering most of them are antique shops. It's shelves floor to ceiling of candy and various other sweets. I've spent a lot of time in this store, so much in fact that I know that owners. We all do.

Mrs. Tucker is standing behind the counter, perfecting the already perfect display of chocolate.

"Hello, Aurora! Cyan! Haven't seen you two in here in a while! How's it going?" Mrs. Tucker is a sweet lady, in her late fifties who has ran the store since she was 23 alongside her husband. I loved talking to her because she was always so upbeat and positive. She always let me come and rant to her while I helped reorganize the store.

"Hey, Mrs. Tucker. Everything's great." I say, Cyan nodding an agreement beside me.

"That's good! So what brings you in today?" She says, not looking at us but at the display.

I grin sheepishly. "Coconut truffles."

That gets her attention. Mrs. Tucker knows that there is only one reason for coming to get coconut truffles. She gasps. "Oh my goodness! Your mama is having a baby?"

I nod, still unsure if I'm happy about this news or not.

"Oh, honey! That's wonderful!" She pulls me into a hug. I don't say anything, I just look over her shoulder at Cyan who is peering at all the different candy, a huge smirk plastered on his face. I catch his eye and stick my tongue out. He grins.

I manage to suck my tongue back in my mouth right as Mrs. Tucker pulls away and look at me, smiling enthusiastically. "Right! Coconut truffles! We just made a new batch of those too!" She busses around the counters, grabbing a bag and filling it almost full with chocolate.

I pull out a twenty and set it on the counter next to the scale used to weigh the sweets. Mrs. Tucker finishes filling the bag and sets it front of me. "There you go, honey," she says before noticing the money. She shakes her head and pushes it back toward me. "No charge."

I smiled. "Thank you, Mrs. Tucker! You are just wonderful!"

Mrs. Tucker returns my grin as we head out the door. "Tell your mama congratulations for me, ya hear?"

"I will! Bye!" With that, Cyan and I are back out on the mean streets of Port Orchard.

Okay, that was a lie. There is nothing mean about Port Orchard, especially downtown. It sits right on the Puget Sound and you can see the naval shipyard right across the water. There are foot ferries that run from here to Bremerton and farmers markets every weekend. The worst thing about Port Orchard is the notorious druggies that take up a lot of our town. But I'll have you know that the drug rate has rapidly decreased in the past few years.

Today is warmer than normal Kitsap County weather, with the temperature at least above 85. The sun was out and shining, casting warm rays on my shoulders. It sparkled off the water and despite my hate for salt water, made me want to go swimming right then and there.

"Just wonderful? What are you, from the 1800's?" Cyan mutters at we wander back the way we came.

"Shut up. It's the southern part of me. Besides its true, I love her." I tell him as I pull my hair up into a ponytail so my neck doesn't suffer from the heat.

Cyan rolls his eyes, but at my word choice when talking to Mrs. Tucker or the way I was fussing with my hair, I don't know.

When we get to the top of Cline, the huge hill leading up to our street, the younger kids are all outside playing in the road between our two houses. Mrs. Radcliffe is sitting on her front porch watching them and I figure Mom is inside our house. Indigo, Violet, and Ariel are pushing each other in the tire swing that is in the front yard, Scarlett, Tawny, and Belle are down at the park at the bottom of the road, Oliver is engrossed in one of his comic books. Grayson and Phillip are nowhere to be found.

"I'm going to go give these to Mom. Thanks for coming with me, Cyan." I say as I turn toward my front door.

"Sure thing," he starts toward the other side of the street before stopping and turning back toward me. He starts to say something but seems to decide against it and instead raises a hand and walks away.

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