You can tell me that you're sorry,

But I know better now.

You may think this is over,

Just watch as I step out from the crowd,

Blocking your victory bow.

Praying you'll only listen,

Praying you'll only see,

That the true winner of this battle,

Is me.

The memories that were so dear to me,

Are now nearly too much to bear,

For the love you used to give to me,

Was never really there.

These past few months I've been confused,

Deciding right from wrong,

I guess you can see which path I chose,

As I chorus through this advantaged song.

I used to believe in happiness,

That dreams really do come true.

But now the only thing standing in my way,

Is you.

Are you proud of what you've accomplished?

As you left me here to die.

Throughout each haunting night that passes,

As I watch the crying sky.

Mirroring my fallen tears,

A simple note of sorrow.

And sit upon my past regrets,

Dreading what will come tomorrow.

I pray the next time we are together,

That you will only see,

Even though you told me you're done with me,

I'm still holding you to "forever."

So finally I will say

Thank you for the way

You held me in your arms, so close

Your smile like heaven's ray

Beaming across my sullen universe

Through each time we silently conversed.

I believe we are not finished yet

Just don't forget that first day,

How we met.