They sat around the table, in the middle of nowhere. The girl, the boy, the demon and the angel.

A storm was gathering and the girl's dark hair was whirling around her face in all directions. The angel's wings fluttered and the demon's grimace was fixed upon his face. The boy just stared straight ahead. None of them moved.

"Now," He said as he placed the gun on the table. "There's one bullet in that," He smiled, "I put it there myself."

He began to slowly walk around the table. Behind the four seated at different sides.

"Let's remind ourselves of who's who, shall we?"

He stood behind the demon.

"Demon – evil and scary to humans and angels. Perhaps you'd like to put the bullet in him...?"

He waited.



No one moved.

"Alright then," He chuckled, "let's move on to participant number two!"

He moved to stand behind the boy.

"This boy is fairly fragile. A bullet would go straight through him. He also did a few things in his life that he's not too proud of, isn't that right?" He patted the boy's head and smirked.

The boy didn't move.

"I think rape's quite severe to humans. So... you, girl," He pointed at the girl sat opposite, "you might just want to put a bullet in him for raping another girl, yes?"

He waited.

No one moved.

He sighed.

"Very well then. We shall see."

He moved to stand behind the angel.

"Angels are so perfect and lovely and caring, aren't they?" He smiled.

He pulled the angel's head so it was tipped back and He could stare straight into his eyes.

"Except that you did something naughty, didn't you?"

He pushed the angel's head back so he was staring straight ahead, looking right through the demon again.

"Yes...That's right, I remember. I remember everything so it was hardly likely to escape me now, was it?"

He put his hands on the angel's shoulder.

"This angel, tried to convince humans that he was me."

He gripped the angel's shoulders, squeezing hard.

"That takes a lot of stupidity. You should know by now that none of you are me. No one is like me. I am me and I decide who you get to be."

He took a breath.

He looked around the table.

"I would shoot him for that - you never know," He grimaced, "it might just gain you more favour in my might get to leave...intact..."


He sighed again.

He moved to stand behind the girl.

"Poor little girl, so innocent, who could possibly want to shoot her? But...are you sure she wouldn't be right there with the gun to your head...? Is that innocence a façade? Look at her, demon, she's a virgin, you love those...I know you do. You like to hear them scream as you drink their blood. And angel...she's a human, you know how terribly flawed they are – greedy and selfish. Boy, you've hurt one girl, why not another? Go on... no one will mind..." He grinned.


His patience was wearing thin.

"Well, now we all know why we're here, I think it's time you all decided what you're going to do," He gestured to the gun, "and who's going to use that..." His eyes darkened," and on whom."

He waited.

"Come now, don't be shy, I haven't got an eternity...Well..." He sniggered at his own joke.

He waited.

"If you're not going to choose, then I have no choice but to make you choose."

The four seated at the table suddenly couldn't fight the urge to pick up the gun. They leapt up from their seats and threw themselves at it. They had been reduced to animalistic fighting – the gun meant safety, protection from the others and the assurance that they would not be the one to die.

He stood back and watched.

The demon snapped at the boy who hit the angel who bit the girl.

There was a sudden burst of sound as the gun was fired.

He smiled and put the gun back on the table.

He surveyed the four bodies draped across the chairs, table and ground.

"Ah," He sighed, "I never tire of their futile efforts..."