Frankly, I find your personality quite repellent at times. I do like to be honest.

- My Darling Dad

Thanks Dad,

For always being there,

For watching as I fell,

Watching me be scared.

Thanks Dad,

For being one of the worst,

For shouting when I fell,

Making your words hurt.

Thanks Dad,

For showing that it was all just an act,

And even as you say the words,

All I can think is you're just a middle aged brat.

Thanks Dad,

For never saying thank you,

For making sure that I fall,

And for ignoring all I do for you,

As if I did nothing at all.

Thanks Dad,

For taking me out of my fantasy,

Where you took an interest,

And you weren't the bully I knew you to be.

Thanks Dad,

Because I find you repellent too,

And don't worry - I won't ever say it again.

For your information 'it' is saying 'I love you'.

AN: Well. It's official. I really had to get that out of my system. But don't worry Dad - I won't be taking it back anytime soon. You don't even know I like poetry, or writing. And I won't be going into the Navy, and I know you're going to say you don't care, and you don't know so much about me, and you'll never read this, because I don't care anymore either.