Delaine sat silently in her AP Calculus as she listened raptly to what Mrs. Miles was teaching. Her twin brother, Dakota, sat across the room listening to whatever was playing loudly over the ear buds plugged into his hot pink iPod. He hated school in all the areas in which she liked it. People who didn't know the two teens thought that they were a lot alike, but when someone took the time to truly get to know them, it became starkly apparent just how different they truly were.

She sat forward slightly in her desk and flipped her bright pink streaked hair out of her face.

"Miss Thomas, will you come to the board and write the answer that you got for number four for the class to see, please?" Mrs. Miles asked in a sweet voice.

Delaine nodded her head and gracefully moved to the front of the room to write the problem and answer to number four from memory on the large white board.

"Excuse me," Delaine turned to look as a beautiful brunette with long legs and big brown eyes walked through the door to the classroom.

Mrs. Miles walked over and took the class schedule from the girl's outstretched hand. "Alright class, this is Genevieve Narousseau, and she is a transfer student from Millen's Academy for the Gifted. I expect everyone to welcome her to our class as if she's been here from the very beginning. Be sweet," she said the last part while looking directly at Dakota as if he was the only one in the class who might not be sweet to their new student. "Miss Thomas, would you mind if Genevieve sat beside you?" Mrs. Miles asked Delaine after she had finished writing on the board and turned back around to face the class.

Delaine nodded vigorously while motioning toward her desk at the very back of the classroom. She sighed as Genevieve passed her, and she was momentarily brushed with the sweet strawberry scent of the others long brunette hair. Delaine sat in her chair while lightly motioning to the second seat at the two-person lab table for Genevieve to sit.

"Thank you," Genevieve said as she sat beside the other while the teacher continued her monotone lecture. "You can call me Ginny. Everyone else does," she said chuckling lightly.

Delaine pulled out a blank sheet of paper and wrote, "My name is Delaine. Most people call me Lane, though, or Dell… but mostly Lane," on it passing it to Ginny while smiling lightly having lost complete attention in the lecture.

Delaine crossed her legs Indian-style in the chair as the other passed the note back quickly after having swiftly scrawled something on in. "It's nice to meet you, Lane. What class do you have after this?" the note asked in simple reply.

Lane smiled to herself and shook her head briefly before writing, "More than likely, we have every class together. Since there are so few AP kids in this school, they tend to hawk us all into one class together. We nerds gotta stick together, yo," on it and passing it back to Ginny.

Ginny laughed forgetting the need for silence. "Nerd power!" she said out loud holding her hand out for Lane to fist-bump which Lane returned while shaking with silent laughter.

The two girls looked up at the class which had fallen into eerie silence after Ginny's outburst. Lane turned a deep shade of red as she unwillingly made eye contact with Dakota.

Mrs. Miles laughed. "I'm proud that you have such enthusiasm, Miss Narousseau, but please leave you exclamations until the end of my lecture," she said as she turned back around to the board to continue her lesson smiling to herself at her favorite portion of the student population, the nerds.

Ginny laughed it off easily as she grabbed the note and scribbled a quick response. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. I'm a bit of a spaz."

Lane smiled as she received the note and wrote one back, "It's cooler than an ice cream sundae. :P I'm a spaz as well."

Ginny laughed and sat back in her chair trying to pay semi-attention while Lane intercepted a note being passed across the room with her name on the top. "Crushing major? What's the DL? –Pip"

Lane laughed silently. Piper Moreno was always looking for gossip in a town where there was so little of it. Of average height and build with golden blond hair, baby blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin Piper was one of Lane oldest and most trusted friends.

"I haven't even had the chance to get you a scoop, Pip. Give me a few more mins. …and about the crushing comment: no comment," she shook her head as she wrote the response and sent it back across the room after having written Piper's name on the other side to make sure it got to the right person.

When the bell rang Delaine, as usual, was the last person out of the classroom with Ginny waiting behind for her silently.

"Do you mind if I walk with you, Lane. You know, since I have absolutely no clue where I'm going," Genevieve asked quietly as they walked out of the door and into the hallway. She gave Lane a strange look as she realized that since they had met an hour ago Lane had not said a single word to the other or anyone else for that matter. "You don't talk much, do you…?"