Probably the only story I'll ever do for this site. Short-story designed as a oneshot, there will be nothing to follow this. Due to this, it's probably best to inform me if its in the wrong location.

Since act No. 127 in the effort to tackle Global Warming, it was not unusual to a a tree every twenty meters or so. In recent years, medical technology has become much more advanced, up to the point where there is no need for special schools, terminal illness is no longer a problem and many illnesses, such as the common cold, where wiped out.

Hadrian, a man in his mid twentys, walked up to the door to his apartment, the door clicking open as his hand made contact with the knob. His apartment was one of many, also making up only one of many cookie-cutter apartment buildings.

Inside the apartment you could see a row of glass windows, allowing the view of being on the 27th floor up to be seen, In the centre of the room you could see a a white stone-like coffee table also acting as a small open fire place. The Poly-Colour-Fireplace, it's cool blue flames flickering.

"Green." He said in a gruff voice, and soon after this, the fire started to slowly turn a light shade of green.

He sat down on the high backed chair In front of the table, moving his fingers underneath it to pull out a black book. The only interesting part of the front of the book was the official symbol of The Trinity. The worlds only government. Once upon a time there was no Trinity, only many governments which later formed three groups, and then The Trinity. Soon after the world began to heal, the improvements to the medical industry made and war was ceased, all within a decade.

Slowly, he opened to the first page of the book, his eyes widening in increased horror.

You see, the reason why there's no illnesses, no war, no disability's; Is simple, because there are no people to have them. The don't exist.

MortMagus. You see them, but you don't remember them. They do not exist, but receive the touch of a MortMagus, you don't exist.

A cold touch on the shoulder. James and Marie Paradis never had a son, there is not a man by the name of Hadrian Paradis, there never was, there never will be.

After all, it wouldn't be a perfect world if people found out, now would it? And the world of 2167 went on.