The Love I've Found In You

"Well maybe I'm just lucky

But maybe that's OK

Some people search the whole world over

Just to find a love, that's even half as true

As the love I've found in you"

-Lady Antebellum

A/N: This is the Prologue to A story I've written! Hope you enjoy :) Its really short but the first chapter will be up also tonight :) And yes, it has a lot to do with bullying/anorexia and I based that part of the story off a friend of mine who had a serious eating disorder who is now healthy again. So it is a touchy subject, and I hope I handled it well.

15 years old

I walked down the hallway. I was only 115lbs yet people thought it was funny to call me fat. I clutched my notebook to my chest. Why were people so mean? I'm only 5'2'', 115lbs is completely healthy. I opened my locker when some guys came up to me.

"Hey fat ass," one of them said with a laugh. I wanted to cry, I had a cute butt that was full and round, which didn't match my small boobs.

"Why don't you get some of that fat from your ass and put it to your tits," another said. They kept taunting me.

"Hey!" I heard, "Don't pick on a girl!" He said. He had gorgeous brown hair and the most beautiful crystal blue eyes. The guys looked at him.

"You heard me!" He shouted. "Leave her alone!" All the guys got up and left. I was crying by now, trying to stop the tears from flooding my face. He looked at me in the eyes.

"I'm Justin," he said.

"Riley," I responded with a shaky voice.

"Nice to meet you," he said, then looked at the tears in my eyes. "I'm so sorry about what they said."

"It happens all the time," I said, trying to hold back any tears.

"Don't let it get to you," he said. He smiled at me. Gosh he was gorgeous. That made me smile and once I smiled he walked off.

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