The Love I've Found In You

"Well maybe I'm just lucky

But maybe that's OK

Some people search the whole world over

Just to find a love, that's even half as true

As the love I've found in you"

A/N: Sorry its been so long. I just havent had ANY inspiration whatsoever. It ends up Im dealing with so much crap that I thought I'd never have to deal with. I'm struggling with depression, selfharm and I have skipped meals. Ive stopped the skipping meals thing so thats good :) Im also ALMOST completely stopped with self harm. So I AM getting better. But anyways, heres the story. Its kind of interesting.. Hope you like it!

The weekend passed and on Monday at lunch I saw some girl talking to Justin. She was a little taller than me, and thinner than I was. She whispered something in his ear. Her lips were way too close to him. I watched as he whispered back into her ear. She nodded and bit her lip. Then he took her into a hug. They wrapped their arms around each other so tightly. I wanted to be sick. Was he cheating? No way. He wouldn't so this. But the way they were so close made my heart sink.

"Hey!" Liz said, sitting down next to me. "How was last night?"

"It was pretty bad. Justin was great but Isabel was a little bitch," I said, taking a bite of my sandwich. I saw the beautiful girl talking to Justin again. I put my sandwich down. Maybe I was too fat for him. No he told me I was perfect. Then he came over and sat down.

"Hey Ri," he said, leaning in for a kiss. I pulled my head away.

"My mom asked if you wanted to come over for dinner with your mom on Thursday," I said, trying to stay calm.

"Id love to," he said, leaning foreword more to capture my lips in a kiss. What on Earth was I going to do?

"Justin," I heard after school. It was the girl. He was walking with her. "Look, thanks ok?" She said. He wrapped his arms around her.

"I know she was important to you but you'll always have me," the girl said. He nodded his head and brushed some of her dark hair out of her face. I quickly got in the car and drove away. He was playing with my heart. Not only mine but another girls too.

After school I stormed up to my room.

"you have a visitor honey!" My mother exclaimed. My face turned red with anger yet was still filled with tears as I opened the door. There stood not Justin- but Liz.

"Hey, whats wrong?" She asked. I let her in my room and closed the door.

"I think he's cheating." I said quietly.


"I said I think Justins cheating on me!"

"He wouldn't do that…" She said.

"Thats what you thought about Mike!" I snapped. She looked so sad when I said that.

She just looked at me. "I thought you said you wouldn't ever starve yourself," she snapped back at me. That did it.

"Fuck you! You have no idea what Im going through!" I yelled. "You're a bitch who can't get over her stupid ex!"

She slapped me right across the face. My cheek burned. I watched her as she stormed out of my room and out of my house.

The next day Liz completely avoided me. My heart sunk. At lunch she sat with some other girls, and I sat alone. I looked for Justin, but couldn't find him. I pushed my food away. I had to be skinnier. Prettier. Better for him. I saw the same girl with him again. He hugged her tightly, whispered in her ear and then watched her leave. He then came over to me and sat down.

"Hey Ri," he said with a smile. I just looked down, teary eyed. He. Was. Cheating. On. Me. "Riley?" He asked, brushing my blonde hair out of my face.

"I just wanna be by myself," I said in a soft whisper.

"Riley whats wrong?" He asked, putting his hand over mine. I got up and stormed out of the cafeteria. I never wanted to see him again.

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