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"Thank you." I said, for about the seventh time.

"It's okay."

"No, seriously. Thank y-"

"No, seriously. You can stop thanking me. I'm your fairy godmother. Seeing you happy is enough." We shared a smile and laughed, because, actually the situation was quite funny. After a few minutes we stopped laughing, I looked at her, taking her long blonde hair streaked with purple. Her eyes were a strange colour of golden orange and were outlined by bold, dark eyebrows. A stud in the shape of a dice was pierced through her lip. I slowly edge forward, before flinging my arms around her lanky frame. A hand reached up to pat my head. I stepped away, my face hot, and looked away in embarrassment. When I salvaged the nerve to look at her, I was graced with a toothy smile, which is where I noticed the tooth tattoo in the far corner of her mouth. The tattoo was a-

"Is that a tooth?" I asked, incredulously.

"Um. Yes, honey. That's what you normally find in a mouth." Her eyebrows were furrowed in confusion, before her face cleared in realisation. "Oh. You meant the tattoo. Yes. It's a tooth."

"Why..." I asked, my voice trailing off. She shrugged easily.

"I felt like being original."

"Oh. Cool." I smiled and held out a hand. "I'm Kendall, by the way. It's nice to meet you Kerys." I noticed that her hand was soft as she shook it.

"Nice to meet you too, although its' a bit late for introductions, I suppose."

"Yeah. I suppose." I said, still grinning.

"Well. Let's go return to the boys." She said, moving towards the curtain.

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"Had fun?" The two words were said in a voice that seemed to make anything sound perverse. His eyebrows waggled up and down suggestively, before River smacked him over the head.

"Cut it out, Nate. Now is not the time. Nor will it ever be the time."

"Oh. How you wound me," said Nate, his voice dry with sarcasm. "I'm Nathanial. But you can call me Nate." His hand shot out, much like mine had done, except his clasped my own and brought it to his nose. He inhaled deeply, eyes fluttering wildly. "Mmm. Chocolate." He whispered, in a voice that could only belong to someone with a criminal record.

"Hi. I'm Kendall. It's nice to know you like my hand smell." He looked up questioningly, his eyebrows rising behind his fringe.

"You're...Not weirded out by me?"

"Um. Yeah, I am. I'm just good at hiding it." He sighed in relief, eyes closing as he let out a gust of air.

"Phew! I thought I was losing my mojo." We all ignored him.

"Kendall? Are you done here? We were gonna look around the city a bit. There's this sale down the street. Everything...Half price!" I looked at the faces around me. All gave me encouraging looks.

"Erm. Yeah." I paused. "Wait, what time is it?" The group checked their wrists. Kerry and Nate both shook their heads. River studied his watched and smiled.

"It's 3:45. Why?"

"Crap! I need to go!" I dashed down the stairs, grabbing a few t-shirts on the way to the checkout. As I waited impatiently in the line, the trio rushed down the stairs to join me.

"You're going now?" River looked at me with what seemed like disappointment. I smiled.

"Yeah. I have to be back by four." I glanced apologetically at the faces around me.

"Well. Give us your number, and let's meet up sometime. Yeah?" I laughed at his anxious face. A blush spread across his cheeks as I wrote my number onto his hand. "Forward it to the others, yeah?" I whispered, in his ear. I grabbed my purchase and walked out of the door, the bell clanging behind me. Outside, rain was spitting miserably as I walked to the pavement, towards the rattling death-trap of a bus.

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