I woke up in a back of a van and looked around. There was another girl who lay unconscious. She was pretty too. I struggled at...handcuffs? Where did they get handcuffs? I frowned and my arms were chained behind my back and to a pole thing. I struggled. My feet were tied together with rope. The back of the van was opened and I struggled more. The boy Trenton looked at me with a smirk.

"Well it looks like your body fought against the chloroform more than usual for a person." He said.

In response I struggled and spit at him.

He laughed.

"Well it is time for you to go back to sleep." He taunted.

I tried to turn away from him as he tried to knock me out. He then put 1 foot on my chest and then grabbed my chin roughly with his hand. Then with other hand he forced the rag to cover my mouth and nose. This time everything faded a lot quicker.

When I woke up from my unconsciousness I nearly jumped out of my skin, had a heart attack, and vomited my internal organs to Las Vegas. For me it always takes me a few moments to take in my surroundings when I wake up so waking up on a bed that isn't your own with a two guys standing over you one shining a light in your eyes is enough to make anyone roll over and fall of the side of what it turns out elevated queen sized bed. I recognized the guys as Brady and Trenton. Brady walked over and grabbed the side of my arm and pulled me up.

I took a breath looked him in the face and then without fear in my voice.

"What's your purpose in kidnapping me?"

Brady motioned for Trenton to leave and I noticed the door was locked from the outside with a number control system and then the inside with something similar. He pulled up a chair next to the bed motioned for me to sit on the bed. He was sitting there acting like we were friends . I looked at him with defiance and gave him the look that said no. He frowned and glared at me and he motioned again. I sighed and sat down with a loud plop and looked toward him. He smiled and began.

"How are you today?"

"Fine, just fine this whole kidnapping thing is just fine."

He looked at me and then sighed.

"Are you hungry?"

"No, get to the point."

Truth is I was hungry but hey I really want to get to the point not dawdle on what he thinks is important.

"Fine, do you have any idea why you were kidnapped."

WHAT THE HECK! What is wrong with this guy hell no I have no idea and he acts like we I'm not kidnapped I wanted to go hit him.

"No, other than I'm pretty."

"Good you don't need to know."

"NO I think I need to know Brady."

"You can call me by my real name Brandon."

I paused in about saying something and glared.

"Okay Brandon why am I kidnapped."

"I'm not telling you."

I growled and was angry at that idiot he was playing games with me.

He looked at me with amusement and got up from the chair.

"If you feel hungry tell the guard outside the door and by the way the door is not sound proof if you yell."

I wanted to get out. What the hell is this place? Why the complexity and how is this not noticeable to other people. Now that he left I surveyed the room. There was a locked door, nothing new there. I saw some curtains and my first thought was a window. I ran over and pushed the curtains a side. What I saw made my stomach drop worst then looking out a skyscraper, worst then going into a haunted house. It was a window to something truly scary we were in a skyscraper of a building more than 20 stories I could count below and what was around nothing but trees. I saw a girl run from the mass of trees and something was chasing her I couldn't see what but then it hit her. She collapsed dead and from what I saw blood pooling around her. Did someone shoot her? Then I thought back to his words. "You don't want to know why you were kidnapped."

I closed the curtain feeling dread and fear. I walked around and discovered there was a closet and a bathroom. I thought about the mirror. Maybe I can break it and use it as a weapon. I picked up the wooden chair and slammed it into the mirror. Not a dent in either. Then I threw the chair against the door and the chair broke but the door did not. Suddenly I did not feel like being the bad girl I lost it all.

"Be quieter I'm trying to play a video-game." The guard said.

I recognized the voice to be Trenton. What kind of guard does not investigate noise that the trapped person made? It could be there escaping. Then I thought about it. As long as the door remains indifferent and he stands there, there is no way out. More dread and hopelessness crossed my heart and mind.

I sighed and then I remembered what Brandon said. The door was not soundproof. I put my ear against the door. I heard cheesy music and POW, POW. I think that was the video game he probably has a D.S. Then I heard something from probably farther away. Screaming, a girl was screaming. She was suddenly scared and realized this. How many girls are here and what's going to happen to all of us as a whole.

I put my ear against the door again. The girl was screaming words now.

"Let me out, this is illegal, my dad's a cop." The girl screamed.

She kept screaming and screaming I eventually backed away from the door. There was no way out why does she keep screaming. I moved away from the door and was about to throw the chair in the tub when I noticed a piece of the chair was very pointy. I suddenly had a crazy idea I could fight my way out. I threw the rest of the chair in the tub and then took the pointy piece and looked for a place to hide it. I found there was a book shelf and I pulled out a few of the books. I put the pointy piece of wood there and then replaced the books. They stuck out a bit so I decided to scoot the rest forward a bit. I then layed down on the bed and think. Before I knew it I was asleep. I woke up to the sound of the door being unlocked. Brandon came in and I had to cover my ears the screaming had increased. It was loud to the max and it was more than one girl. When he shut the door she could barely hear it but it was still there.

"Ugh they need to stop screaming all of the guards have been given earmuffs. It's hard to walk through the hallway with that noise. Lucky for me anyone screaming is going to be given sleeping pills." Brandon rambled.

I nodded and he looked at me.

"For someone who is sure feisty you are very quiet. I guess that means you're smart enough to realize that screaming is useless." He continued.

I nodded and he smiled.

"Well this is better, have you seen the nice view of the land out the window?" Brandon asked.

"No I've only seen the bad view." I answered glaring at him. Why was this guy so cheery like we were friends?

He laughed and pulled aside the curtains revealing the full moon.

"Well there's the girl I met earlier. I know what you mean did you see the Hunt." He asked.

"What's the hunt?" I asked.

"You mean the Hunt well; it's where girls on the List get hunted by… umm another time I'll tell you when I know were on the same page and when your friend not victim." Brandon stammered his eyes darkened at first then his eyes lightened toward the end.

"Am I on the List?"

He smiled and walked over and sat on the bed beside me. My first thought was to get away from him but my heart and part of my brain said this. Get to know him maybe it will get you out of this… alive and he is what some girls would say cute. I smiled at him. He returned the smile.

"Fortunately you're not on the List… yet but if you do get on all you have to do is survive for 48 hours and if you do your aloud to come back here safe and sound." He kindly said.

I smiled at him. He pat my knee sending tingling through my skin. His hand was so cold yet warm. I shivered as he got up and exited the room and locking the door.

I lay back down and sighed. Well now I don't want to kill him. This is a nightmare. I decided to think about whom I could trust and what could I expect.

Brandon: so far my description of him would be crazy loony kidnapper. That is strong too and cold blooded. Literally his skin is so cold I don't think his blood is warm. He acts like we are friends. He's hiding something but what.

Trenton: so far my description is body builder kidnapper. Has a since of humor and is friends with Brandon. He does guard work and play's video games.

I turned over and to lay on my side and felt tired. Who could I trust, who could I trust.