Meet Kayla

Do not worry readers; this is just a side story to help you understand Kayla and Trenton if you want to hear more of Trenton's obsession request it in the reviews. It will go back to where it left off in the middle. This first part is not Tori its Kayla's point of view and then Trent's then Kayla's, then Tori's. Bye the way any idea's on do you (few commenters want to see anymore Trenton and Kayla.)

"Come on Kayla put on a happier face so your boyfriend was cheating on you, you'll find another you're the prettiest most popular girl in the school." Alexis said.

I smiled at Alexis's comment. I adjusted my diamond ring on my chocolate colored skin. My top brand skinny jeans looked nice with the pink slim tank top with sequins along the top. My diamond necklace, diamond bracelet, and diamond earrings. Well as you can see, I'm rich. I'm not mean and I know that I have all A's and I'm popular.

"Come on were seeing a movie, who knows you might meet a hawtie" Alexis said.

"Sounds like fun." I answered. Actually I wasn't interested but I agreed.

We walked through the mall. We decided to stop at 71st Street Fashion. I was looking at designer skirts when Alexis pulled me aside.

"Look, look, look, look, HAWTIE in Black Jacket." Alexis hissed.

I looked over at the boy clothes store across from this store. A hawt cutie boy sat picking through clothes at the Black Jacket he was wearing a black jacket. Laughing along with a two other boys. I smiled.

"Well." Alexis said.

"He's cute but I can't just go up to him." I laughed.

She giggled and looked at me.

"Why you're perfect for each other, you have the same skin color, same level of hotness." Alexis rambled.

"Are you being racist?" I questioned.

"What, no, no I just." She stuttered.

"I was joking let's just go to the movies." I laughed.

We walked past the food court and to the ticket line.

"What movie should we see, First Date, Pretty in Purple, Women in Pink, Attack of The Killer Kitten or OMG is that a HAWTIE." Alexis listed.

"Um, I don't know." I said.

"You know my pick." Alexis said.

"NO, we are definitely not seeing OMG is That a HAWTIE." I laughed.

"Aw what do you want to see?" Alexis pouted.

"Um, how about…Attack of the Killer Kitten." I suggested.

"Sure." Alexis chimed.

I bought the tickets and then we proceeded to the movie after each buying a small popcorn. Then we got our tickets tore. We walked down the hallway until we came up to our movie.

I watched the previews uninterested it was an almost full house. I didn't want anyone to sit by me so I put my purse in the chair beside me. I looked at the screen according to the ad screen 5 minutes till movie. I looked at my phone. There was a text from my ex. It read this, "PLEASE take me back Babe I didn't cheat on u." I sighed. I didn't want him back. I turned my phone off and looked forward. Two minutes till the movie. I sighed.

"Hey there's no more seats can I sit here." A voice said.

I looked over about to say no when I saw who it was. It was the hot boy that I saw.

"Uh yeah sure you can sit here." I stammered.

I moved my purse and he sat down. I was trying to think of something to say to him when the movie started.

"When a killer dies and all he owned was a kitten. No one thinks twice that he might have not moved on. Maybe his spirit lingers in his kitten that you just bought for your daughter's ninth birthday Mwah HAHA HA HA HA."

I shuddered for some reason I was scared of the opening. This movie was R but I could bribe them. Something didn't feel right I turned my attention back to the movie.

"Aww daddy you got me a kitten." The little girl cheered.

"I sure did sweetheart." Dad said

Meow. Mrow. Hiss.

"Daddy it doesn't look happy."

"I don't know why kiddo."



I was shaking for some reason as I watched the kitten murder the birthday party guests and one guy that cat went inside and dragged his intestine out. While another he went inside and dragged out his heart. The hot boy beside me was laughing at it all.

"How is this all funny?" I whispered to him.

"It's a cute kitten destroying people and no one has tried to stop it. It's just a kitten." He whispered back.

I laughed and then the movie screen went black. Complaints were shouted all over. Over the intercom it announced why:

"We are having technical difficulties if you wait for a little while the movie will be up in running again."

I sighed and looked over at the hot boy.

"Hi, my name's Kayla." I told him.

"Oh, hey cute name, my names Trenton but you can call me Trent." He said.

I smiled at him and then a few seconds after that was when all hell broke loose. I heard gunshots and I covered my head he ducked down as well. I crouched beneath the seats and shivered. Screams of terror was ringing throughout the theater and at the very least they fixed the movie problem.

"Alexis, get down." I shouted.

But it was too late for her I saw it, a stray bullet cutting through the air. It hit her right in the head. I was in shock she was my BFF ever since we were toddlers. I crawled over to her bleeding body. I knew she was dead but I hopelessly shook her.

"Alexis wake up, don't die, please don't be dead, we were supposed to be friends forever." I cried, tears running down my face. This was my friend that had been by my side for years now dead, unmoving. She was such a good friend goofy and fun. But as I looked at her unseeing eyes that would never see her future, would not see the magna pink and black wedding she wanted to have, or the husband of her dreams, her dreams of being a lawyer gone down the drain.

"Come on Kayla we need to go." Trent urged.

I turned toward him and out of the corner of my eye I saw a gun sticking out of his pocket. I cried out in shock.

"You're with them you're a killer." I cried moving away.

His face looked pained and he tried to reach a hand toward me but I pushed it away.

"I'm with them but I'm not going to kill you I can help you out of this I'm sorry for your friend, but don't run you could get hurt or die." He begged.

I started to stand and run but that's when I heard a gun-shot. The bullet barreled toward me and I froze. Trent lunged at my feet knocking me to the ground but not before he bullet hit part of my stomach. I cried out in pain and cowered. I looked at the blood and freaked and started hyper ventilating. He took off his jacket and removed the gun and threw it to the ground. He put it around me than half led me half carried me out of the theater. I closed my eyes images playing through my head and before I knew it we were in the parking lot. He was now carrying me completely and he was moving very fast. He reached a back of a van and I heard them start to say something but Trent yelled go and closed the van doors after we were inside. I fell into a daze surely thinking death was upon me.


I looked at the girl in my arms and I knew what I had to do. 50 years ago I was glad I took that course on bullet wounds when we had the idea to use guns instead of all out fangs at are raids to get people to be in the Hunt. I tore off my jacket from around her and tore off her jacket. I then moved her shirt where the bullet was. This is in no way a human should handle this case but he was hardly human. He dug his fingers into the wound and pulled out the bullet. She screamed in pain and he winced. He then did the vampire thing to do. Suck on the gash. It sounds wrong but it slows down the blood from gushing out and heals it slightly with vampire saliva. She screamed in pain except quieter. I rubbed some regular doctor medicine and put a patch on her and then stronger bandage. It was good enough until I found a real doctorate vampire.

I realized with this girl I felt the one thing I have never felt, love. This girl was not like the other one's I caught she was beautiful and she drew me in from the moment I saw her. I suddenly felt obsessive. She must be protected. I wanted to make sure she had the best. That no one come to harm her. I stroked her cheek. She was still semi-awake and looked up at me.

(Still Kayla's point of view)

I looked out the window it was 4 month's from when I was first kidnapped to here. I sighed and got on the treadmill and started exercising. I had finally recovered from the bullet wound and my name was on the list now that I did. Trenton was avoiding me he lost his control one night. The idiot sunk his fangs in my neck. He didn't kill me or even get close but he got mad at himself and signed himself up for guard work outside his friend's door, Brandon. Brandon got a new girl and by the rumors circling when Trent came in to get my D.S. that I had in my purse for some strange reason. I had put it in to get my brother's sticky little fingers off of it because he has one but he's not allowed to play Buzar a game that has a little guy and he jumps, moves, and shoots a little gun. I own the D.S. but the game is his game but Mom and Dad thought it would be better if he spent less time with it. Yeah, by now he's whining for the game and got a new one. I frowned at the hoodie and tanks top and jogging pants I was wearing. My designer clothes had been trashed and now I wore clothes he had given me. In my inventory I had jeans, shirts, sweats, tank tops, and sneakers. I also had my purse and my phone. Your probably thinking great just call the cops and out you go. No, sadly Trent decided the phone had cool apps. He wanted to play it so he said I could keep it if I told him how to turn off the cell-service. I agreed in the end. He then quit my cell service and now I had a phone that a bunch of free games. Somehow he also hacked it to get internet in the middle of nowhere. Then he put a block on any social network or email or any way to contact the outside world. I frowned and stopped the treadmill and grabbed a bottle of water.

I heard the door being unlocked and I saw Trent coming in. He layed down the D.S. and was about to exit and the turned around. He sat down and ran his fingers through his hair. I walked over to him. He looked up and smiled at me. I smiled in return. Trent was a nice guy he was just hard to understand and wasn't always sensitive. He said he had a sensitive part in his heart but it was for me, friends, and puppies. I considered him more than a friend but not a boyfriend. We were not exactly in good terms. I mean I'm going in the Hunt in a week and he's a kidnapper, killer, and a…vampire.

"If you could meet Brandon's girl Tori you would like her." Trent said smiling.

"That's what you said when he had that slut Peaches, the suicidal girl Tessie, and Celia the one who never spoke and then tried to kill me." I smarted.

He smiled and shook his head laughing.

"This one's not a slut when Brandon thought of kissing her forehead when she was unconscious she slapped him in her sleep. She has no intention of killing herself and is a great fighter and good at escaping. Like for instance I saw she had a pointy piece of wood stuck behind some books but I didn't tell Brandon I want to see what happens." He told me smiling.

I thought about that and smiled. She did seem like a better choice for a friend and then I laughed I realized Trent also thought she was cute by the way he was talking.

"Well she could try to kill me." I suggested. I knew it would bug him but I threw it out there.

"She had quite a fit of rude comments toward killing people when we kidnapped her she fought against us with her mouth and violence. If I wanted a lecture I should have stayed in school. S I don't think she's for it." He listed.

I smiled.

"She sounds like she's a handful when do I get to meet her." I asked.

He looked down and stared up his face had sadness.

"During the Hunt I was hoping you two could band together with booth of your skills combined you might survive." He told me this with a low tone.

I frowned and got up and sighed.

"So your telling me you want us to become friends so we can fight together to survive." I hissed.

"She would survive too, hopefully." He said.

"Why can't I meet her in person now before the Hunt?" I yelled.

He stood up as well. And put his hand on my shoulder.

"It's nothing against you Kayla but Brandon doesn't want her knowing she's on the list and that Brandon has…" He stopped there not continuing.

I looked at him.

"Has what?" I asked softly.

"He…he h… he has… he has feelings for her and this is a first time since Rebecca he has loved someone." Trent stammered out.

I looked down. Trent had told me that after Rebecca died in the Hunt years ago like I mean in 1799 England. He had been in love with her and yet she had died. He then turned off love and sensitivity. He was cold and hard like Trent somewhat was before he met me. He had told me that if he ever saw Brandon come out of that state he would do anything to keep it like that.

"From the moment he layed eyes on her I saw it. He let go of that tension he became himself. He had a look of determination on his face. His eyes had light again." Trent said.

Trent sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands. I went over and rubbed his back.

After a few minutes he came up and looked at me.

"You can meet her just don't tell her anything I want her to be more naïve to it all. That way Brandon has a chance to win her over before she sees the bad side of him." He whispered.

The one thing I have not mentioned is ever since I got shot I had unusual abilities. Ever since I was shot but I didn't die. I recovered I had strange abilities. I had the ability to be somewhat like a ghost. Don't let that fool you I can get hurt and I can die. I can walk through walls and doors only. I can also turn invisible. It may sound like a perfect way to escape but somehow Trent can see through it. I secretly think he's the one who caused the powers but I don't tell him.

He unlocks the door winks at me and locks it behind him. I know he's lingering then I take a breath and I walk through the door. I open my eyes and look around he smiles at me. I then before another guard can see me I turn invisible. Like I said tis grand rule only applies to walls and doors so I have to move, wait, stop, and avoid anything in the hallway. We took a lot of twists and turns until he finally stopped at a door. Also my power had limits and I felt them running out so I turned visible. He was about to unlock the door when he stopped. He made a sign to me to step through the door and turn invisible on the other side. I did so. What I saw was an amusing sight.

(Note FINALLY TORI's point of view)

(1 hour ago)

I sat on the bed after a long sleep and when I had awoken I saw a package laying on the bed for me. It opened it to reveal jeans, a t-shirt and necessary undergarments. I went into the bathroom, removed the chair from the shower area. Then I threw it under the bed. I went back to the bathroom locked the bathroom door and took a long hot shower before changing into the fresh new clothes. I sighed and found Brandon sitting on the bed staring at me. I was glad I changed in the bathroom. I walked past him like he didn't exist. I was not in the mood to talk to him.

"So, do the clothes fit you?" He asked.

I glared at him.

"Yes, they do." I snottily said.

They did fit me I was just irritated. I had no idea why I was but I was. I felt fine yesterday but today I felt down right mad.

He got up and walked over to the mini fridge that was in the room and looked at it. It had the same amount of food as it did when I first came in.

"Someone's crabby because they refuse to eat." He taunted.

I crossed my arms and looked at him. I was not crabby from lack of eating and I was in no way touching that food for all I know it could be poisoned. He reached in there and pulled out a premade sandwich and a soda. I turned my back and went over to the TV (that was newly installed yesterday why I was asleep) and turned it on and refused to look at him.

He walked over to where I sat.

"Eat the sandwich, you know you're hungry and you want the sandwich." He teased while dangling the sandwich in front of my eyes.

I pushed the sandwich away.

"Come on its ham." He said.

I took the sandwich and threw it across the room. He sighed and walked over and picked up the sandwich and threw it down a trash chute. I discovered there was a small trash chute and mini fridge yesterday. He went to the mini fridge and pulled out another sandwich.

"Come on your hungry and there is nothing wrong with the food." Brandon told me.

"NO!" I yelled.

He jumped over the couch and landed beside me and shoved the food to my mouth.

"EAT IT!" He yelled.

"NO WAY." I shoved it in his face.

He laughed and he threw another sandwich at me. I went over to the fridge and threw one at him. He laughed and dashed over and threw one at me. We were laughing when the door opened. Trenton came in a girl with him.

"Hey, I came to visit and thought that Kayla could talk to Tori." Trenton said.

Brandon leaned over and pulled a piece of baloney out of my hair. I didn't realize it but I was giggling. I smiled at Brandon and pulled a piece of lettuce off of his shoulder. Maybe we could be friends.

"Um, sure let's go out in the hallway." Brandon told Trenton.

I looked at Kayla and smiled slightly. Then I sat down on the bed.

"Uh hi Tori, I guess we don't need introductions." She said.

"Um yeah, guess not." I replied.

Then Trenton and Brandon came back in.

"Well sorry for the short cut-off but I realized that we need to get back." Trenton said.

Kayla and Trenton left and Brandon and me sorda stood there awkwardly.

"So…" I started.

He looked over and smiled.

"I guess we need to clean up this mess." He said.

"Yup." I said.

We both cracked up and we cleaned the mess together. It felt like I wasn't kidnapped and that I was just having fun with a friend until we got done. He left the room in a hurry and I wondered why. He was fine a few minutes ago. I sighed and looked out the window. Not much to look at. I wondered and though about a possible friendship. I shook it off. He was kidnapped I was kidnapped. Not going to be friends like that no way, no how.

"What about more than a friend, a boyfriend, a lover." Part of mind said.

I chased away those thoughts. But wait, did I want that?

I walked around for a little while pacing. I wasn't bored I needed a distraction. I opened a book.

"Dear diary,"

I thought about not continuing this could be very private stuff. Hmm I thought continue or not. I decided to put it down and see if there's anything else more interesting. I noticed each book had different years on them. I also noticed that all had a lock except the one I had opened. I looked at the one I opened. It had a lock on it but it was broken.

I opened the book back up.

"Dear diary, Brandon seems fancy such a fine delightful man but I think he's hiding summat from me."

"Nothing new…" I mumbled.

I skipped a few pages and looked down at it again.

"Dear diary, I am close to finding out Brandon's secret. My name is on the List and I truly hope I will survive. I miss my mama and papa but I know that I may find em when I survive the Hunt. I'm sneaking the book in the Hunt. I know I ought to leave it. Honestly I think the end is hither. It may be upon us but I may outlast those quaint vile girls. They know no hardships and will not know how to use a sword if it was given to em."

I frowned at this. The girl who wrote this did not use modern day talk. Strange, maybe she's British. She used normal words but those others threw me off. I skipped a few pages again and looked at the text now.

"It is quite a few hours that has happened. Out of the fifty of us hither only 34 remain. The vile creatures hunting us are impossible to kill. They gave each of us a sword and dagger and if we stabbed em in the heart they didn't die. I teamed up with two girls. Beatrix and Rosie. They are stonking fighters. I hope they survive. To beat those fanged horrors would be a miracle. We just need to survive for 36 more hours. I feel giddy please help me."

She stopped using dear diary. I skipped pages until I found that she put this one down in a hurry and I looked to see if anything was after it. There was nothing it ended I looked down at the final page. My stomach twisted in a knot. Whatever happened to her I did not think it was good.

"I'm running for my life and have stopped right now to rest. I have twisted my leg and cannot go no more. The end is near. My only surviving partner Beatrix has moved on without me. Rosie was killed a few hours ago the blood completely drained out of her body. Her beautiful red hair lay tangled with leaves. It was such a mournful sight. I frowned at the memory. I know that in a few moments I will be dead. I will tell you my name in that hope someone will read this. My name is Emily Jess and I hope that I can right this last queue I can already see him coming. Brandon is not human he's a vampire. Goodb…"

It stopped there and the last line was crossed out. I studied the last line Brandon is…what. I looked at it.

I see a N…O…T… not. The next word I didn't have to study too hard it was human. So Brandon is not human. Then all my hopes a friendship went down the drain. My stomach went into a knot. I saw the word he's and then a.

The next word was crossed out harder. V…A…M…P…I…R…E… I ran into the bathroom and vomited up the one sandwich I ate. He's a vampire. Oh my god I have to get out of here I'm going to die I'm going to die.

Then the door opened to reveal a tired looking Brandon. His eyes drifted to my worried expression. He looked confused at my horror and fear and then his eyes lay on the book. He understood why I was scared.

"It's not what you think, let me explain." He begged me.

I was shaking with fear so I did not realize where I was going until I fell onto the bed.

"Please, Tori." He begged.

What I did not realize scooting away that I was going to end up scooting off the bed and it is elevated and hitting your head on the floor would hurt but hitting your head on floor unsuspecting from elevated area doesn't just hurt.

"TORI!" He shouted my name just as I started to fall. My head hit the floor and I blacked out.

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