This story revolves around a young guy whose had countless girlfriends (sounds like someone who should be experienced with girls right?), unfortunately every girlfriend he's ever had has cheated on him after using him . His problem is every girlfriend he's ever had,has been the female version of the male jerk.


Today: year 2012 present time

GURL4YOU2:/ Hi,handsome you there...

briiiiinnnnggg .the chattering bell tone came from my yahoo chat session from some one I didn't know.

SADGUY77:/ Hi , who are you ? I don't recognize your screen name?

GURL4YOU2:/ I was browsing this site and ran across your profile and found it very interesting. I liked your pics and your essay . I think your cute and would like to get to know you better if you don't mind.

My first thoughts was she didn't say anything about who she was or what site she had found my profile on. My alarm bells started going off. Lets see how far she goes before she trips up.

SADGUY77:/ Well that's nice but you haven't yet told me what site you found my profile on?

GURL4YOU2:/ Sending my pics to you

bing...bing... gurl4you2 has sent you pics...

at this time i took several seconds to hit the view contacts profile page.

NO PROFILE EXIST FOR THIS USER …. my screen responded back on yahoo chat

GURL4YOU2:/ Do you see my pics yet?

SADGUY77:/ No not yet ,give me a few to look them over...


I opened my picture share program on yahoo chat and was looking at 6 pics of a very nice looking blonde ,blue eyed girl . Almost perfect body (athletic type ..possibly a cheerleader/dance or gymnastics)

all 6 pics were of her in somewhat seductive poses .


bri...iiiinnnngggg went the yahoo chat notifier... (impatient girl isn't she, I thought)

SADGUY77:/ Hey , there those are some nice pics. So what web site did you say you saw my profile?

(Taking note this is the second time I had ask her this question)

GURL4YOU2:/ OH, I'm sorry , I saw it at the "LOVEFINDERSNOW" Website.

Yeah I know sort of pathetic of me but I was really looking for a nice girl that would be interested in me and someone I could date and maybe at some latter time find a long term relationship with with a somewhat happy ending.

SADGUY77:/ LOL... yes I was on that site for awhile as a paid member but I let the membership renewal go so now I just have basic...

I thought this after I typed the above (which many of those type sites don't allow you to do much in if your not a paid member )

SADGUY77:/ So you have an advantage over me because of my basic member now I can't read emails or send messages or flirts so all I'm allowed to do is browse the female profiles. Is your profile name there the same as your yahoo chat name or is it different?

GURL4YOU2:/ My screen name there is "sultry and sexy gurl", How old are you?

I thought ya, another one of those, if she actually looked at my profile it states right under my screen name my age so...

Very quickly I went to my favorites listing and clicked on the website mentioned .

The web site main screen log in page popped up


bri...innnnnnnnggg (the yahoo chat notifier chimed again)

I ignored the chime for a few seconds while I typed in my screen name and password for the site. Then quickly went back to chat window as my profile page popped up in my split screen view on my second monitor.

SADGUY77:/ YA ,I'm still here just looking at your pics again ...lol... (I lied)... can you hold a few ….

thanks need to take care of something BRB …...(I was hoping she would think I needed to use the bathroom or something).

Quickly I did a search for her screen name and found her profile , just as I thought over 250 men(only no females what so ever) ranging in various ages. Checked her pics section with basicly the same pics she had sent me. Clicked on profile essay which had very little if much info on it. Her profile said she was in Miami,Fl. And 25 yrs old


bri...innnnnnngggg, bri...iinnnnngggg (a very impatient girl I thought)

A/N: This is the prologue for the story so what do you think continue or not? (this story is based on somethings that have actually occurred to me while on line)