This story revolves around a guy that goes thru his young life mostly a loner and considered a loser by many . He does have a few friends but most are classified in the social structuring of high school such as himself on the lowest ranks just above the stoners. Yet after high school he joins the Marines which is were it all started to change for him to a degree.


The sign said , "THE ARTS OF SELF DEFENSE " instructor Phillip Watts . "Nice sign", I thought

to myself. It only took me 20 years to get to this point chuckling to myself. I unlocked the door to my new to open Do Jo walked through the building to my office near the back of thee building . After I had turned the lights on first so I could see my way back to it without tripping over any of the equipment that was still lying around yet to be assembled or put in place before opening day. Actually it was a gym and school combined with a little course on eating right thrown in for good measure. There was a reason for the 3 fold approach to my school so to speak .

The Gym was to build up body muscle and for toning muscle already in place. Fat people needed to lose the extra weight by turning the fat to muscle. Skinny people need to build up what they had and normal people with average body build needed to tone up what they had.

Eating right was for all three groups , it gave them the strength and the energy their bodies required to under go my classes . Plus it was healthy for them to do so by eating the right foods to do that. This was a mandatory requirement to attend my school for any classes I held.

Of course a proper knowledge of how to protect yourself when needed to do so . One thing I stressed above all I wasn't teaching self defense for people to be bullies only to protect themselves or someone else if need be.

I started reminiscing on how I got here in this point in my life. I'm a single 35 years old , still a bit of a loner still but realizing that I was alone and miserable soul. After high school I joined the Marines weighing in at 125 pounds soaking wet at 6 ft tall . Spent 12 years in and retired 10 times the man I went in as . But to get to know what I was like before all this you'd have to know where I was coming from.

**flash back** (25 years previously) 10 year old me in the 5th grade to be exact...

1st day of school in the 5th grade at Waynesville school system of the town of Waynesville,Ohio.

As one knows its at this time of a kids life that the social structure of schools start happening . Its not as noticeable until the 7th grade though but becomes more prominent at that time . With me however it seemed it started way back in the 2nd grade I was a loser of sorts even then . I was the skinny kid that not many liked and I was taken back to why I wasn't liked at least a little by some of my classmates. I was the kid most likely to be dumped and locked in lockers with a wedgie that I couldn't relieve until some kind soul took pity on me and released me from my confined quarters of the locker I was forced into by the jocks mostly who for some odd reason seemed to like to take their frustrations out on me , Which seemed to be at least 3 or 4 times a week. Someone might laugh and say jocks in the 5th grade well lets just say the Pee Wee Leagues but jocks to me never the less.

Prime example of this ,stuffing me in a locker, incident when I was in 6th grade .

Flashback to the 6th grade:::

Classes had just ended for the day which was Friday and as usual everyone was anxious to start their weekends so people were leaving as quickly as they could. Problem was there was several that thought it would be funny to stuff me into a locker. My room after I was stuffed into it was minimal to say the least. Meaning I could move sufficiently enough to be able to reach the locking mechanism on the door to release myself. Unfortunately for me everyone else had left the hallways so no one could hear my pleas to be released. I spent the whole weekend confined in the locker,which my parents were worried sick thinking something terrible had happened(which in fact it had if you want to view it from my point of view) . My parents had called the police and had an amber alert out on me thinking I may have been abducted and maybe had been killed.

By Monday morning however things were found out. Fortunately the locker I was stuffed in didn't belong to me and when the person opened their locker I was in such a position that I literally fell out of the locker. Big problem was my muscles had locked up so I couldn't use my arms to break the fall, winding up breaking my wrist in that fall as well as hitting my head full force on the concrete floor of the hallway opening a gash and putting a nice goose egg sized lump on my head.

Another thing being there thee whole weekend I had defecated and urinated on myself so the smell of that stunk the hallway up pretty well after locker being opened up. If it hadn't of been that the school leaves the air conditioning on over the weekend I could have died of heat stroke. Again fortunately for me there was an air vent that was blowing on the locker door (which thee locker door had some small vents in) which removed some of the heat and some of the ammonia smell from the locker which prevented me from suffocation from the fumes of the urine and deification .

Fortunately I was knocked unconscious from the fall so I wasn't aware of any pain until I woke up in the hospital room hours latter.

End flash back:::

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