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"Izzy, we're ready to start the photo shoot."

Izabel Garcia finished fiddling with her already immaculately made up face to the photo shoot's director, Max Ryder, who was standing at the door, waiting for her. "Well then, let's go."

She stood beside Max and they walked shoulder to shoulder. Being a model, it was a requirement to be tall and Izabel was just that. Not only was she extremely tall but was also graced with a perfectly proportioned body. Unlike other models, she wasn't waifish but rather curvy and this contributed to her easy rise to success. Everyone insisted she was the next Gisele Bündchen but she disliked the fact that she was being compared to her fellow Brazilian model because, like everyone else, she wanted to make a name for herself.

Similar to some models, Izabel didn't think of pursuing the career but when visiting relatives in New York when she was fifteen, she was discovered by a modeling agent who offered her the job and it was encouraged by her mother. She accepted and moved to New York where she trained on how to walk, pose and learn everything she needed to know about the business.

She was immediately noticed due to her figure and soon became a runway model and shot photos for designers such as Vera Wang, Giorgo Armani, Fendi, Ralph Lauren and Versace. Her portfolio grew and she was gradually being recognized in the fashion world. Her big break came when she appeared on the June 2007 cover of American Vogue and as soon as it came out, she was flooded with more offers. She did more runway shows as well as becoming the face of designers such as Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Levi's and Chanel. In addition, she became the new spokesmodel for Estée Lauder.

And just recently, she was offered to be one of the Victoria's Secret angels. Hence, the reason why she was here, shooting a PR poster for the Victoria's Secret 2009 Fashion Show which would introduce her as the newest angel. Underneath the robe she wore, she was wearing a very sexy red lace bra and boyshorts. Her dirty blond hair strategically mussed to create the "I-just-got-laid-look" with hazel eyes made up to seduce and lipgloss highlighting her plump lips; she was more than ready.

Their set was in an expensive home in the Hollywood hills with a bed placed in front of a glass floor-to-ceiling window, overlooking the view. It had rumpled, silk, white sheets which further emphasized the just-got-out-of-bed theme. It was early in the morning and by the looks of it, the photographer wants to use natural lighting due to the small amount of lighting equipment. There was a tall ladder in front of the bed which meant they were taking shots from above.

When people noticed her presence, she was immediately greeted by the crew. She looked around for the person carrying a camera – her photographer – but didn't see anyone.

"Good morning, Ms. Garcia." a deep, baritone voice greeted her.

Izabel looked around but she didn't notice anyone approach her. She turned to Max who pointed to her legs. She looked and there stood a man whose head reached to her hips. She stepped back and looked at the man with wide eyes.

"I'm Erik Armstrong," he introduced himself holding out a hand "I'm your photographer for today."

She didn't move to shake his hand because she was still in a state of shock. She wasn't prejudiced against those who are affected by dwarfism but it was her first time meeting one in person. Sure, she saw them in circuses or passed by some on the street but this was the first time she actually got to meet one up close.

Erik Armstrong was an attractive man with brown hair and eyes. He was also muscular and built like a brick house. Wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans, his muscles were prominent. He looked like the actor playing Angel on Buffy – a show Izabel watched with her cousin to familiarize herself with American culture – whom she always lusted after.

Behind her, Max coughed and she started. Erik still had his hand held out, waiting. Izabel blushed and shook it. "I'm sorry, pleased to meet you Mr. Armstrong."

"Oh please, call me Erik." He released her hand and gripped his camera which was hanging off a strap wrapped around his neck. "I guess we should acquaint with each other before we start."

She agreed and they made their way to some chairs. He told her about his qualifications and his past work and they discussed ideas they had regarding the shoot. He was polite and gentlemanly, letting her speak first and he seemed to consider her ideas, not ignore them like some photographers do. As they talked she observed him more and noticed that she was attracted to the man. He was very handsome with a good personality to match.

"Shall we begin?" he asked, when they run out of things to discuss.

Izabel nodded and walked towards the bed, removing her robe and laying down on it. There was an audible gasp in the room by people awed by her beauty. She tried to make herself unaware of their stares and forced herself to concentrate on the job at hand.

Erik climbed on the stairs for the bird's-eye-view shots and poised his camera. He looked down at her and smiled. "Okay, let's do this."

Izabel placed her one hand on her hair mussing it up and draped the other arm over her stomach. She stuck her butt out as well as her breasts forming and S-shape, sliding one leg higher than the other. She turned her head away before looking at the camera.

Erik pressed on the shutter and a light somewhere flashed. "Good."

"Izabel, why don't you use a seductive smile?" Max suggested from behind a computer.

She followed his directions and struck the same pose but this time with a smile. Then she maneuvered her body into a different pose.

"Tilt your chin up a little." Erik directed.

She did and he took another shot.


The shoot, as all shoots do, took very long with her striking different poses, angles and facial features. Max and Erik directed and gave suggestions which she followed. Erik went down the stairs and took some photos of her showing the backdrop. Towards the end, Erik told her that she should have fun with the last few frames and he allowed her to make it spontaneous. She did and rolled around the bed, tangling her limbs in the sheets yet still managing to show the underwear.

Before doing this shoot, Max advised her to think about her best lover and to react the way she would if they were about to share a passionate night together. She only had one lover and it was her cheating ex, Rick, and he wasn't a very good lover.

When the last picture was about to be taken, Izabel looked at Erik and allowed herself to be lost in him. She admired his beauty and thought about what it would be like to feel his hands caressing her body, touching her in places which could make her shiver with pleasure. She wondered how his lips would feel against hers, they looked scrumptious and plump waiting to be devoured. She flushed and realized she was turned on. Immediately, she arched her back, her eyes glazed over, eyelids lowered and lips parted with a gasp as she was overcome with lust.

Being the good photographer that he was, Erik took the shot with great timing. "Now, that's perfect."

He had no idea.

Max announced "it's a wrap people" and Izabel got up from the bed and fanned herself before Brooke, her PA handed her a robe. She stood up and wore it just as Erik approached her and congratulated her for a job well done. Together, they went to where Max was to look at the photos. Two chairs were placed beside each other as Max moved to one side. Erik offered Izabel the middle chair but she hesitated thinking that he might not be able to see but she didn't want to offend him. She took a seat and Erik Followed suit. Max tilted the monitor and flipped through the pictures.

As Izabel expected, her pictures went sexier with each frame but the last one was what stood out the most. She flushed at the picture and looked at Erik, waiting for his reaction. His brows were lowered over his eyes in fierce concentration and his gaze was purely professional. Max sat up when they finished looking at the photos and faced Izabel. "Izzy, I say this with no offense but dang, girl the shots got sexier and you looked like you wanted to have sex by the end of that shoot."

Izabel flushed and looked at Erik who was smiling. He was more handsome when he smiled like that.

"So, have you both decided which photo to use?" the platinum blond director asked.

She bit her lip and nodded. "I pick second frame."

"I think so too." Erik agreed.

Max smiled, "Yeah, It's not too raunchy nor too held-back. Although, that last shot was very seductive and passionate. I guess you followed my tip." The man winked.

It was true, the photo was very seductive and she bathed in the light. The sheets reflected the light well and there was a glow surrounding her that can only be created by nature's light. There was contrast between her red outfit and the white sheets which made her stand out. That photo really was the best.

Izabel shook her head and laughed. "Yes, I did."

Suddenly, Erik stood up. "Well, it was a pleasure working with you Ms. Garcia and I hope to do more projects with you."

Izabel smiled and replied. "I enjoyed it just as well."

The brunette nodded and pivoted, walking away. Izabel felt a pang in her chest while watching him leave and she didn't know what possessed her when she called out to him. "Wait!"

All eyed turned to her and she walked towards Erik who turned and faced her. "Yes?"

She halted and fiddled with the belt of her robe, unsure what to say. It was, after all, unexpected and she tried to conjure up something. "Um, well…"

Erik looked at her expectantly.

A light went on in Izabel's head. "Max and I always share a meal after photo shoots. I just thought maybe you wanted to come? That is, if you're free. I really had fun working with you and I was hoping maybe we could be friends and this could be an opportunity to do so."

Erik looked surprised and averted his chocolate orbs, seeming to think about it. After a few seconds, he looked at her again. "I'm sorry but the reason why I immediately left is because I have another shoot to do."

Izabel frowned and opened her mouth to speak when Erik continued.

"Although, I am very much free tonight and I suppose we could have dinner."

Izabel flashed him a smile, "That would be a wonderful."

They talked about meeting at a famous seafood restaurant at eight then have cocktails afterwards. During this conversation, Izabel noticed Erik had a twinkle in his eyes which she thought was adorable. She told him she'd tell Max and they parted ways with her left in excitement.


The restaurant was filled with diners and Erik waited for the couple in front of him to be led to their seats before approaching the maître d' desk. Typically, the man looked snobbish at first but managed to plant a fake smile on his face. "Welcome to The Cannery Seafood of the Pacific. How can I help you? "

Erik didn't bother pasting a fake smile on his face. He knew of these men. "I have a reservation and it's either listed for Garcia, Armstrong or Ryder."

The man looked at him in surprise, clearly not expecting him to be the company of such a gorgeous woman like Izabel. "Ah, Ms. Garcia is already here, please follow me."

The maître d' led him to a booth in a secluded part of the restaurant. Figures, Izabel wouldn't like to be exposed to paparazzi, he thought. When he came close to her, he noticed she was wearing a purple, halter dress which clung perfectly to her curves. Her face lit up when she saw him and she stood up straighter.

"Erik, you're here!" she exclaimed.

He smiled and took a seat opposite her. The maître d' handed him a menu and announced their waiter would be with them shortly before leaving. "Well, we did arrange dinner. And sorry I was late. That shoot finished later than I thought. I hope I didn't make you wait too long."

"Oh," Izabel smiled and waved her hand. "I actually got here just a minute before you did."

Suddenly, Izabel's phone rang and she excused herself to answer it. She walked towards the open garden of the restaurant which was to the left of their booth. Erik saw her nod a few times and heard her gasp before laughing. She ended the call and made her way to him with an apologetic smile.

Uh oh…

"Erik," she sat down, then spoke. "Max said he couldn't come tonight because his boyfriend unexpectedly turned up from Paris tonight. He sends his apologies."

Releasing a breath he didn't realize he was holding, Erik grinned and replied. "It's okay, I was actually looking forward to sharing dinner with you anyways."

She smiled and placed a hand on top of his. "I do too." She removed her hand and leaned back, picking up her menu and started scanning it. Erik smirked and imitated her actions. The waiter came and he ordered oysters with a seafood platter to follow while she ordered a shrimp Caesar salad.

"You know, even models should indulge themselves once in a while. And by indulge I meant order a real meal, not add dressing to their salads." He said, attempting to make conversation while they waited for their meals.

Izabel laughed. "Contrary to what you might believe, I actually enjoy eating salads and not because it makes me keep my figure but because I like how it tastes."

Erik rolled his eyes and wiped his utensils with the table napkin. "Yeah, I'm sure an assortment of leaves is delicious."

"Didn't your mother ever teach you to eat your vegetables?"

"She did but that didn't mean I had to listen. Plus, I had my dog to do that for me."

They both laughed at this, enjoying the banter, when Izabel decided to take a jab at him.

"What about you? What good would oysters do to you? They're the ocean's filters. You'd be eating nothing but ocean dirt."

Erik chuckled and took a sip of his beer. "But it would do me a lot of good. You forget, oysters are aphrodisiacs." He shot a smirk at her and she responded with a shy smile.

Their orders arrived and they ate their meal through their conversation. They both shared childhood stories; Erik spending his whole life in LA, living as the son of one of the richest producers in Hollywood. He was blessed to have Blake Armstrong as a father who encouraged him to pursue his chosen career. Many photographers are lucky to even get three shoots a month but not Erik; he was supported by his father through it all. True, his father contributed to his early success but later on, critics were able to see past his name and began to recognize his talent.

On the other hand, Izabel told him about her life in rural Brazil before making it big time, working in a farm that her parents owned. She never knew much until her visit to New York where she was exposed to the modern world. Then, the fateful day finally came. She didn't want to be a model at first because she wanted to continue her studies – even if high school was the farthest she would be able to achieve – in order to help her family but her mother explained that through modeling, she would be able to do the same, only better. So she did.

Erik was surprised to learn that she wasn't from a privileged family, she didn't look or act that way. Her complexion was a luminous brown and she ate in a graceful manner. Curious, he reached for her hand without thinking much about it and felt the rough calluses from the wear and tear of labor. He was taken aback with her sharp intake of breath and looked up.

"I'm sorry. I had to find out if you were being honest about working in a farm. It's hard to believe that a goddess like you could live anything but a glamorous life."

Izabel retrieved her hand back with a frown, certainly not the response Erik was expecting. "I may be pretty to look at but I can assure you that I am a woman of substance. Oh, how I hate the way society perceives models; that we're just pretty, dumb robots without concerns other than our appearance. Modeling is a lot harder than it looks. Also, models are human just like everyone else, with emotions and capable of having three-digit I.Q.'s."

Erik's chest swelled with admiration at what she said and remembered what caused it in the first place. "I didn't mean to offend you. I would've thought what I said was a compliment."

She blushed and looked away, shaking her head. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so rude."

"I understand." Erik cleared his throat and brought up a new topic of conversation that he was sure she was dying to know, since they're both talking about serious matters now anyways. "So are you going to ask me anything about my condition?"

He wasn't stupid. He knows she asked him out because he intrigued her and there were no romantic feelings on her part. It was only a way to satisfy her curiosity. Why else would a gorgeous model be interested in a midget like him? God help him, he still wanted to go out with her, despite knowing the circumstances, but he was a masochist and he just wanted to spend this night with her, even if there was a possibility of him getting hurt.

She seemed surprised by his bluntness but she shook her head. "No, it doesn't matter to me."

Hearing her say that made his chest constrict.

"Okay, I can't do this anymore." He leaned forward in his seat and gazed in her confused eyes. "What is tonight to you? A dinner to get to know a new friend? A date? A way to find out what it's like to be with the midget?"

Izabel saw the pain in his eyes despite his efforts to try and hide it. He may seem confident and self-assured on the outside, she can see that society's prejudicial view and treatment of people with his condition still bothered him. Even though his father was a successful and powerful man, this did not prevent the stereotypes associated with him. Izabel realized that both she and Erik have the same issues – her being seen as the unintelligent model and him the bizarre dwarf.

At that moment, Izabel knew that everything changed between them. She felt a connection with him that she hasn't felt for any man in her life. It was scary because it's all so new but it was also exciting and she realized she liked this feeling. Despite knowing him for only a few hours, she knew this man was the one she would spend the rest of her life with.

With that, she stood up and sat beside him, forcing him to move down the seat. They faced each other and she held his hand as she spoke. "I will admit, at first, my thoughts were lustful towards you. But the way tonight has progressed, everything changed for me. To me you are wonderful; you are handsome, strong, courageous, a gentleman, talented, kind and simply wonderful." She gave him a peck on the lips and looked into his eyes. "To me, that is what defines you, Erik Armstrong. Nothing else. And I consider this as a date, hopefully with more to follow."

He smiled, "So do I."

Then, the inevitable happened.

They kissed.

It was slow, as if they were trying to explore each other, finding out what makes them tick. It was sweet, as if wanted to treasure the moment, savor each other's taste, letting it linger in their mouths. Erik's hand went to the back of her neck and held her in place, deepening their kiss. Izabel moaned and placed her hands on his chest.

They broke apart, only because of the need for oxygen but didn't let go of each other.

"Do you think we're taking this too fast?" he asked her.

Izabel's glazed eyes told him the answer but he wanted to hear the words pour out from her mouth. "No."

Grinning, Erik placed some bills on the table, then scooted out of the chair, taking her hand as she got out as well. They walked out into the warm, summer night and stood in the parking lot, realizing their predicament.

"Is your car here?" He asked.

"Yes, we should meet up at my place. You can follow me on yours." Izabel invited.

They smiled at each other and exchanged a sweet, parting kiss before making their way to their respective cars. As planned, Izabel led to the penthouse she owned in West LA. Once they arrived, they did not speak nor touch; depraving themselves of each other to make their reunion so much sweeter.

Finally, they reached Izabel's penthouse and as soon as the elevator doors closed, they kissed each other hungrily, quenching their desire for each other. Erik pushed her away and took her hand. "Where's your room?"

Izabel's trilling laugh was music to his ears, inflating his chest with pride for being the cause of her joy. "To the right there's stairs curving upwards. The whole of upstairs is my bedroom."

He grinned at her in such an adorable, it's-Christmas-morning-grin that she had to ask. "What?"

"It's my stairway to heaven."

Her melodic laugh resonated again and Erik led them up the stairs. Her room was awash in white – bedding, curtains, walls, furniture – with hanging flowers and Grecian-inspired pedestals. It really was heaven. Erik was so caught up in his observation of her room that he didn't realize she'd undressed until he saw her padding towards her canopy bed, naked.

She turned to him and asked, "Are you coming?"

He gave her a wicked smirk, giving her an idea of the things he would soon do to her. "Yes, and in a few minutes, you would be too."

Izabel squealed as he came slowly, menacingly towards her. First, he took off his shirt, showing his perfectly sculpted torso and jeans that rode very low on his hips. His chest was dusted with black hair, narrowing down to the waistband of his pants, making her imagine things that made her blush.

Next, Erik reached for his belt and unlatched it before pushing it aside. He then started to unbutton his pants and Izabel felt weak in the knees and sat down on the edge of her bed at what she saw. Commando! He pushed his jeans down his legs and his socks followed suit, leaving him open for her perusal.

Erik was normal sized, not what she expected as she'd never been with someone like him before. Though the appendage was larger than what she thought he would have, it seemed proportional to Erik. She then looked at his face and saw the nervousness there. She smiled at Erik seductively, making a come hither motion with her finger, giving him the reassurance that she still wanted him. He responded with his own seductive smile and walked towards the bed.

Erik lay on top of Izabel and captured her face, kissing her passionately until he had her gasping for breath. Her hard nipples rubbed against his chest, increasing his arousal. He captured one swell and caressed it. He did not squeeze nor grope, he caressed and Izabel never felt more loved. He looked at her with glazed eyes before capturing one bud with his mouth, suckling and licking, causing Izabel to gasp. He released the bud and rubbed it, electing a shiver from her and did the same thing on her other breast.

Izabel was wallowing in the pleasure that Erik was giving her, lost in all that passion. She'd only even been with two men but they've never made her feel this way. She looked into his molten brown eyes and she started stroking his chest. Her hands traveled lower until she grasped his arousal making him moan. She stroked this as well and his breathing became labored.

Erik reached between her thighs as well and felt her ready for him. She was so moist that her essence trickled down her cleft. "So ready for me, baby." He inserted one finger in her, causing her hips to rise up and her to moan and grip his erection tighter.

"Take me."

With those words, they simultaneously released their hold on each other and Erik positioned himself on her. He peppered her face with kisses before entering her swiftly. It all came to place like a lock and key easily as she was prepared for him.

They started the ancient, rhythmic movement that existed since the beginning of time causing their breathing to come in fast, heavy pants and sweat to pour out of their bodies. Izabel looked into her lover's eyes and kissed him passionately, pouring all her love – love? – yes, love, in this one kiss.

Erik must have noticed is as well as he reciprocated with abandon, meeting the thrusts of her tongue with his own; massaging her lips with his until they bruised.

"Oh!" Izabel moaned as he hit a certain bundle of nerves that caused her to spasm, scratching his back with her fingers.

"You want it there, love?"

"Oh, yes, Erik. Right there."

He continued his thrusts at the same angle, bringing her and himself, closer to the edge. "That's it baby! Right there! Oh God, Erik don't stop. Please, love."

He suckled her neck, giving her a big love bite, in time with his thrusts. "Don't worry, love. I don't plan to."

After a few thrusts, she gripped his back and shouted "Erik!" on the top of her lungs. Her body was contracting all over and her insides gripped him which triggered his release. They were both enveloped in their climax and were lost in the world of pleasure that they brought each other to.

As they calmed down, Erik lay on Izabel's side to avoid crushing her and she automatically curled herself against his chest, feeling his heart thud against her cheek.

"You were wonderful." She whispered, while stroking the fine hairs on his chest.

"So were you." He replied, kissing the top of her head.

Izabel lifted her head from the warmth of his chest and looked at his eyes. "I know you must find me stupid or ridiculous," she looked down again, not seeing the confusion in his face, "but I'm in love with you. I know we've only met today but I feel very strongly for you. I felt a connection with you at the restaurant and when I first saw you, I was attracted to you. Not fascinated by what you are, but attracted by WHO you are."

Erik felt his heart swell. No one has ever said those words to him. He finally found what he sought after in all of his years – acceptance, admiration, and most of all, true, unconditional love. He tilted her face towards him and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. "I understand love. I feel the same way."

Izabel smiled and kissed him deeply. "Make love to me again."

"As you wish, my angel."


Match made in heaven?

Victoria's Secret angel and supermodel, Izabel Garcia, and photographer Erik Armstrong – son of major producer Blake Armstrong – are seen having dinner together at Nobu last week.

The couple was seen cuddling and even kissing. Reps for both parties confirmed that the two are indeed dating. They met at a photo shoot that they did together and was introduced by mutual friend, Max Ryder, who commented: "I've never seen them happier."

Sources also say that the relationship is serious as Garcia has been to dinner with the Armstrong household and there are rumored plans of the younger Armstrong to visit Garcia's relatives in Brazil.