Running, heart pounding. Down the streets, between buildings. Cramped spaces, damp conditions. The poverty of the city, flying past. Red eyes, glaring out of the darkness. Screeching peals of laughter.

The end is in sight now. You're running for the bridge. It's getting closer, the light on the other side looks so beautiful. You run faster, reaching out, trying to grasp the light. Hold onto it, keep it. Pull it towards you.

Yes, you think, yes, I'm going to make it this time. I can do it.

More buildings. Nearly there. You see people, faces, souls. Trapped. Some scream, some cry. Paying for their sins.

They all blur as you race for your escape.

You're on the bridge. Nearly there.


You come to a halt. Instantly. Like a light being switched off. You come to a complete stand-still. Left staring at the light, wanting it so badly you could cry.


Make the bridge closer, I love his false hope.

Howling. Cackling.

Suddenly, the city engulfs you once more.


You begin. Sprinting for the same bridge. Taking the same path. Getting to the same point. Reaching for the same light. Knowing you've failed for the nth time. Being dragged back to the start. Clawing hopelessly for the light.

But maybe, just maybe, if you ran faster you'd make it this time...