I wrote this on the third to last day of school cuz there wasn't anything to do in class. Hope you like it. Also, don't forget to review.

I'm tired of being stereotyped

Of being the idiot

Who cheats and always gets high

There's much more to me

Than just the outside

People don't believe me

When I say I'm a genius

Just 'cause I'm not in the smart class

Or get straight A's

Doesn't mean I'm not at your level

This school is full of crap

They're making us feel like idiots

Who shouldn't even try

While they're boosting the other students egos

I'm surrounded by students

Who think they're better than me in every way

I'm being swallowed up

And beaten down

To the point where I just give up

But I'm too stubborn to quit

I know I'm better than them

No matter what they say

I've gotta prove to them and myself

That I'm just as good

Now whenever they see me walking the hallways

They'll see the real me.