Troublesome Worries

Worries are troublesome thoughts, infiltrating my mind.
It's not good to do so, I'm trying to leave them behind.

I worry often, but none of them are this bad.
This type of worry is leaving me awfully sad.

The fact that I'm so my own way.
For lack of a more dramatic phrase, this is the best I can say.

I'm going through an unimaginable stress.
Dealing with it now, will be one hell of a mess.

So I will continue to worry, knowing it will affect my health.
I will continue to do so, in total stealth.

If I had a choice, I'd want to be free.
Free from all my worries, and one day be relieved.

Yet as of now, I cannot do so.
My worries constantly twist and turn, whichever way the river flows.

So right about now, for anything – I'm certainly not in a hurry.
Why would I be, when I'm filled with troublesome worries?