The Shyling

author : FLIPPER66

story synopsis:

what happens when a shy guy nearing that of being paranoid when around any girls at all , gets hit upon by one of the most gorgeous girls in his school. Fear comes to mind to start with and that's only for starters.


Jason Cameron was laying on his bed and the bedside alarm clock was reading 6:29 am . His clock was set for 6:30 am and was just about

beep...beep..beep...beep...beep to go off . Jason groggily reaches over to

turn it off and misses several times before he actually hits the switch alarm. " Okay, Okay , I'm up already" , Jason mumble more to himself than to anyone in particular. He glanced around his room , one bay window

chest drawer , one computer desk with computer assembly , one book desk with all his various books . Also in his room was his nite stand which of course held his alarm clock and his bi-focal glasses and finally his cell phone. His room was clearly neat and tidy something his mother

drilled into his head since he could remember . Jason swung his legs over the side of the bed and grabbed a towel from his closet by his bathroom ready to take a shower and get ready for the first day of his senior year of high school.

Jason groaned , "Joy" , another 1st day of school which won't be any different from any other year that he's attended since about the 5th grade. He doggedly headed for the bathroom with towel in hand .

15 minutes latter he came out clean and shaved (well he as usual had some razor nics on his face) with toilet paper pieces covering the 3 that were still bleeding some. Jason stood 5'11", 195 lbs , dirty blond hair , bluish green eyes which his dark smoked tinted glasses kept anyone from seeing. Jason's eyes were extremely light sensitive as well as being near sighted. Jason's major problem was he was petrified of the female population because he couldn't handle rejection very well . Which it seemed he got quite a bit from the most of the girls at school . So he was shy and quiet and didn't associate with much of the schools student body. He stayed mostly by himself and would take great pains to avoid such confrontations . For example if he was walking down a street on one side and some of the girls from school happened to be on the same side as him he would cross the street . Oh, don't get Jason wrong , he was straight he liked girls but they didn't give him the time of day so to speak.

As Jason was preparing to dress for school he heard his mother , " I hope your up and dressed young man ,breakfast is ready." Jason hollered back down the stairs ," "I'll be down in a minute mom I'm almost ready."

Two minutes latter he was going down the stairs , towards the sounds of his mother in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on his plate of double stack pancakes and sausage and eggs. " Mom , are you feeding an army here remember I'm just one person?"

"Sit down and eat dear before it gets cold ,you know I don't like food going to waste dear" she straight forwardly told me. "ya, I know mom", I quipped.

Jason's mom was an well educated woman who was fortunate enough

to have been pretty when growing up and had been attracted a rather but nerdy wealthy middle class guy , whom she truly loved with all her heart.

Jason ate his breakfast in silence , he rarely ever spoke much even at home . A trait that his mom didn't exactly like but had decided he would grow out of.Jason wasn't looking forward to this 1st day of his senior year at all , so he hung around the house as long as he could before leaving it . The school was about a 10 minute walk and he gave himself that so that he would get there just as the 1st bell rang and yet not be late for class.

The walk as usual was somewhat uneventful except there was a time or two that he crossed the street because there were some girls ahead of him that were walking slow while laughing and giggling loudly. So he gave them a wide berth , as soon as he could he recrossed the street after he passed them .

What Jason was paranoid about, was how girls were constantly whispering and giggling while pointing in his direction . To be honest it made him extremely nervous and self-conscience , thinking that maybe they were ridiculing him . Nerd came to mind and 4 eyes because of the glasses and ugly (because Jason never thought of himself as being handsome or good looking) .

As much as Jason tried he was 3 minutes early to school . That meant he would have to stand around like all the other students outside the building waiting on the 1st bell. "Oh, God why does this kind of stuff happen to me ?" Jason picked a spot as far away from most of the others by a small brick wall that was at times used by the students to sit on. He pulled out his class schedule to note what his first class was , that being

advanced trig. Mr. Claymore the teacher.

Jason thought , "Claymore , this is going to be an easy class." Suddenly a shadow covers his schedule and Jason starts to look up. There's someone standing in front of him was a...a.. girl... not just any girl but Stacy Loving one of the most popular girls in the senior class.

Jason's mouth and throat was suddenly dry as he viewed what was before him. Alarm bells so to speak were going off in his head and his

shy paranoid delusional mind started imagining every possible scenario

that could possibly go bad happen making him look like …. well what ever …

Stacy ask , "Whats your first class ?" Jason suddenly looked to his left and then to his right and even looked in back of himself to make sure that maybe she was speaking to someone else and he hadn't noticed them

and that perhaps it was that he happened to be between her and them. Unfortunately he was the only one within reasonable distance that she could have been talking to at the volume of her voice. He turned back around and lowered his eyes back to his schedule again and stuttered out, "ah..., um... advanced tri.. tri..trigonometry Mr. Clay..Clay..Claymores class. Again Jason looked around not sure why she would even bother talking to him unless of course it was a mean trick on him.

Stacy moved quickly besides him on the wall and looked over at his schedule and said giggling and smiling at him , " You know what , it seems as though we have all the same classes this year."

Jason's mind and body was practically immobilized , he couldn't seem to make his body move much less speak coherently while Stacy was sitting next to him. The one thing that did happen was he was blushing beet red

so much so that his face was hot and started sweating and his glasses fogging over. At which Stacy started giggling again and staring at Jason.

About that time though the 1st bell rang , Stacy jumped up from the wall

and turned to Jason "I guess I'll see you inside then , your also very cute

when you blush." She started walking away with a seductive walk that would catch any guys eyes.

Jason sat there for another few seconds trying to compose himself , not even knowing for sure what all of that was about , and sure as heck wasn't his usual 1st day of school happenings. Jason was thinking that someone must be having a laugh at his expense somewhere , because stuff like that just didn't happen to him at any time. He collected his things and quickly started walking to his trig class.

Jason was hoping that things would go back to normal after reaching class as they normally did boy did he ever have that wrong. He entered the class room with 30 seconds to spare and headed for his usual area in the back of the class mostly away from the other students if possible. He noticed that Stacy was speaking with some of her girlfriends as he entered the class and assumed she would probably sit with her friends.

He started putting his books in his desk drawer when a very nice set of legs met his vision. Even as he set up he knew it was Stacy , he began to blush again as red as before. He looked around to see if any jocks were heading his way he didn't relish the idea of being roughed up because he was talking to her. Even at present his conversation with her had been very limited.

Stacy smiled at Jason again and ask , "Anyone sitting here?" indicating the empty seat to his left. Seeing as to how he lost the usage of his vocal cords all he at the time could do is shake his head "no". His blush seemed as though it was permanent and deepening in color. He turned his head to the front of the class but his eyes were down afraid to look up. Wondering why is all this happening to him today of all days. Jason sat there after the teacher came in and started the class Jason sat there and zoned out.

Flash back:

Third grade and even then she was a beautiful girl but at that time in his life he didn't have the complex's that he does now . Then he could at least

speak to someone. But as the years progress she became more popular and prettier and he didn't become anything except shy and alone. But we digress , Stacy was a natural blond with dark green eyes. The sweetest smile that would light up anyone's life, when given, and a personality that matched the smile. Even then she had the makings to be a model and actually won several modeling competition in the local area and state. Which is one of the reasons why she became popular.

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